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“Girgaum Chowpatty Beach (Also Known as Girgaon) is a famous and clean beach quite well known for its Ganpati immersion (Visarjan) during Ganesh festival also liked and preferred beaches among others during vacations and holidays. A glance from chowpatty shows chataiwala, friends and family in group, street lights, funny lighting children article sellers, candy floss, chanawala, water seller, chaiwala (tea seller), Balloon sellers and that food stalls in group. Some really shady trees that gives relief and shade during daytime heat, senior citizens, enlighten Wankhede stadium view, queens necklace till Nariman point, kids at their best in beach sand, people clicking pictures and taking video clips like me, that huge sea dark at night (It was low tide), shining hoarding towards walkeshwar / hanging gardens hilly road along the skylines, and few innocent stray dogs hunting for food that’s it.. “

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Girgaum Chowpatty

Girgaum (Also called 'Girgaon') Chowpatty

About Chowpatty Beach

Located in south of Mumbai, very near to charni road station, Girgaum is the name of one of the old Mumbai location’s which was the only place during time for beach side hangouts. Now the beach is quite crowded been one of the famous tourist attractions surrounded by famous branded stores and eateries in Mumbai. This beach connect to Nariman point’s Queens Necklace which is easily seen and for this special view people around world prefers to visit the sea side during nights. Many a times people referring ‘Chowpatty beach‘ gets confused between Juhu Beach and Girgaon beach and kindly take a note of same.

Girgaum chowpatty is the only place where most of the biggest giants ganpati are taken on last day (i.e 10th day) of visarjan (immersion) and the crowd reaches here in millions because of the to be seen view. Since decades this beach has quite a good food corners, ice cream shops and masala chat centres well arranged with few children rides along quite well maintained compared to the daily crowd visits.


  • This is the only place for your favorite beach side massage in open air.
  • Quite famous with its bollywood hindi song ‘Chowpatty Jayange aur Bhel Puri Khayange’, So the bhel puri is the one well known around between tourist.
  • Recently the flavored Baraf Gola (Ice Candies) is what people prefer when on beach, Along with other options like Ice Creams etc.
  • You get ‘chatai’ floor mate to sit for as low as Rs.10/- for as much time as you prefer to sit on beach.
  • One can see small toddlers cars with Fm radio to be enjoyed by kids which creates quite a environment on beach.
  • The Huge big brands with colored lighting and bulbs gives this chowpatty beach a good view and lights to enjoy.

Places to see around, near Chowpatty

How to Reach Girgaum Beach

Nearest station to reach this beach is Charni Road on western railway route of local trains (3rd station from churchagte). Exactly opposite at a minute walking distance you will see the sandy beach sea front. No need to hire taxi. If you are coming from Churchgate or any surround market area like Colaba causeway market then better take a taxi to reach this beach.


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