Gorai Beach – Mumbai Suburb Borivali Famous Beach

Gorai beach is a very famous Mumbai suburb beach located about 4 to 6 kms from borivali. This beach is a safe and clean beach among other neighbor beaches like Madh marve and Manori beaches. Known as one of the best beach for picnic and weekend excursion, Gorai is also very famous lovers beach and a useful festival celebration beaches of Mumbai..”

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Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach

Specialty of Gorai beach

Ideal Day / Overnight Picnic Spot : Being one of the special beaches in Mumbai suburb, Gorai attracts many tourist and daily visiting locals. One of the safest and clean beaches with ample space to enjoy a day picnic and for those group planning for overnight stay on this beach.

Festival Attractions on beach : Best to enjoy festivals, people enjoy holi on this beach with color and lay with beach water as its a festival of color and water. Ganesh festival makes this beach crowded for 5 to 7 days and this is the only beach for Big ganesh idol immersion. The crowd gives life to this beach and adds to its value and fame.

Its a Lovers point beach : Ask any suburb couple or college going young teenagers and they will point you to Gorai beach for being attracting lots of overs for its beautiful weather and climate throughout the year. Its being a nice lovers point in suburb of Mumbai. Group of couples can be seen anytime in a day and having fun in evening times.

Weekend gateway : Having enough places to stay overnight with resorts, hotels and majorly cottages near beach, Gorai attracts tourist and also locals to have weekend break here. During nights this beach is quite pleasant, silent and during full moon day the beauty of the beach glows on the white sand with some sparkling shells and small snails around.

Food and Fun : Enjoy the hawkers selling ‘Baraf golas’ (Ice Candy), ‘Chana Masala’, ‘Pani Puri’ and in monsoon enjoying hot ‘Sweet corn’ (Or Rosted Bhuttas) on beach. For fun changes are that you get a horse or camel ride and optionally paragliding on this beach.

Places to stay around

Since, it is just 4 to 6 kilometers from borivali or malad, staying options is quite enough. Near beach, there are lots of cottage rented on hourly bases, full day and also are resorts and hotels for overnight stay.

Places to see near Gorai

  • Three other less visited beaches in suburb near are Aksa Beach, Madh marve and Manori beach.
  • Famous amusement and water parks, Essel world and water kingdom are just connected for anytime fun.
  • Ride a ferry and goto Pagoda, a calm spiritual religions places with big round tomb that can be seen from Gorai beach and other far locations.
  • To enjoy food corners, come back to borivali station from beach and have fun on street side food corners and hotels.

How to reach Gorai Beach
You can reach this beach from Borivali station (West), take an private auto or BEST bus which is about 4 to 6 kilometers from station.

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