Monsoon Picnic Spots – Mumbai

“Enjoy the early day’s of Monsoon at Hill stations and Village side picnic spots listed below near Mumbai city. This are the ideal monsoon picnic destinations to enjoy rain with friends and family with many scenic locations, waterfalls and lush greenery nature during weekend breaks..”

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Group Picnic at Lonavala in Monsoon

Group Picnic at Lonavala in Monsoon


Hill Stations For Monsoon Picnic

Lonavala : On the tongue of every Mumbai citizen, Lonavala and Khandala are the top ranked picnic spot for rainy days. The hill station has beautiful view of waterfalls and other attractions quite near to Mumbai, ideal for overnight picnic.

Matheran : The historic and heritage, Matheran has beautiful climate and a must go if you are looking for monsoon weekend break. The hill station being vehicle free and full of greenery is a sure destination to be during rain.

Mahabaleshwar : Known for its beautiful spots, Mahabaleshwar is also a very nearby famous tourist spot for picnic. Monsoon here makes the jungle green and those huge mountain view attracts many romantic couples for honeymoon and other picnic groups in Monsoon.

Village Side Picnic Spots For Monsoon Season

Dapoli Near Khed : Nothing can beat natural beauty in Monsoon, and dapoli being a comfortable overnight picnic spot located near khed village has many scenic locations, waterfalls and those beautiful mountain views one cannot miss if planning for your picnic.

Bhandardara : Monsoon attractions like Randha waterfalls, Wilson dam and mount kalsubai for monsoon trekking is what catches picnic groups attraction here.

Raigad Ropeway : Looking for some adventure in monsoon ? then goto raigad, the historic place in Maharashtra where shivaji maharaj stayed. The ropeway with rainy climate can make your day for sure.

Monsoon Trekking Places Near Mumbai : For those who love adventuring mountains near Mumbai,  This are some of the ideal forts and mountains in Monsoon for trekking, hiking and rock climbing activities that can be a lovely overnight picnic during monsoon.

Malshej Ghat : Another exciting waterfall spot, an ideal one day picnic spot at just 140 kilometers from Mumbai city. It is a famous monsoon weekend gateway with accommodation options and adventures like monsoon trekking etc..

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