Keshav Srushti Picnic Spot – Bhayander

“Keshav (Lord Krishna) srushti (Mother Nature) is an ideal picnic spot for those looking for green natural environment within Mumbai. 40 kms from Mumbai in north suburb of western railway route is Bhayander station is where keshav srushti is located. This private and paid picnic spot has 200 acres of green land is at uttan village on the way to essel world..”

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Keshav Srishti Picture 1

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Its a private picnic spot charging about Rs.150/- per person spread over 200 acres of natural green land very near to Bhayander station (Mumbai Suburb). Srushti has everything ready for a picnic group to enjoy, It has small hills, beautiful streams, gardens, those rarely found fresh water ponds with lotus flowers and other natural life and acres of mango and coconut tree plantations.

Whats more, If you are one of those who loves the village side environment, Keshav srushti can make your picnic day, you can hangout to enjoy the freshness of lush greenery and then also have a quick watch at the ‘Gaushala’ (Cow Tent). The rejuvenating climate is an ideal place for those looking for a day out in monsoon. The escort will guide you to the historic place that is still not very famous among tourist. It also has rare species of herbal and botanical plants. So this is also a ideal place for school picnic in Mumbai to educate school students about importance of mother nature, plants and the hot topic of world importance of ‘Eco Friendly Environment’.

Attractions Of Keshav Srushti
  • Rare botanical plantations.
  • Fresh water ponds.
  • Mango and Coconut plantations.
  • Gaushala (Cow Home).
  • 3 Temple to meditate (Hanuman, Shiva, Datta).
  • Flora and Faunas.
  • Fun and gaming options for children.
  • Snack and Lunch, Eat and have fun.
  • Old age home.
  • Herbal Research.
  • Swimming pool facilities.
  • A nice playground for picnic group.
  • An ideal picnic spot with Camping facilities.
Rules and Regulations inside Srushti
  • Advance booking 15 days prior you plan your picnic.
  • No non veg food, alcohol and smoking allowed.
  • No loud music or any musical instruments allowed.
Where is this place located

Address : Uttan village, Bhayander (West), Thane: 401106.
Land Mark : This place comes on way towards Essel World by road from Bhayander.

How to Reach

By Road : If you coming from Mumbai, Get to National Highway 8 (Mumbai – Ahmadabad) and take left from Mira Bhayander Road, Then take flyover towards west to Essel world road (Follow the Essel World Sign Boards). You can take your private vehicle for your picnic group. Direct buses from Mumbai is not available, Still there are few buses for Bhayander station from few city locations. Take private auto from Station towards Uttan village.

By Railway : Nearest station to reach Keshav Srushti is Bhayander on western railway route. Get down in west and get a private Auto / Bus to Uttan village.

Other Attractions Near Keshav Srushti

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