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Varieties of famous food and cuisine in Mumbai including famous street corners and other eateries inside city.

Varieties of famous food and cuisine in Mumbai including famous street corners and other eateries inside city.

Food Truck Park at Bandra West Pali Hill – Mumbai Suburban

“Food trends emerged ideas of Mumbai Food truck park, A dedicated hogger zone at Pali Hill, Bandra West. Apart from authentic Punjabi and Gujarati dishes, Junk food lovers paradise also offers Hummus, Lebanese Food, Famous and in Demand Falafel, United … Continue reading

19. July 2017 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Pune Highway and Lonavala Famous Food Joints Dhabas and Chikki Stalls

A filled tummy with delicious locally famous foods of lonavala brings charm and energy to hangout and its attractions. Year after year developing and explored hills of lonavala has some very famous eateries, food joints, dhabas, cafes, restaurants and famous … Continue reading

09. February 2016 by Deven Jadav

Top Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Food Delicacies With Places in Mumbai

“Here is the list of top places for specialties of 28 Vegetarian (Veg) and 42 Non-Vegetarian (Non-Veg) food Delicacies at various locations in Mumbai. We have separated both Veg & Non-Veg list for convenience, Majorly are the famous food joints / restaurants of Mumbai with multiple … Continue reading

04. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

Varieties Of Food Spices Markets (Masala) in Mumbai

“For Indian Food, Varieties of Spice is the Taste of Individual Food and Like Mumbai, Indian food is full of spices. The flavour of food actually comes from these combinations of spices like Red Chillies, Turmeric, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Kabab Chini, … Continue reading

01. August 2013 by Deven Jadav

State Government VS Retail Market Vegetable Rates – Mumbai

“As we wrote in our previous post detailing the locations of government retail markets for vegetables, Here are a quick vegetable price per kilogram (KG) comparison of normal retail market vs government rates which are said to be selling vegetables … Continue reading

16. July 2013 by Deven Jadav

Monginis Cake Shop Menu List – Mumbai | Cakes Pastries and Savouries Menu

“Monginis, One of the leading brand has varieties of cakes, pastries and savouries in Mumbai city in both Pure Veg & Non Veg menu list. Below is the sorted menu items with rates in Indian Rupees (INR, Rs.). Kindly note … Continue reading

29. May 2013 by Deven Jadav

List Of Food Cuisine and Eateries – Mumbai

“Taste the Food of Mumbai, Those authentic special cuisine of city which includes and is not limited to the street side Vada Pav, Daabeli and Bhajiya’s and those south Indian menu’s available at major restaurants. Oh yes feel and enjoy … Continue reading

24. February 2013 by Deven Jadav

Christmas Special Food Joints 2012 – Cafe Bars and Lounges For Festive Food Offers

“2012 hotspot food joints, Cafe and Bars & Lounges On December 24th, 25th till 31st Night and more, Christmas celebration in Mumbai with best offers and discount specially for Christmas and New Year Night at South Mumbai and Suburbs like … Continue reading

24. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Special Maharashtrian (Marathi) Cuisine and Food Restaurants – Mumbai

“Maharashtra’s ‘Amchi Mumbai’ Marathi Food delights is what Mumbai’s below listed restaurants is all about. Special Maharashtrian cuisine is what this restaurants attract people around Mumbai of all caste and not just Marathi’s, Also check the typical Maharashtrian food menu … Continue reading

26. May 2012 by Deven Jadav

Special Marathi Restaurant Food Menu List – Mumbai

“Mumbai’s Marathi special restaurants are known for its Maharastrian delicacy and food special from far villages like konkan and malvan. Below list is a typical Marathi food menu found only at limited Marathi restaurants only in Mumbai’s limited area. Few … Continue reading

26. May 2012 by Deven Jadav

Organic Food Products and Location Of Stores in Mumbai

“With Growing health awareness, people are more lean towards pesticide free fruits and vegetables, Yes we are talking about Organic Food and Products which are in high demand in Mumbai. People around city are ready to adjust their budget, spending … Continue reading

16. May 2012 by Deven Jadav

Sea Facing Bars Lounge in Mumbai With Beautiful Sea View

“Experience of spending a Leisure time at some of the expensive and famous sea facing bars of Mumbai, which is something different then the casual time spent in any other bars/lounge of city. The Beautiful setting sun along the horizon … Continue reading

14. May 2012 by Deven Jadav

Hotels and Dinner Rates Both Budget and Expensive Dining in Mumbai

“Talking about Mumbai hotels and some budget and expensive dinning options if you are looking out for some awesome food and dining locations in Mumbai. Here is the list of Budget and Star Hotels with respective dinner rates and contact … Continue reading

19. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Late Night Food Joints – Mumbai | Overnight Midnight Fast Food Corners

“Ever happened being in Mumbai city that you are out and looking for a late night food corners ? Yes, Mumbai’s has Overnight / Midnight food joints that are legally opened till early morning. Some of this restaurants, street side … Continue reading

22. June 2011 by Deven Jadav

Famous Places to Eat – Fast Food Khau Gulli Eateries in Mumbai

“Some amazing fast food khau gulli eateries locations, and famous places to eat when in Mumbai. Every station has its famous food joint and corner known for a particular variety of meal. These famous eateries and joints are listed according … Continue reading

22. June 2011 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Food Cuisine Menu – Typical Food Menu in City Restaurants

“Get a quick glimpse on full list of food menu (Veg and Non Veg) typically seen inside restaurants of Mumbai. Varieties of food dishes like hot beverages, Snacks, Pav Bhaji, varieties in Rice, Punjabi Dish menu, South Indian Cuisine, Salad, … Continue reading

22. June 2011 by Deven Jadav

Regular and Community Special Food Cuisine and Locations in Mumbai

“Mumbai is special and so its food and cuisine which has lots of varieties because of diverse community people and inhabitants in city. One can find community special food and also some regular meal found all over. At Typical Udipi … Continue reading

22. June 2011 by Deven Jadav

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