Various Information

Information about various things in Mumbai

Information about various things in Mumbai

How to Bargain at Street Shopping in Mumbai – Skills of Bargaining Hard

“Bargaining in Mumbai as a pro needs some special skills while on street shopping. Nothing of shame to save your hard earned money if you know street side shopkeepers quote 200% and know people do bargain for best deal, In … Continue reading

15. March 2017 by Deven Jadav

Car Automobile Spare Parts Market and Dealers at Opera House – Mumbai

“Wholesale rate Automobile Spare Parts Market of Mumbai is located at Opera House near Charni Road (East) railway station, Also connected and Prarthna Samaj (Grant Road East). If looking for Genuine Original or Other Company Auto Spare Parts for any … Continue reading

07. November 2016 by Deven Jadav

Wholesale Electronic Market Lohar Chawl – Mumbai

“Lohar Chawl is one spot cheapest wholesale market for electronics and electrical goods in Mumbai. Hundreds of varieties of electronic products and raw material are sold by wholesale dealers shops regularly and during festivals at bulk discounted rates of about … Continue reading

01. October 2016 by Deven Jadav

Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan Bhandar Clothing Stores – Mumbai

“Khadi, a clothing trend originated in India and the biggest promoters during pre-independence era was Mahatma Gandhi. Since then thousands of speciality Khadi clothing stores started. Various locations in Mumbai like Andheri, Fort, Dadar, Thane, Mulund, Kandivali, Kurla, Khar, Pratna … Continue reading

30. August 2016 by Deven Jadav

Recreation in Mumbai | Recreations Entertainment Options – Mumbai

“When it comes to getting fresh and have fun in Mumbai, Best recreation activities and options in Mumbai available are Beaches, Movies, Theatres, Amusement Water Parks, List of Gardens and Park for recreation for children, Night life with Discos and … Continue reading

28. July 2016 by Deven Jadav

MTDC Authorized Accommodations Room Stay Facilities- Mumbai and Thane

“Under Maharashtra State Tourism (MTDC Bed and Breakfast Scheme, Many cheap AC and NON-AC accommodation options are available in Mumbai and Thane district. This are MTDC Authorized houses in city and suburbs who are registered under Tourism accommodation options to … Continue reading

07. July 2016 by Deven Jadav

Mills in Mumbai – Historic Textile Mills Of Then Called Bombay

A great transformation from port city to textile mills city Mumbai was at around 1980’s which boosted city economy. From then till now many such mills like Dawn Mill, Zenzi mill, Phoenix mill, Kamla mills at mill prominent locations like … Continue reading

19. May 2016 by Deven Jadav

From Bombay to Mumbai – Not Just The Name Change

“The historic identity change of renaming financial capital city from ‘Bombay’ to ‘Mumbai’ in India has many things on story board reasoning the emotional attachment to city inside Maharashtra state. Answers to questions like What was Mumbai called before, Is … Continue reading

26. April 2016 by Deven Jadav

Pet Shops Section at Crawford Market – Mumbai

“Officially called ‘Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai’ (Market is Called Mandai in Marathi) opened to Mumbai since 1869 and named after Arthur Crawford as Crawford Market is a Gothic and Norman architecture commercial structure designed by William Emerson, which has a … Continue reading

24. February 2016 by Deven Jadav

Full Forms – Mumbai Meanings For Short Words Abbreviations Acronyms

“Often when we read news media, articles online related to Mumbai and find some Short Names (Abbreviations / Acronyms) used. Just and example ‘What does BMC Stands For ?’ which means ‘Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’, known to Mumbaikars, But what about … Continue reading

16. December 2015 by Deven Jadav

Authorized New Used Car Dealers 2016 Showrooms and Workshops in Mumbai

“With wide range of cars of all budget and country origin, Mumbai (India) has equal numbers of dealers for each car brand available at various locations in city. Major 2 types of car dealers being Authorized and Sub-Dealers (Also called … Continue reading

04. September 2015 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Monsoon Videos – Feel Mumbai City Rains Via This Videos

“Mesmerizing monsoon videos of Mumbai brings lots of memories back. Get nostalgic, get ready to feel rains of Mumbai city via this only page which covers monsoon moments of city at various monsoon destinations and famous spots like Marine drive … Continue reading

19. June 2015 by Deven Jadav

MSRTC ARIA CIRT Operated Vehicles Mechanical Physical Fitness Centres – Mumbai

“MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation), a government identity and an active public transportation organization has been given a task to check on vehicles mechanical fitness. What a fit vehicle means that its is road safe and worth a ride … Continue reading

12. March 2015 by Deven Jadav

BMC Plans Peddar Road Flyover Near Haji Ali and Cadbury Junction – Mumbai

“Its all about the 4.2 Km long peddar (Also Called Pedder) road flyover connecting lala lajpatrai marg on other side since year 2000. A thought of Decongestant road traffic at Haji Ali junction which was much required was proposed in … Continue reading

16. December 2014 by Deven Jadav

Clean Mumbai and Green Clean INDIA – COMMIT and Let World Know

Birds of the Feather, Flock Together. “Seriously, Be a hero in your own eyes first. Commit yourself with this civic habits and let our beautiful city Mumbai be Clean and Green. If you are not a resident of Mumbai, then … Continue reading

29. September 2014 by Deven Jadav

The S-BAND Weather Forecaster Doppler Radar – Mumbai

“IMD (India Meteorological Department) already installed its first S-Band Doppler Radar in Mumbai located at Navy Nagar, Colaba (South Mumbai) on 29th October 2010. Another similar radar is expected at Mumbai International Airport (T2) in coming years. The power S-Band … Continue reading

22. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

Getting The Artificial Rain Process – Cloud Seeding in Mumbai

“Amazing, the news channel and public themselves witness the flooding in Mumbai and BMC is preparing for Artificial Rains. Yet again after the failure of cloud seeding trial process implemented on Modak Sagar and Tansa River, which got failed in … Continue reading

16. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

Monsoons First Rainy Day – Mumbai

“Mumbai’s first monsoon is full of excitement and sometimes the same day brings discomfort for few. Kids always have fun and lovers don’t miss any chance of being together at their favourite lovers points in Mumbai and many reaches destinations … Continue reading

02. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

High Tides 2016 Dates – Mumbai | Monsoon Tides With Date and Timings

“If you agree with me, We Mumbai people are actually less concerned about monsoon High tides days when it comes to going or not going for our job if declared tides crossing almost 4.5 metre height at coastal of Mumbai. … Continue reading

15. June 2014 by Deven Jadav

Cycling Products Shops in Mumbai – Shops For Cycling Accessories Products | Spare Parts | Cyclist Wear.

“Listed cycling products of various brands and the shops who sells it. Ride in style along with safety because gone are those days when cycles were just a mean of transportation and were used by our milk man to deliver, … Continue reading

27. May 2014 by Deven Jadav

Vote and Get Benefited Mumbai – 25 Discounts Deals After Voting

“I feel good as many brands in Mumbai has kept lots of discounts and deals for those Mumbaikars who voted. Although voting is a responsibility, This 25 listed deals and offers may pull few lazy out of home and offices … Continue reading

24. April 2014 by Deven Jadav

Famous Pubs Lounges Bars – Late Nightlife Of Mumbai

“For all you Night lover in Mumbai and other countries visiting the city, Below is the updated list of famous Lounges and Pubs in Mumbai SOBO and Suburb locations. Some listed are combined pub and lounges while few individual to … Continue reading

26. January 2014 by Deven Jadav

Discos in Mumbai | List of Discotheques Address (Bombay)

“For people and youngsters who enjoy dancing and rocking on dance floor, Below is the list of discotheques in South Mumbai, Western and Central Suburbs, Thane and Navi Mumbai Location with all the details like address and contact numbers, timings … Continue reading

09. January 2014 by Deven Jadav

Bhayander Creek – Mumbai Suburb Creek

“Connecting Mumbai suburb location with Thane district locations far suburb stations like Naigaon and Vasai Virar, Bhayander Creek (Also Called ‘Bhayander Ki Khaadi’ in Hindi) are 2 island creeks about 2 to 4 km long with ever flowing Arabian sea. … Continue reading

01. September 2013 by Deven Jadav

BMC Wards Also Called Administrative Zones in Mumbai

“Currently 3 major Geo locations of Mumbai city (i.e Greater Mumbai, City District and Western and Eastern Suburbs) has been divided into 21 different wards (also referred as ‘Zones’) by Mumbai municipal administration (BMC). This administrative body has divided the … Continue reading

02. June 2013 by Deven Jadav

Why Mahim Causeway in Mumbai is Toll Free

“A small yet very interesting fact about Mumbai’s station Mahim in western railway routes which has causeway which is toll free. This few lines below will detail about the reasons it been toll free since so many decades now..” The … Continue reading

21. May 2013 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Information – Things to Know

“Their are lots of things one needs to know about Mumbai city. From things that are happening to those small topics and places and something about rules. Below are some of the important things to know at a glance for … Continue reading

26. February 2013 by Deven Jadav

Public Romance in Mumbai – Rules For Couples Romancing in Public Places

“Love is Everywhere, And lovers and couples seen romancing in public place is not new to Mumbai city. Its a natural feeling between two soul mates, life partners and friends to be together, see sunset from famous beaches, sea side … Continue reading

09. February 2013 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai’s Hottest New Year Bashes – 31st Night Celebration Venues

“Whenever last few days of ending year approaches, The hotspot party venues of Mumbai gets ready to rock and roll Mumbai people for 31st Night to enjoy, have fun and warmly welcome new year. Below listed are some hottest new … Continue reading

29. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Ban On Gutkha and Paan Masala Selling Effective 20 July 2012 in Mumbai

“State’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) got strict and have banned products categories as Gutkha and Paan masala which contains tobacco, magnesium carbonate and nicotine which is highly unhealthy for human health. Effective 20th July 2012, Fines and Jail for … Continue reading

26. July 2012 by Deven Jadav

How to Get Liquor Permits in Mumbai – Legal Process to Get Alcohol License

“With strict rules, Getting valid permits and drinking license is a must for every individual who plans to drink any kind of liquor, be it a hard drinks, wines or chill beer. Getting Alcohol license is a must if you … Continue reading

07. June 2012 by Deven Jadav

Liquor Rules in Mumbai – Alcohol Consumption and Purchase Limits and Rules

“As of 2012, the 63 years old Bombay (Now Mumbai) Prohibition Act of 1949 has listed rules for liquor consumption rules and limits for individual person in Mumbai. The Act rules on citizen today also and prohibits alcohol purchase and … Continue reading

07. June 2012 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Marathon Practice Tracks – Pre Marathon Practising Locations

“Mumbai Marathon practice gears up before six months and some even work hard running and practising each and every day of year at various running tracks and other location around Mumbai, ideal for pre marathon practise. Below are some of … Continue reading

15. May 2012 by Deven Jadav

Second Hand (Used) Books Stores – Mumbai | Address of Shops That Buy or Sell Second Sale Books

“Sometimes its costly to buy some books just to read as an hobby. Yet Mumbai has everything that people wants, the second hand book shops that cost you half or 50 to 60% of the original price of brand new … Continue reading

30. April 2012 by Deven Jadav

14th February Mumbai City Bird Race 2016 – Annual Bird Watching Event

“Its 2016 and Mumbai Bird Race is on 14th February, the annual event, schedules almost in February for those bird lovers to give personal attention and get the maximum species found on race day in and around Mumbai’s famous bird … Continue reading

08. April 2012 by Deven Jadav

Cycling Track at BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) – Failed Cycle Track Project Of Mumbai

“Inaugurated by our CM on 13th of April Last Year 2011, The much awaited first cycling track of Mumbai city located at G Block of Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is till date April 2012, a failed project and waste of … Continue reading

05. April 2012 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Mithi River – Mahim Creek Mithi Nadi

“Mahim’s Mithi Nadi (River) the saviour of Mumbai from Monsoon havoc is always in news headlines before monsoon starts. Lets understand some significance and importance of Mithi river for city..” Quick Look : [ About Mahim Creek in Mumbai ], … Continue reading

26. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Voters ID Alternate Valid Identity Proof For Voting During City Elections in Mumbai

“Even after much of awareness about civic election and importance of voter’s ID as proof to show during submitting your vote, Many citizens of Mumbai still don’t have their voter’s ID and as an alternative below are list of  other … Continue reading

21. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Cycling in Mumbai | Cyclist Group | Bicycle Clubs | Blogs of City

“With varieties of Bicycles already getting famous in Mumbai, Active Cyclists Groups and Clubs come up to go for this little bike trek. Lets have a looks at such blogs and this famous clubs and groups who rides the city … Continue reading

03. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Cycles in Mumbai | Bicycle Models Brands Dealers and Prices in City

“Inflation and Going Green with nature awareness have attracted people of Mumbai towards bicycles (cycles) as oil and gas price increases, and petrol is not and exception. The overflowing budget got people ride cycles for short distances in Mumbai, and … Continue reading

03. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Kamathipura in Mumbai – Revamp and Famous Prostitution Red Light Area of Grant Road.

Only the Location Details and History and Basic Details of Present of Prostitution Business in Area “One must know the story of Kamathipura, An old and famous known red light area of about 39 acres located at Grant road (East) … Continue reading

02. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Biggest Mass Wedding at Virar (North Mumbai) – MLA Kshitij Thakurs Marriage

“Thrilled with 1015 couple’s mass grant wedding along with MLA of Virar Nalasopara and Vasai taluka ‘Shri Kshitij Thakur’ at Virar East Chandansar Road Opposite HDIL office, the far north suburb of Mumbai city on today 29th January 2012. This … Continue reading

29. January 2012 by Deven Jadav

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon Dates Road Map

“Like every year, the Annual Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) run for 2015 is is ready on 18th January 2015. Excited Mumbai citizens are geared up to run for half and full marathon and have already been practising in Vasai … Continue reading

12. January 2012 by Deven Jadav

Joggers Park Bandra West – Jogging Places Mumbai Suburban

“Bandra Joggers Park located just adjacent to the Carter Road Promenade Western suburban of Mumbai has beautiful spacious sea side jogging place, Well maintained with greenery and other attractions inside. This sea facing joggers park adjacent to Otters Club also … Continue reading

02. January 2012 by Deven Jadav

BVSL The Second Sea Link of Mumbai – Bandra Versova Sea Link

“Another second sea link from Bandra to Versova coastal in western suburbs of Mumbai was been proposed in 2012 and got its approval finally in 2016. Taking further step of searching a private developer is next with tenders process might … Continue reading

02. January 2012 by Deven Jadav

Famous 31st Night Celebrating Locations 2016 – Mumbai | New Year Bash Locations

“31st hotspot venues listed below, Possible chances are that same locations may rock 2012 also in and near Mumbai to welcome new year in warmth way. We keep updating with general ideal locations and some of the expensive party locations … Continue reading

17. December 2011 by Deven Jadav

Manipal Cure and Care – Mumbai | Health and Beauty Care

Manipal Cure and Care is in the field of Health care in India. The three pillars of our services are – Preventive care, Wellness and Beauty. Kindly Note : This article is outdated and will note be updated further. Quick … Continue reading

12. December 2011 by Deven Jadav

ALFA Electronics Store – A Shop at Irla Vile Parle in Mumbai

Alfa Store (Also Called ‘Alpha’) is one of the famous, electronic stores at IRLA at vile parle, western suburb of Mumbai. Any electronic items like Mobile or Handy cam camera, Alfa has best quality imported products to sell in cheap … Continue reading

12. December 2011 by Deven Jadav

Lifestyle Stores – Mumbai | Shopping Stores at Malls | Lifestyle Outlets

“Latest trends and offers at Various Lifestyle stores available at Mumbai Malls and Other outlets around Mumbai’s Shopping destinations for exclusive collections of lifestyle and fashion. List of Shopping stores outlets for clothing and other lifestyle products are all available … Continue reading

11. December 2011 by Deven Jadav

Fashion Stores – Mumbai | Latest Fashion Clothing Stores

“Latest Clothing and Fashion Stores for best, new and latest trends Jewellery, Dress lines and other clothing related special designers fashion outlets. Below are list of few of the known stores and outlets by Mumbai’s leading fashion designers at various … Continue reading

11. December 2011 by Deven Jadav

Designer and Fancy Sarees Shops and Showrooms in Mumbai

“If looking for Designer Sarees shops and retailers in Mumbai for occasions like wedding, party wear etc. Below is list of retailers and famous showrooms who provide fancy designer and special Indian saree collection in categories like Bollywood and fashion … Continue reading

11. December 2011 by Deven Jadav

Flash Mob Dance Social Message – Mumbai CST and Airport Mob

“The new trend of getting attention for spreading some social message and awareness or just a citizen initiative is the Flash Mob Dance in Mumbai done by the youth at crowded locations like Mumbai CST railway station and Airport. Two … Continue reading

03. December 2011 by Deven Jadav

Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh (Ganpati) Parel – Mumbai

“King (‘Raja’ in Hindi)of Mumbai Ganpati ‘LALBAUGCHA RAJA’ is Ganesha idol, famous during Ganpati festival located at Lalbaug at Parel Station (Central  Mumbai), One of the famous Mandals of City. Famous crowd puller Ganesh Idol every year has very high … Continue reading

10. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Cutting Chai Tea Of Mumbai | Tapri Cutting Tea Recipe

“Details and Recipe of Mumbai Cutting Chai (Cutting Tea) ? What ‘Cutting’ means, and ‘Tapri ki Chai’. Strong, Light, Pani Cum are all varieties of same tea. Here i go about my knowledge with Recipe and other details about what … Continue reading

04. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Newspapers in Mumbai – List Of Most Read Leading Newspapers

“Most Read and leading newspapers in Mumbai are listed below. Other newspapers being circulated in a particular location / station only. But for any general information, Only leading daily are detailed below. This list includes major English daily of Mumbai, … Continue reading

02. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Girls and Married Working Women Life

“Sorry, We Don’t provide any information that hurts anyone’s sentiments, Just an overview about females and details on kind of life in city..Know about Girls in Mumbai, there Lifestyle, Some insight about those hard working city women, Bit of culture … Continue reading

28. October 2011 by Deven Jadav

One of Biggest Slums in Mumbai – Dharavi Slums Unleashed

“With 5 Sectors totally about 593 acres, Dharavi is biggest slums of Mumbai having unplanned residents, shops, commercial small medium and few big industrial units. Redevelopment and Revamp of Dharavi Slums have taken a positive move around 2015, Yet its … Continue reading

15. August 2011 by Deven Jadav

Middle Class Job Life – Mumbai City

“Want to know how is the typical middle class man survives in Mumbai ? See day to day job life and lifestyle being in city in short below..” Quick Look : [ Mumbai Lifeline ], [ Weekday ], [ Call … Continue reading

02. June 2011 by Deven Jadav

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