Some of the oldest and famous Museums of Mumbai city

Some of the oldest and famous Museums of Mumbai city

RBI Monetary Museum Mumbai – For Old Coins Currency Money

“For Old Coins and Currency Lovers, RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) money / monetary museum located at Fort area of South Mumbai has abundance of information about old new Indian coins and currency notes till date. RBI Museum is the … Continue reading

09. October 2016 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Museum Plaza – Cultural Pedestrian Only Walk Way

“Mumbai First, Yes that’s what we want and is the name of organization working towards betterment of city. The upcoming (Starting approximately by September 2013) Mumbai plaza in south town location is a pedestrian only walk way, a project to … Continue reading

25. June 2013 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Museums List – Famous Historic City Museums

“Our Online city guide has more to give to those Museum lover, Below is list of all types of famous historic museums here in Mumbai. Listing like latest mobile museum on wheels, The historic shivaji museum at fort, Rare east … Continue reading

06. March 2013 by Deven Jadav

Museum On Wheels – Mumbai’s First Mobile Museum

“MOW (Museum On Wheels) is first of its kind of roaming museum for Mumbai city. The start-up joint effort by IFA (India Foundation of Arts) and CSMVS (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) now supported by Citi Group can be seen … Continue reading

15. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Egyptian Mummies Exhibition at Museum – Mumbai

“2013, The one time experience of seeing thousands of year old Egyptian Mummies being in Mumbai wait was done, As the Exhibition is ON at Chatrapati Shivaji Museum (Prince of Wales, Bombay Museum) located at Fort. Learn historic things and … Continue reading

04. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Shivaji Museum at Fort Mumbai | Prince Of Wales Museum

“CSMVS is in Mumbai since 1904, Formerly Called ‘Prince Of Wales’ ( Or Bombay Museum) and Locally pronounced as ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Museum’ of Mumbai is what is the very famous short name ‘CSMVS’ (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) . This … Continue reading

04. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Mobai Bhavan Museum – Rare East Indian Museum at Manori Mumbai

“Mobai Bhavan located at Gaothan’s of Manori’s Teresa Village, is one of the oldest and rare Museums located at Mumbai suburb location quite near to Malad. Famous for its authentic East Indian Food, resembling the then life of Mumbai’s one … Continue reading

29. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

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