Holy Places

Mumbai’s Famous Holy Places which lists old temples, dargahs (Muslim Mosques) and churches.

Mumbai’s Famous Holy Places which lists old temples, dargahs (Muslim Mosques) and churches.

Holy Temple Of Goddess Mahalakshmi in Mumbai

“Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai is one of the oldest and most visited temple in South Mumbai’s posh residential location called ‘Bhulabhai Desai Road’. Goddess Mahalakshmi is a form of trimurti (3 different Goddess) idol of namely Saraswati, Kali and Lakshmi. … Continue reading

12. January 2017 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai’s Famous Sanyas Ashram Temple at Vile Parle West

Since 1945, Sanyas Ashram Devasthan which is a famous temple at Vile Parle West near Railway Station has its Organization foundation older then 300 years and is at 7 to 10 minutes walk-able distance. The motto of creating such temple … Continue reading

26. September 2016 by Deven Jadav

Vajreshwari Village Temple and Hot Springs at Virar Near Mumbai

“Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Mandir, That’s the actual name of this famous temple at an extension village location of Virar at about 77 Kilometre from Mumbai. It is a Holy place but another reason being an attraction for its natural … Continue reading

10. July 2016 by Deven Jadav

Mumbadevi Mata Temple (Mandir) – Goddess Of Mumbai

“Goddess of Mumbai City, MumbaDevi is said to be the goddess who protects Mumbai city from all natural calamities. This Holy temple is located right in centre of market near Zaveri Bazaar (South Mumbai)..” Jump to : [ Holy Place … Continue reading

28. September 2014 by Deven Jadav

Mount Mary Church Bandra West – Details and Videos

“Old churches in a place surrounded by trees bring a sense of calm to the onlookers. Their long history combined with faith and spiritualism of the people who come to pray, surrounds the place with mystery. One such church in … Continue reading

30. May 2013 by Deven Jadav

Holy Places – Mumbai

“Complete list and details of holy places in Mumbai which includes Temples, Churches, Dargah Muslim mosque’s which are famous and very old. Some of them are into heritage and Mumbai Darshan list. Temples like Siddhivinayak, Mumbadevi, Mahalaxmi, Madhubaug are some … Continue reading

25. February 2013 by Deven Jadav

Yearly Bandra Fair 2017 Dates For Mount Mary Church Mumbai

“Starting and Ending Dates For Bandra Fair 2017 will be updated as soon received, Mount Mary (The Blessed Virgin Mary) keep the blessings going to one of the oldest Roman Catholic Church at Mumbai Suburb’s Bandra Station, the location of … Continue reading

21. May 2012 by Deven Jadav

Jivdani Devi Temple On Mountain of Virar – North Mumbai

“(The name Jivdani means Goddess Of Life Giver) is Famous Goddess Temple on Mountain at Virar, Jivdani Devi Mandir as it is known is located at Far North Suburb of Mumbai in Thane District, about 65 Kilometre from Mumbai. Know … Continue reading

17. May 2012 by Deven Jadav

Shrines of Mahim – Mumbai | Shrines Are Mahim Church and Dargah

“Their are 2 famous shrine (holy place) at Mahim, One being the Famous church and another being the famous dargah (mosque). Both are famous shrines close to each other with different stories for all those out for visiting holy spiritual … Continue reading

26. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Iskcon Temple Mumbai – Famous Juhu Iskcon Andheri With Picture

“Iskcon, A famous temple of Mumbai with presence world wide is on list of Mumbai attractions between tourist. Also called ‘Radha Rasabihariji temple’,’Radha Krishna temple’, Iskcon is at Juhu, Andheri West built on 1977, having per-presence of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami … Continue reading

06. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Jain Temple ( Derasar | Mandir ) at Walkeshwar Malabar Hills – Mumbai

“Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple, A Holy religious temple of jain community who follows Jainism in Mumbai is located at Malabar Hills (Walkeshwar Road), a monument now and way to tourist destination near hanging garden..” Quick Look : [ … Continue reading

01. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Shree Mahavir Dham Jain Temple at Shirshad Near Virar Highway

“Mahavir Swamy Maharaj is name of the Jain community God, and so is the place called ‘Mahavir Dham’ the famous Jain temple at Virar western express highway (Mumbai Ahmedabad National Highway 8) near shirsad, Exactly opposite K T Resort. A … Continue reading

29. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Agashi Temple – Virar | Jain Temple At Agashi Virar

“This famous Jain Temple of Virar is located at Agashi a small village at about 5 km from virar station, Far north suburb of Mumbai. Calm and Spiritual Agashi temple is decades old and one of the very special pilgrim … Continue reading

29. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Jama Masjid – Mumbai Oldest Muslim Mosque Holy Place

“In the crowded lanes between Kalbadevi and crawford market is Jama Masjid, A holy spiritual place for islamic community where they do their Friday prayers (Namaz). This historic masjid next to manish market is a beautiful example of artwork since … Continue reading

29. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Haji Ali Dargah – Mumbai’s Oldest Famous Muslim Shrine Inside Sea

“Surrounded by sea from all 4 side, ‘Haji Ali Dargah’ is the only kind of Muslim Community Shrine blessed and place of ‘Hazrat Haji Ali’ with almost every other community and religion and not just Muslim people visits with faith … Continue reading

17. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Cathedral Church – Mumbai | Colaba Shrine St. Thomas Cathedral Church | Pictures.

“Yet another beautiful church of south Mumbai, Holy Cathedral (Also called St.Thomas Church) is relocated from a location called Bhuleshwar to south Mumbai..” Quick Look : [ Holy Places Details ], [ How to Reach / Where is Catheral Church … Continue reading

17. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Babulnath Temple at Charni Road – Mumbai | Famous Old Temple Babulnath

“One of the very old Hindi temples in Mumbai, Babulnath is one of the many names of Hindi Lord Shiva. This temple located in south of Mumbai is Historic and an Heritage structure to visit..” [ Temple Details ], [ … Continue reading

16. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Afghan Memorial Church – Colaba | Famous Afghan Church South Mumbai

“St John The Baptist Memorial (Also Called ‘Afghan Church Of Mumbai’) is one of the only old and famous churches in South Mumbai. The Gothic Style Afghan Memorial is one of the kind of iconic structure located at Colaba and … Continue reading

15. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Ganeshpuri Temple With Hot Water Spring at Virar – Near Mumbai

“Far north suburbs of Mumbai is Ganeshpuri temple famous for Nityanand maharaj, located at 28 km near Virar, A Railway station in Thane Palghar District on western railway route. Ganeshpuri is one of the oldest temple and also famous for … Continue reading

15. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

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