Travel Guide

Mumbai’s Travel Guide, Which includes travel options like auto, taxi and local trains. More information one needs to understand when planning to travel in Mumbai.

Mumbai’s Travel Guide, Which includes travel options like auto, taxi and local trains. More information one needs to understand when planning to travel in Mumbai.

Ola Shuttle Bus Routes Fares Schedule Timings – Mumbai | Thane

“OLA Mumbai, A private taxi company has started with Shuttle bus public transportation services at cheaper cost that runs between locations like Andheri, Bandra (BKC), Worli, Airoli, Thane and Bhayandar and Navi Mumbai covering major commuting locations in peak office … Continue reading

21. June 2017 by Deven Jadav

BEST Late Night Bus Services and Timings – Mumbai

“Late night travel help with cheaper commute is now possible in Mumbai as BEST have started extra special late night bus services in western & central route. At this initial stage few buses from Dadar east to Western and central … Continue reading

30. November 2016 by Deven Jadav

Car Brands and Models Used as Regular Taxi in Mumbai

“Although we Mumbai citizens travel daily and know about various taxi brands of Cars currently used as regular taxi’s in city, Many migrants from other cities in India and foreign tourist might not and willing to get information preparing notes … Continue reading

02. November 2016 by Deven Jadav

3 Ways For Reaching Mumbai City – Air Road Rail Trains

“Mumbai needs no introduction as is a very famous travel and commercial destination. So Reaching Mumbai city from any other part of India or from outside Country is easy now compared to before. Technology, Navigation and Maps have by far … Continue reading

20. August 2016 by Deven Jadav

One Day Mumbai Darshan Bus Tour Services by MTDC

“Structures, Edifices, Beaches and Heritage Monuments, Everything is seen since 11th August 2016 with guided bus service for Mumbai Darshan & Ho-Ho Mumbai Darshan Services bus tour by MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Department) covering 12 to 14 main attractions and many … Continue reading

19. August 2016 by Deven Jadav

Travel Options – For Daily Commuters and Tourists in Mumbai

“Being a Mumbaikar we all know about various travel options and commute by road and railway inside Mumbai, But for those who have come from other states or a foreign national (Tourist), here is the list, details and personal recommendations … Continue reading

26. July 2016 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Streets – What One Needs to Know About City Roads

“Understand the deeper and broader view of Mumbai streets, Not just vehicles and traffic signals, But this congested streets talks more about the reality of city. Hawkers, Traffic jams, Paddlers, Pot holes, Monsoon floods, Footpaths hardly available, Crowd is just … Continue reading

19. July 2016 by Deven Jadav

Historical Heritage Structures and Places in Mumbai

Bombay became Mumbai, City grew commercially but the old historic places and old Heritage structures and old buildings are still standing high and are on city’s Heritage tour list. These old structures, locations and places of worship are Edifice and … Continue reading

21. May 2016 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai to Goa Shivneri Volvo AC Buses From Mumbai Central

“Named after great Maratha leader Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, AC Shivneri Volvo buses owned and operated by MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) has been started between Mumbai and Panjim Goa (Also Referred as Panji) in April 2016. Yet another move … Continue reading

25. April 2016 by Deven Jadav

Languages Spoken in Mumbai – City Official and Other Languages People Speak

“Although Marathi is the Official Language of Mumbai, 2 other major spoken languages are Hindi and English which you will hear when at day to day travel, public communication, markets, shopping malls etc. Being one of the very few cosmopolitan … Continue reading

17. December 2015 by Deven Jadav

Railway Accidents in Mumbai | Helplines and Railway Stations Accident Locations

“With growing migrants from other cities and states of India, Mumbai observes more and more railway accidents in which Victims gets injured badly, many gets disabled and major deaths at both western and central railway routes. Falling from foot boards … Continue reading

01. December 2015 by Deven Jadav

Do and Don’t in Mumbai – Dangers Precautions Warnings in City

“The highly vibrant city Mumbai do have some list of things to be noted for safety and precautions. These are some things that one must DO and DON’T to be considered as a helping travel guide and note to keep … Continue reading

08. November 2015 by Deven Jadav

Pin Code in Mumbai – City’s Postal Index Number’s

“Pin (POSTAL INDEX NUMBER) code, Also referred as POSTAL CODES is a 6 digit number which came into existence on 15th August 1972 for Mumbai (Formerly Bombay) and other cities in India. The sole purpose of any distinct pin / … Continue reading

27. October 2015 by Deven Jadav

Mobile Ticketing For Non SmartPhones using SMS ATVM IVRS – Mumbai Local Trains

“ATVMs and UTS Mobile Ticketing is any time a great alternative to long ticket queues to get travel tickets and seasonal passes for Mumbai local trains. But what about those lakhs and millions of NON Smartphone users having (Non Android, … Continue reading

13. October 2015 by Deven Jadav

Kaali Peeli Taxi With 9211 Cabs App in Mumbai

No Khali Peeli Jhanjhat now for Mumbai taxi commuters as Kaali Peeli (Black Yellow) Regular Taxi Booking is now possible via ‘9211 Cabs’ app and via Call centre with flat discounts of 10% to 25%. Booking also possible via Whatsapp. … Continue reading

07. October 2015 by Deven Jadav

BEST Dedicated Bus Corridors – Mumbai Dedicated Bus Lanes For BEST Buses

“Breaking through Mumbai traffic comes a solution of dedicated lanes for BEST AC and NON Air condition Buses which will be supported and taken care by BMC and Traffic Police of Mumbai. 7 such lanes are planned at its initial … Continue reading

17. July 2015 by Deven Jadav

Procedure On How to Register Complaints Related to BEST Bus in Mumbai

“One of the cheapest mode of commuting inside Mumbai city, BEST’s buses attracts lots of daily travelers and is often crowded during peak hours. Although BEST says they are in losses, the crowd bus seems to be overloaded sometimes and … Continue reading

01. June 2015 by Deven Jadav

Maha Debit Card For Paying Tolls Automatically in Mumbai

“For De-Congesting the long queue and traffic at major toll plaza’s of Mumbai, PWD (Public Word Department) & MSRDC is coming up with a new toll management system, A Debit Card called ‘Maha Card’ which will get deducted automatically with … Continue reading

30. May 2015 by Deven Jadav

Vehicle Number Plates Rules and Guidelines – Traffic Police Mumbai

“As per traffic rules of Mumbai (India), Below are the guidelines and rules for number plates (Both Front and Rear) used on various vehicle types. Traffic police strongly advice to follow the laid guidelines for Font used, Height, Width and … Continue reading

11. May 2015 by Deven Jadav

Electric Hybrid Buses (Shuttle) Between BKC Sion Kurla – Mumbai

MMRDA BEST Most talked 25 Eco-Friendly Electric Hybrid Buses (Semi Electric Shuttle Buses) which runs on dry batteries & diesel starts in November 2017. These TATA made Star buses Routes between BKC and Sion, BKC and Kurla was initially declared … Continue reading

07. May 2015 by Deven Jadav

Vehicle Honking Rules and Fines – Mumbai Honking DO and DONT

Peep Peep, Pom Pom, NO NO… A vehicle horn is given to be used with some discipline. Many countries outside India has great civic sense when it comes to honking, Yet when it comes to Mumbai and other cities of … Continue reading

02. May 2015 by Deven Jadav

Traveling in Local Trains With Automatic Sliding and Closing Doors in Mumbai

“The requirements of getting a automatic sliding closed doors local trains was a thought in the mind of railway officials with the number of daily commuters and the accidents / deaths on raise. Currently about 30 to 35 lakhs travelers … Continue reading

16. March 2015 by Deven Jadav

BEST Bus Tickets Online and E-Ticketing Prepaid Smart Cards in Mumbai

“Its 2016 4G era and Purchasing bus tickets via Online Ticketing is possible by November after already upgrade to E-Ticketing system little before. So hopefully soon now before taking up bus ride, one can purchase tickets online from BEST UNDERTAKING … Continue reading

23. November 2014 by Deven Jadav

Helping Saving Life Of Road Accident Injured Victim – Mumbai

“Think on a situation, Its a lovely day and you are out by road of Mumbai, A city where generally people don’t have time for other strangers without personal work. But wait, a soul may be injured and waiting for … Continue reading

16. November 2014 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai to Pune Shivneri Buses – MSRTC AC and NON AC Buses Mumbai

“Since 1948 When MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) started its first bus between Pune and Ahmednagar, the AC and NON-AC bus services by state government has been one of the cheapest modes of transport reaching maximum locations in Mumbai … Continue reading

01. September 2014 by Deven Jadav

Recalibration Process Of Auto Taxi in Mumbai

“Till i know its the second recalibration of Auto Taxi used as public transport vehicles in Mumbai. A simple process of upgrading the current fares to the newly decided once with important steps and norms to be followed by every … Continue reading

27. August 2014 by Deven Jadav

How to Get Back Traffic Police Seized Driving License – Mumbai

“If i am true, The heart beats already rises as soon the traffic police stops your vehicle ( Bike / Car etc ) for any some reasons, because the hassel of getting back the impounded driving license is a cumbersome … Continue reading

28. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Trains by 2023 – Routes | Fares | Timings

“Bullet trains are the future of fastest and robust means of commuting within and from Mumbai to other states like Ahmadabad and Pune, is getting ready by 2023. Mumbai Ahmedabad Corridor will be about 520 km taking about 2 hours … Continue reading

14. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

Toll Plazas and Charges in Mumbai – Major City Toll Nakas and Rates

“Mumbai has 5 major entry & exit points which has this toll plazas. Effective 31st May 2015 Midnight, 50 to 80 toll booths got toll free and decisions on Mumbai’s these major entry and exit toll points still continues. Toll … Continue reading

09. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

Vehicle Fitness Certificate by RTO – Fitness Process | Fees | Vehicle Types

“This is for those who own a vehicles (Any type) and is unaware of getting / renewal of fitness certificate from RTO in Mumbai and around India to check if you are Road worthy and Fit to Ply. The law … Continue reading

08. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

Address Proof Documents For Mumbai Local Train Railway Seasonal Pass

“To keep on check on its customers identity and as per High Court orders, One needs fill a railway form and provide with relevant address proof from 15th July 2014 onwards when requesting for seasonal pass for Mumbai local trains. … Continue reading

02. July 2014 by Deven Jadav

KM Distance Between Churchgate and Dahanu – Mumbai Local Trains Western Route Distance

“Thought of calculating the exact distance between two stations and total distance from Churchgate to Dahanu road where local trains runs on Western Railway Route. Also listed are the longest run between two individual adjacent stations in South Mumbai, Western … Continue reading

30. June 2014 by Deven Jadav

Major Water Logging Areas – Mumbai | Locations Prone to Monsoon Flood in City

“The island city Mumbai which is covered by sea from major 3 directions has many low lying areas to keep alerted with the list of locations majorly prone to water logging during monsoon months which are June, July, August and … Continue reading

30. June 2014 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Local Train Fares 2017 – Western Central Ticket Fares Seasonal Pass

“The 100% local train fare hike done in June 2014 has already been rolled back and now only 14.2% hike is implemented for both Central and Western Railway local train Daily Tickets & Monthly Fares (For All Seasonal Tickets Monthly … Continue reading

23. June 2014 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Metro Trains LOST FOUND Customer Care Helpline Contacts

“Here is Mumbai Metro train helpline an customer care contact numbers for any Lost + Found inside. Like local trains LOST + FOUND services at Western, Central Railways & also for Buses and Taxis, Here we will detail you about … Continue reading

18. June 2014 by Deven Jadav

Frequently Breached Traffic Rules in Mumbai – Common Road Traffic Rules Breaches

“When it comes to traffic rules, Its not just a topic to write about, i personally fear of the accident and death due to negligence. Recent shocking road accident death of Shree Gopinath Munde reasoned a minor mistake by him … Continue reading

04. June 2014 by Deven Jadav

Monsoon Flood Safe Car Parking Locations – Mumbai

Considering car damages that happened during Monsoon of 26th July 2005, About 6000 vehicles, Its a huge loss and big hole in public pocket for repairs of there vehicles, Then in the year 2009 Mumbai Traffic Police have taken a … Continue reading

02. January 2014 by Deven Jadav

Appointment For Online Learner License 2017 – RTO Mumbai

“Year 2016 – 2017 brought much required move of awaited ‘Online learner license appointment’ procedure by Mumbai RTO (Regional Transport Office). Updated below is the step by step guide for procuring online learning license, Forms to be downloaded & filled, … Continue reading

31. December 2013 by Deven Jadav

UTS Mobile APP Ticketing System – Mumbai Local Trains Tickets On Mobile

“The UTS (Unreserved Ticket System) are in place and started. The ATVM Smart cards are handy, YET Local Train Tickets On Windows and Android Mobiles, No more queues is what was needed and that sounds superb and is one of … Continue reading

09. December 2013 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Metro Trains 2017 – Routes | Timetable | Fares | Stations | Tickets

“Its Already 2017 and to Cut Off with Crowded Local Trains of Mumbai, The alternate fast, robust and convenient solution of Metro Trains connecting Western and Central Suburbs already started as Phase 1 (Line 1) of total 10 such lines … Continue reading

08. December 2013 by Deven Jadav

Old and New Names Of Mumbai Streets

“The major change in city, The name change from Bombay to Mumbai has significant impact on street names too. The move by Political party ‘Shiv Sena’ also moved away those British street names and all the old lanes and major … Continue reading

03. December 2013 by Deven Jadav

How to Get Vehicle Registration and Owner Details Via SMS – Mumbai

“We already detailed about vehicle number series in and near Mumbai within Maharashtra state limits starting with MH series. To add on more details on how to get vehicle ownership & registration details as and when required, Specially in case … Continue reading

19. November 2013 by Deven Jadav

Traffic Police Mumbai Website Forgot Domain Renewal ?

“HOPE what i am writing turns wrong, Don’t know if this was in any news media or not, Yet today i am seeing something which none of we citizen will like to. The website of Mumbai traffic police is down … Continue reading

23. October 2013 by Deven Jadav

How Can Mumbai Woman Make Her Travel Secure – Whistle City Girls and Woman

“A great idea to save a helpless Woman, Let the girl be alone travelling in crowd or is walking in an isolated location where hardly one can listen when she screams. A unique idea i found on an online video … Continue reading

17. September 2013 by Deven Jadav

MSRTC AC Buses Between Borivali and BKC – Mumbai

UPDATES : Due to poor response, this bus service has been cancelled and not running as of now..“After the initial success of BEST BRTS AC buses in Mumbai, MSRTC has taken a long awaiting move and has started first of … Continue reading

17. July 2013 by Deven Jadav

Share Taxi – AC and NON AC Share Cab Services in Mumbai

“Sharing a cab and saving money is a great service already running in Mumbai. Maharashtra’s State Transport Authority and Mumbai metropolitan Region Transport Authority has continuously empowered the share taxi movement that helps daily job commuters and business class people … Continue reading

24. June 2013 by Deven Jadav

Tourist Offices – MTDC and Other States Tourist Offices in Mumbai

“Details of MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) and Other State Tourist Offices in Mumbai. Other States like Goa, Delhi, Calcutta etc tourism offices address and contacts here in Mumbai city.” Government Of India Tourist Office 123, Maroshi Karve Road, Mumbai … Continue reading

03. June 2013 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Language Help – Translate English To Hindi Marathi

“Helping tourist with Mumbai Language, Most common and Day to day used words and sentence translate from English to Hindi and Marathi language. Irrespective to which country you belong, As a new comer to city you can roam around Mumbai … Continue reading

27. May 2013 by Deven Jadav

RTO License Process Documents and Charges – Mumbai Maharashtra

“Mumbai RTO License Process and Required Documents at various RTO Office in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai locations with charges at Maharashtra and Mumbai RTO. (Motor Vehicle Department) process / procedure details and requirements for various activities related to license … Continue reading

02. May 2013 by Deven Jadav

Vehicle Registration Numbers Series in Mumbai and Maharashtra

“Every vehicle registration numbers has a fixed series to identify the location where it was registered in Mumbai city and around other cities and districts across Maharashtra state circle limits. So is the starting alphabets MH. With in city limits … Continue reading

01. May 2013 by Deven Jadav

Women Security in BEST Bus of Mumbai – Women Helplines CCTV

“Women Security is of top concern in Mumbai public bus and after the latest tobacco banned restrictions, BEST (Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport) a Brihan Mumbai Mahanagarpalika company has taken rapid steps by putting up closed circuit cameras (CCTV) in … Continue reading

01. April 2013 by Deven Jadav

ATVM Smart Card Top Up Recharge Refill – Mumbai Local Trains

“It’s time to talk about ATVM card recharge / refill / top up process, As already detailed in previous article about local trains Smart Cards and ATVM machines and also have given a live demo that has already helped lakh’s … Continue reading

17. March 2013 by Deven Jadav

ATVM Smart Card Machine Ticketing Demo – Mumbai Local Trains

“I detailed about ATVM Smart Card machines and How to recharge same. Here is a live demo of how this machine operates and step by step how easy it is to get your tickets via these ATVM Cards. Looking at … Continue reading

17. March 2013 by Deven Jadav

Regional Passport Offices – BKC Mumbai | Seva Kendra Address

Latest address and Contacts of Passport Offices in Mumbai. Effective August 2017, Worli Passport Office near Century Bhuvan has been relocated to Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). Similarly Thane RPO is now operating from BKC. ‘Passport Seva Kendras’ at Lower parel, … Continue reading

18. February 2013 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Slangs – Famous Lingo Called Bambaiya Tapori Language

“Every city has its own Slangs, and in Mumbai it is famously called ‘Tapori or Bambaiya (Mumbaiya) Language’ which is not so polite if you understand hindi, But Mumbai Local people knows it well and many a times uses commonly … Continue reading

18. February 2013 by Deven Jadav

Gateway of India Catamarans Ferry Timetable and Schedules

“Catamarans Ferry Timetable & Schedules for Gateway of India, Mumbai that ferries passengers to Elephanta caves and Mandva, Alibaug. This timetable is mainly useful for all those tourists out for Mumbai Darshan specially for Elephanta which takes half hour ferry … Continue reading

11. February 2013 by Deven Jadav

Banned Tobacco Gutka Products Inside BEST Buses – Mumbai

“BEST (Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport) authorities banning any and all type of tobacco and its bi-products inside BEST buses of Mumbai. Strict rules applied and punishments/fines on passengers creating nuisance. This rule on banning tobacco also applies to staff … Continue reading

20. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Women Security in Local Trains of Mumbai – Whatsapp Helpline Numbers

“Talking about travelling Women security in local trains of Mumbai, It was a policeman in every ladies couches initially. But still, incidents did happened for many travellers. Women Helpline & Whatsapp Numbers played a key role to quick click and … Continue reading

16. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

ATVM For Mumbai Local Trains – Local Train Ticket Smart Card Machine

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) as it is called, is a direct, easy and faster way to cut off to those old UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) queues for getting daily and seasonal tickets for Mumbai local trains. Phased out CVM … Continue reading

14. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Free Wheelchair Facilities – Mumbai Domestic International Airports

“Wheelchair Facilities For passengers who are physically challenged or disabled and need assistance on Mumbai Airport (Domestic & International) below are the contact details. Wheelchair, Baby Stroller etc facilities will be available on just one call. Below contact numbers are … Continue reading

07. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Banks ATM at Mumbai Airports

“ATM is one of the important thing looked out at Mumbai International and Domestic airports along with Forex services. Many Banks ATM can be seen at Arrival and Departure section of Mumbai Airports. Major ATM’s now support global banking transactions … Continue reading

07. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Forex Conversion (Foreign Exchange) Facilities at Mumbai Airports

Forex counters at Mumbai Domestic and International Airport keeps on changing periodically. As of updates Pheroze Framroze, Centrum, Thomas Cook, Akbar Travels, SBI and VKC has their counters. Previously Foreign exchange counters at Domestic and International terminals companies like Pheroze … Continue reading

06. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Domestic and International Lounges at Mumbai Airports

“Lounges services & world class facilities at Mumbai Airports (Domestic & International) for those who travel First class or Business class and their selected customers. 2 GVK Lounges, 3 Loyalty Lounges and a Pranaam Lounge, Each with its classy facilities … Continue reading

05. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

Parking Facilities and Charges at Mumbai Airports

“Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) located and well connected internally between to major suburbs Andheri (International Airport) and Santacruz (Domestic Terminals) has ample parking facilities which all together can give shade to about 2250 cars / private vehicles. Although Mumbai … Continue reading

05. December 2012 by Deven Jadav

UPDATED Neral Matheran Toy Train Timings and Fares – Mumbai

“After almost 1 year, Matheran Toy train is back in action. Due to technical glitches the 100 year plus running shuttle trains services which runs for 21 km distance taking about 2 hours, runs for 3 Km between Matheran and … Continue reading

30. September 2012 by Deven Jadav

Road Safety Guidelines for Drivers and Pedestrians – Mumbai

“Road Safety is at utmost priority as Mumbai is one of the high road traffic city in India. Safety of drivers as well as pedestrians should be taken seriously and strict penalties need to applied. Following simple road safety guidelines … Continue reading

14. August 2012 by Deven Jadav

RTO Grievance Department – Mumbai | Auto Taxi Complaints

“The RTO Grievance department is active for any complaints related to road offences like auto and taxi driver refusal to ply, fare over charges, tempering meters etc. Below are the exact steps along with contacts numbers of Mumbai traffic department … Continue reading

09. July 2012 by Deven Jadav

RTO Mumbai and Suburban Offices – Thane | Virar Vasai | Navi Mumbai

“Address Contacts of 11 Major & Deputy RTO (Regional Transport Offices ) in Mumbai and Suburban locations in sequence of its Office code series like MH-01, MH-02 etc. Details about Enquires, Contact Phone Numbers and Location Address details listed below … Continue reading

09. July 2012 by Deven Jadav

Old Mumbai Videos With Bollywood Songs – Old Bombay Bollywood Videos

“One thoroughly compiled page with finest collections of videos and pictures showcasing Old Mumbai (Formerly Called ‘Bombay’), Also details and videos of old Bollywood songs of golden era (black and white)..” ONE DAY, TODAY WILL BE HISTORY.. Old Bollywood and … Continue reading

26. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Women Surname Change Related Documents After Marriage in Mumbai

“Upon Marriage, women world gets connected to his man, and so does the surname in India. It is one of the important change along with other documents that needs the change in Mumbai and globally around India. Below are some … Continue reading

15. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Important Documents For Address Change and Relocating Mumbai City

“If you are changing your city (i.e or are new to city or may be going out of Mumbai), its very important to update your documents and change to latest address. Below are the list of documents to update whenever … Continue reading

12. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Checklist For New Comers in Mumbai – Helpful Guide

“New city is equal to many questions, Mumbai is not an exception. Below is a small checklist to follow if you are new to Mumbai city, its a handy city guide that will help you with what things one must … Continue reading

12. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Drink and Drive Fines Penalties in Mumbai 2017

“DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE, Its already 2017 and Fines and Penalties have been increased for the the mission by Mumbai Traffic police department for road safety started on 28th June 2007 (5 years now) brought good results because of … Continue reading

10. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Road Offences Penalties Amounts Fines 2017 – Mumbai

“Its 2017, To increase Mumbai road safety and to reduce the increased offences, Mumbai Traffic Police & RTO has put up strict penalties for traffic offences to Driver and Vehicle Owners too. The old and new/latest fines (Amount in Rs.) … Continue reading

07. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Traffic Rules 2017 – Road Safety and Traffic Signs

“May 2017 be road safe for you and you follow Mumbai traffic rules. To avoid unknown consequences and accidents, understand the traffic rules and signs and follow all rules as detailed according to ‘The motor Vehicle Act 1988’ when driving … Continue reading

07. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

Basic Driving Rules and Guidelines For Mumbai Roads

“Some important driving guidelines to be followed when driving in Mumbai. This Driving rules are set by Mumbai Traffic Police who are the authorized government identity for regulating traffic and other related to road offences, fines and related things. Also … Continue reading

07. March 2012 by Deven Jadav

AC to DC (Alternate Current to Direct Current) Local Trains – Mumbai

“As it was once all in news, About AC to DC current local train. It was like by January 2015 End, Central railway’s Thane to CST suburb rail route will be converted from old 1500 volt DC to 25000 volt … Continue reading

08. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Travel Guide to Mumbai Local Trains – Main Public Transport in City

“An introduction and comprehensive travel guide to the lifeline of Mumbai, The Mumbai Local Trains which is one of the largest networks and main / major public transport in city. Below are some interesting facts with other things to know … Continue reading

08. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Railway Network Map – Western Central and Harbour Routes

“Below Railway Network Map of Mumbai shows detailed routes of Western, Harbour and Central Railway with Station Names Between Virar to Churchgate (Western Map), Mumbai CST to Karjat and Khopoli (Central Map), and from CST towrads Vashi (Navi Mumbai), Belapur … Continue reading

08. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Railway Station Names in Mumbai – Western Central Harbour Stations

“With all Railway station names listed below, Mumbai local trains is Asia’s Second largest railway network with 3 major routes (Western, Central and Harbour). Also updated renamed / new name of stations. Few Station names like (Dadar, Bandra, Andheri) are … Continue reading

08. February 2012 by Deven Jadav

Lost + Found : Western Railway Local Trains Mumbai

“This Article will help Mumbai People worried about their forgotten bags and other belongings in local train while travelling in western railway route that can be found at Station LOST + FOUND inquiry. IF YOU HAVE FOUND SOMEONE’s LOST BAG … Continue reading

10. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Central Railway Local Train : Lost + Found Luggage

“Travel in Mumbai local trains of Central Railway and You Lost Found something ? Yes, We humans are bound to forget belongings while travelling in local train, So here is where you can find you lost luggage and belongings in … Continue reading

10. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Harbour Line Railway Timetable – Mumbai Local Trains Timetable

“Here is local train timetable for Harbour Line Railway route for local trains. Also for reference Central and Western Railway as many stations are connected via the main junction stations like Dadar, Bandra and Andheri. Below listed are all stations … Continue reading

01. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Central Railway Route Local Trains Timetable – Mumbai

“Detailed Schedule Of Central Railway (CR) Timetable for local train in Mumbai with routes and individual station both in UP and DOWN directions. Please select the TO and FROM station from the below list to get complete and updated timetable … Continue reading

01. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Western Railway Timetable – Schedules For Western Local Trains

“Western Railway (WR) local trains are largest running route among total 3 routes is 150 years old now on 20th November 2013 since it started in 1864 on same date and month, Other 2 being Central and Harbour Railway. Western … Continue reading

01. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Mumbai Taxis : Lost + Found Contacts | Black and Yellow Taxis

“Lost Or Found Baggage in Mumbai Taxi ? For people of Mumbai who lost their important stuff while travelling via road in taxi’s and worrying about whom to contact and where to find for lost articles..” Now a days it … Continue reading

01. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Taxi Fares Rates 2017 – AC and NON AC Fleet Taxi in Mumbai

“Easy and Updated Taxi Fares Rates for 2017 in Mumbai for easy, convenient and fast travel. Many types of cabs available here are AC and NON-AC fleets, Radio taxis. Famous ‘Yellow Black’ taxis which is Non-AC regular one’s operates at … Continue reading

01. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

BEST Bus Fares 2017 – Mumbai Latest Revised BEST Pass Rates and Ticket Fares

“Changing Bus Fares Ending 2017 Or in 2018 like every year, The loss making BEST organization was expected for revised hiked fares which is already twice compared to last few years. Effective 1st February and then coming 1st April 2015 … Continue reading

01. November 2011 by Deven Jadav

Duck Bus in Mumbai – Amphibious Duck Shaped Bus At Gateway Of India

“Amphibious Duck bus ride in Mumbai, A fun ride on land as well as inside coastal of city sea is what MTDC has planned and very soon be seen. Lets understand what will be the charges / ticket rates for … Continue reading

28. October 2011 by Deven Jadav

BEST Bus : Lost + Found Baggage Articles in Mumbai

“An article which will help Mumbai people travelling in BEST buses and mistakenly left behind baggage, luggage and other items which goes to Lost and Found department at Wadala..” So whom to contact when you lost you luggage in BEST … Continue reading

28. October 2011 by Deven Jadav

Updated Auto Fares Rates and Tariff Charges in Mumbai

“Manual Auto fares Charge Rate Cards in Mumbai is a history as things got digital and no more meter tempering, Still the information for your reference. Auto Rickshaw fares are 100% digitized in Mumbai City including Western and Central suburban … Continue reading

18. October 2011 by Deven Jadav

BRTS Bus Timetable – Mumbai | BRTS AC Bus Numbers and Routes

“Best Undertaking has launched beautiful Luxury buses in Mumbai known as BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) bus, which is AC (Air Conditioner) King size bus with one of its comfort and view to enjoy Mumbai road and sightseeing on the … Continue reading

18. October 2011 by Deven Jadav

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