Bombay – Now Mumbai, Then Bombay the Island City.

“Mumbai city which was once called ‘Bombay’ Or ‘Bumbai’ in local language. Lots of the people around Mumbai City and in Indian still refers the name as Bombay is the impact of Britishers who landed on this port city of 7 Island for business. Lets see what’s more similar on ‘Bombay Mumbai’ word.. “

Below details reveals the old times facts about the two word BOMBAY now MUMBAI...”

Facts about then ‘Bombay’

  • In 1996 Bombay was renamed to Mumbai.
  • Bollywood was allowed to use word Bombay in hindi songs, Like ‘Ye Hai Bombay Meri Jaan‘ which is now ‘Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan‘.
  • Stock Exchange is still named as ‘Bombay Stock Exchange‘.
  • An famous old Hospital is still called with its Original name ‘Bombay Hospital’.
  • Due to the changes in old name ‘Bombay’, Impact is so much that today no shops in market are allowed to use the word and has to have its hoarding’s in ‘Marathi Language’ besides any other language like English which is commonly used.

Old Mumbai Pictures

Old Mumbai (Bombay)

More Bombay Pictures

Bombay Video

This is one of the oldest video of old times ‘Bombay’ since 1932

The History


Also Called ‘Bambai’ Shehar, the highly populated city was once just a old island explored by Portuguese and Buddhist who were the first group of monks traveling around and reaching far suburbs of kanheri caves towards forts of vasai (Bassein). Then for trading and developing a business hub, Britishers entered and started developing city called ‘Bombay City’. In last decade it was named to ‘Mumbai’ by politicians of Maharashtra with the belief and faith in Mumbai’s Goddess ‘Mumbadevi‘. It is also believed that Goddess ‘Mahalaxmi’ which has famous temple of Mumbai ‘Mahalaxmi Temple‘ was one of the first goddess of Mumbai.

Different Names

Lately when Portuguese conquered this bay in 1508 A.D from Arabs, they renamed it from old name given by Arabs which was ‘Al Omanis’ to new Portuguese given name ‘Bom Bahia’ which means ‘A Good Bay’ which has beautiful harbour of east side. Then later on the English people developed the bay, brought in some business and renamed it to ‘Bombay’. And as written above as now its ‘Mumbai’ as in Maharashtra state which was finally ruled and conquered by Shivaji Raje who ruled for years, a political party of Mumbai decided to rename the city. Not only that, the street names, main harbour and Stations like ‘Victoria Terminus’ as renamed to ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)’ and so on other locations of Mumbai City.

As the development took place the localities started referring the city name to ‘BAMBAI SHEHAR’ in hindi language. Some famous songs from bollywood where the name was used are ‘Mein Bambai ka Baabu..”, “Ye hai bombay meri jaan”, “Bambai humko jam gayi..”. Finally as local politicians made strict rules on using city name and as the Maharashtra cities first Language ‘Marathi’ it was finally declared that the proper name to be used is “MUMBAI” and so are the reasons the names plates and boards on local railway stations are renamed from “Bombay Central” to “Mumbai Central” and so on.

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