Do’s and Don’t – Mumbai Tourist Travel Tips Do and Don’t

Mumbai is a magical city of joy, fun money, business and entertainment. But one needs to understand some DO’s and DON’t when in city being a tourist or local Mumbai people. Below are some travel tips needs to follow..”


  • Do take care of your pocket and money while traveling via public transports like bus and local trains.
  • Do carry Auto / Taxi fare chart to never get cheated by over charged rates.
  • Feel like dating someone ? Do go for clean friendship and dating in Mumbai
  • Do carry Local Train Timetable if planning couple of days travel in Mumbai.
  • Drive always on Left Side as driving rules are different here compared to united states etc.
  • Please keep Mumbai Clean when on beaches etc.
  • Do follow Mumbai traffic rules when driving in city.
  • Always get down from front when traveling in bus.
  • Do keep the important Mumbai helpline numbers handy in case of emergency.
  • Need any help ? Go for Mumbai chat and talk to people online.


  • Drink and drive as the rules are same here to, Its an offense.
  • Do not use abusive language in city, be decent. If need understand Mumbai slangs to get around easily.
  • Don’t travel in local trains in peak hours (7:00am – 11:30 am & 4:00pm – 11:00 pm)
  • Don’t get into long arguments if you are new in some areas.
  • Don’t put of all clothes while on beaches, As the rules on beaches and public places do not allow to be N.A.K.E.D like other countries. Shorts etc are allowed. Wearing bikinis will pull the beach crowd in one place for enjoy watching and fun.
  • Enjoy street junk food but do not eat food which is not HOT and covered.
  • Do Not catch running trains or travel on foot board or roof tops (Many Mumbai People Enjoy this risky ride)
  • Do Not accept eatables from strangers if offered.
  • Do money exchange from authorized banks and foreign exchangers only.

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