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“Mumbai’s Dhobi ghat is an unique place in heritage list which is a open air laundry which has about 700 washing platform made of stones since above 100 years where about 200 washer-men wash clothes as their family business since decades now..”

This ghat near Mahalaxmi station is specially covered in almost all of the Tourist guide and travel books of Mumbai, This Dhobi Ghat of Mumbai is one of the only Biggest old laundry system of Mumbai, The name DHOBI (Refers to a person who is specialized in cloth washing business) and GHAT (Is the name of the place where they wash the clothes) and so the name.

Now what makes this place so special is the way this Dhobi’s wash the clothes in the old style washing by hardly beating the clothes on Stone (Stone Wash Pens) collectively in group of about 100’s of people laundry every day. The Thrilling view can be seen from the fly over of Mahalaxmi. In these laundry process of washing and trashing the clothes on stone, the beautiful part is instead of thousands of clothes together, non of them is mixed of misplaced and exchanged with each other. Washing and dyeing the clothes, giving stone wash look to jeans are the major chunk of work here. Few laundry men collects the dirty clothes by going door to door to customers which few have contracts with garment stores.

Once the clothes are properly washed removing dirt via this method, it is then followed by special dry cleaning water process and then hanged in open pen air for drying. Then the clothes will be Ironed and given to respective customers home. So is this specialty of such a unique open air laundry of Mumbai.  See a sample picture below and follow the Mumbai Photo gallery for more..

Dhobi Ghat Photo

Dhobi Ghat

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Dhobi Ghat Laundry

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