Mumbai – Flood | Flooding 2006-2007-2008-2009 Pictures

Mumbai Flooding - Picture by Anonymous Mumbai Flood 2006 - Picture by Anonymous
Mumbai Flood 2007 - Picture by Anonymous Mumbai Flood 2007 - Picture by Anonymous

Since 2006, Mumbai faces flooding in most of the Suburban Locations Like Andheri, Dahisar, Goregaon, Malad Subway, Milan Subway, Santacruz, Chembur, Dombivali, Worli etc which are low line areas and also highly affected during Monsoon and Heavy rainfall. Because of Unstable weather, Mismanagement of Natural Resources by People, Old or No proper drainage systems and Real Estate development, Mumbai is underwater Mostly every year even if Bombay Municipal Corporation tries it level best to help the disaster.

Flood 2006 will never be forgotten by any person who was in Mumbai during the day, every thing was like stand Still, the Transportation, Private Vehicles, Mobile Services and all major communication and transport channels stopped. Still salute to mumbaikers for the Humanity shown that day by helping each others at there level best. Someone helped giving Biscuits and Few by preparing whatever fast food like Vada pav, samosas etc. Lots of NGO’s and Private organizations came up for the help. All this happened within couple of hours of very heavy rain in Mumbai. Many lost there lifes and many saved it loosing just there belongings like Mobiles and bags etc. Every person stayed where they were for next 24 hours.

Flood 2007 of Mumbai was not as hard as 2006, few of the slums and people stying in low line ground floor locations faced terrible problems. People of Mumbai are now tough enough to face such flooding disaster’s and bomb blasts and Epidemics and Diseases because of flood.Mumbai Flood Pictures can speak much better than this article.

Now in 2008 and 2009 Flooding in Mumbai is comparatively low because of not so heavy rainfall. Almost opposite situation like cloud seeding experiments are undertaken to save mumbai from low rainfall.

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