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“A great transformation from port city to textile mills city in Mumbai at around 1980’s was a boost to city economy. From then till now Dawn Nill at Lower parel, Zenzi mill, Phoenix mill, Kamla mills and other general mill industry was survival source to lakhs of mill workers in Mumbai, which is now converting to High rise buildings and commercial complexes..”

Old Mills in Mumbai

Old Mills in Mumbai

A Brief History

  • 1854 was the year when Mumbai got its first mill called ‘Bombay Spinning Mill’ famous for producing Cotton textiles to be exported to Britain.
  • By 1870 there were about 13 mills and by 1875 total count of mills in Mumbai was about 70 which still went up to 83 by 1915.
  • South Mumbai was the place selected to Major mill business which still has lots of old mills and industries which are now closed. Famous mill locations are Lower Parel, Parel, Lalbaug, Byculla.
  • In 1982 about 2.5 laks mill workers went on strike againts ‘Bombay Mill Owner Association’ with leader ‘Datta Samant’ demanding wage increase.
  • In 1991, State government announced Development Control Rule 58 which stated, Mill lands could be sold to others with some terms and conditions applied.
  • National Textiles Corporation (NTC) is one which had about 25 mills owned in the city which started selling few mills to private businesses in 2005. And in 2006 Supreme court said that the sale of mills was legal and changes to the rules for developing mills was valid.
  • Now in 2010 NTC made decision to start 3 of the old Mills which will help Mill workers for bread butter. Name and locations of same are ‘Tata Mills at Hindmata’, ‘India United Mills Number 5 at Kalachowkie’ & Podar mills at Chinchpokli.

Name of Some Mills in History of Mumbai

Zenzi Mill, Finlay mill at parel, Kohinoor 1 and 2 mill at Dadar, Phoenix mill, Madhusudan Mills at Worli, India United no.6 at Dadar, Kamla Mill, Jam at Lalbaug, Sitaram, Podar Processing and Bharat Mill located at Worli, Dawn Mill, Sri Ram Mills, Tata Mills, Podar Mills, Bombay Spinning mill, Digvijay mills, The Khatau Mill at byculla, Jupiter mill, India United no.4 at Kalachowkie, Kohinoor Mill.

Latest about Mumbai Mills and Workers

There is ‘Girni Kamgaar Sangharsh Samiti’ which is an organization which fights on behalf of Mill workers for there land and work as till date this workers stay in 100 sq ft houses in group of 8 to 10 workers adjusting as they work in shifts. The main location belt of Mills is Worli to Byculla area. People are demanding Mills back for wages and survival with the home near in same location. Government is taking steps and has announced 3 old mills to be re-opened and more to be started soon.

Note : Some of facts and figures are collected from leading news papers.

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