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At the extreme end of Northern side of Mumbai, Virar is a suburb station of Western Railway route. Due to the far side area, Virar in Mumbai is considered as a Picnic Spot area as there is a good beach called Arnala and Other natural greenery of Mumbai. Virar is a very crowded area, among other adjacent stations like Vasai etc because It is a major tourist picnic spot of Mumbai, Another reason is its only station which isolates Mumbai from Other locations like Safala, vaitarna and start of gujarat like Vapi, etc.

Famous Location and Areas

Extremely famous for Beaches like Arnala beach, Rajori and one of the only old times monument Jivdani Temple on mountains is to be seen during night times. This Temple in virar is famous all over India worshiping Jivdani Devi (A Goddess Who Bless Our Life). Beauty of virar is to be seen from the top of the Mountain. Also Adjacent mountain is famous for Paragliding in virar where professionals enjoy the sky ride on natural greenery on land. Papadkhandi damn was one of the major source of fresh water in the location, but is not enough because of the growing polulation of virar.

A local famous location of the place is the talav (virar garden in east), just near station. Local people also call it Nagarpalika Garden which has beautiful birds collection with boating facilities.

For Jain community there are two well known locations which are Jain Agashi temple and Mahavir Dham Temple (Mahaveer Temple) on highway.

For fun and enjoyment places, Great Escape Water park is the place to visit, A natural Amusement park of the location

Vajreshwari temple and Ganeshpuri temple are also famous here for its old temples and Natural hot water springs

Auto Taxi Facilities

There is No Taxis running in virar, And unlike Mumbai, Virar auto do not charge according to the Meter Fare Chart, They have fixed cost to reach to a particular location, For example : Typical charge to reach Arnala Beach is Rs.15 to Rs 20 and Rs.50-60 if you book a special auto (No sharing with Other Commuters). Same way charges till Jivdani temple from virar east in share is Rs.6/-

Real Estate and Property Rates

Virar is one of the fastest developing properties in entire Mumbai. In 2007 real estate in virar was booming with speed out of control to afford by a general middle class person wanted to purchase his own home here and who daily travels to southern suburbs and extreme south for job. Current property rate in virar as of 2009 in virar is approximately between 1800 to 2200 Rs/Sqare Feet. Few of the famous residential locations of virar are Gokul Township, Yashwant Nagar, Tirupati Nagar, Viva College Road, Virar Gardens etc.

How To Reach Location

Best way to reach virar is via Local Trains, because via Road the distance extends as the distance between virar and highway is about 9 Kms

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