MTNL Speed Check For Broadband Triband in Mumbai

“Checking Triband speed is always a question, Yet to check MTNL Speed their is a simple and great utility for checking broadband speed up to 256 KBPS, this facility helps its customers to get exact results upon running the triband speed check url, Here is how it is done and the outputs..”

MTNL Mumbai
MTNL Mumbai

Broadband Speed Check Result Example

MTNL Triband Speed Test Results

How to check MTNL Speed

Simply go to MTNL Speed testing page and wait for few seconds and you get a result page showing your current triband speed. The picture above details the test outputs and below is the same where MTNL uses a sample 1000 KB (About 1 MB) data transfer for the test.

  • Check date : Displays the exact date and time, MTNL Bandwidth check tool executed.
  • File Size For Speed Check : 1000 KB.
  • Time to Download : 6.959 seconds.
  • Your Broadband Bandwidth Usage : 1321.25Kbps (1.290Mbps) (In My Case its is not a MTNL Connection).
  • A beautiful graphical Meter that shows the same.

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  1. I am a resident from Dahisar East my Internet connection is not working so I went to Dahisar Telefone Exchange to get my complaint registered the guard stopped me and this Telephone Exchange has been shut down. He called and got my complaint registered and two staff came and just checked did nothing to resolve the issue and I tried several times calling the numbers that were given to me but there was no response from anyone yet the lockdown has started but no response from MTNL Staff.
    Please help me with my Internet connection.

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