Mumbai Western Railway Timetable – Schedules For Western Local Trains

“Western Railway (WR) local trains are largest running route among total 3 routes is 150 years old now on 20th November 2013 since it started in 1864 on same date and month, Other 2 being Central and Harbour Railway. Western Railway locals runs between Churchgate Station and Dahanu Station now, previously was only running till Virar, See Railway Map to see station names. Western Railway timetable as listed below has UP and DOWN routes where 35 Lakh commuters travel daily plying 1305 train services daily. Updated timetable with complete details like SLOW / FAST trains, Time taken to reach from one station to other, Individual time in Minutes it takes between two western railway stations and more are detailed, Just select your local train route and it will take you to the timetable for same..”

Mumbai Local Trains
Mumbai Local Trains

Latest Western Local Trains Timetable

Western Railway Trains History and First Timetable

The then ‘Bombay’ got its first train running on 16th April, 1853. Local trains started running between South Mumbai and Thane. The project was extended on western railway and the connectivity between Mumbai and Gujarat started in 1864 which extended to far north in India. Very first train on western railway ran from Surat in Gujarat to Grant Road Station in Mumbai’s Western Route on same date as Grant Road was the very first terminus on western line. Then at extreme end of city, Colaba railway station was developed and local trains started from and to Colaba from 1873. On Western route then there were no local trains, But were steam engines which started in 1867 and from south Mumbai it ran till western suburbs. In 1930 Churchgate station was built with WR headquarters their and Colaba station was closed. Churchgate was then surrounded by lots of green trees.

Very First Western Train Timetable

Mumbai Baroda First Timetable
Mumbai Baroda First Timetable

You will be amazed to see the below schedules which was very first started between Mumbai and Gujarat. Imagine Western railway now scheduling local trains in such way, Out of thought.

Station Names Scheduled Time (AM / PM)
Grant Road 7:00
Mahim 7:20
Bandora (Now Called Bandra) 7:28
Bassein Road (Now Called Vasai) 8:52
Palghar 10:07
Dhanoo Road (Now Dhanu Road) 11:23
Sunjan (Now Sanjan in Gujarat) 12:15 PM

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  1. Who told you name of Bandra station was Bandora before? Original name is Vandre and Britisher conveniently changed it to Bandra. I heard name Bandora for the first time from you.

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