Famous and Top Pizza Brands with Menu in Mumbai

“For all you Pizza Lovers, Below are few top and also famous Pizza brands available at almost every stations and hotspot locations in Mumbai like South of city, Suburban and Navi Mumbai. Brands like Domino’s Pizza, Smokin Joes, Pizza Hut, Garcia’s and Pizzeria catering Veg and Non-Veg Pizza’s are hit. Below are outlet (corners) address and Pizza types available..”

Bombay Pizza Brands
Bombay Pizzas

Domino’s Pizza

Veg Pizza Menu – Margherita, Cheeze and Tomato Pizza, Double Cheeze Margherita, Fresh Veggie, Country Special, Farm House, Peppy Paneer, Maxican Green Wave, Delux Veggie, Gourmet, Veg ExtraVaganza are all range of veg Pizzas in Domino’s Mumbai

Non-Veg Pizza Menu – Cheese and Barbeque Chicken, Spicy Chicken Pizza, Keema Do Pyaaza, Chicken Maxicana, Chicken Golden Delight, Meatzaa, Non veg ExtraVaganza, Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza are range of Non veg Pizza’s available at Domino’s Mumbai Outlets.

Garcia’s Famous Pizza

Garcia’s Veg Pizza Menu – Plain Cheese, Margherita, Basic Veg, Garlic Supreme, Veg BBQ, veg Delight, Light and Crisp Pizza, The Remix, Buddha Delight, Spicy Senorita, Popeye Special, Paneer Tikka, Salsa Paneer, Garcias Special veg Pizzas available in Garcia’s Mumbai Outlets

Garcia’s Non-Veg Pizza Menu – Hot Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Spicy Italian, Chicken Tikka, Hot Maxican, The orient Fantasy, Texas Ranchero, Tekha Chicken, Chicken Feast, Chicken Extravaganza, Pork Series (Delux Italian Lover, Pepperoni Delight, Garcias Special Non Veg Pizza’s) are available in Garcia’s Famous Mumbai Outlets.

Smokin Joes Pizza Mumbai

Smokin Joe Veg Pizza – Plain Cheese, Margherita, Ultimate Vegetarian, Mixed Veg, Woodcutters, Vegetariana, Crisp ‘n’ Lite Mildly Spicy, Four Cheese, Tandoori Paneer Mildly Spicy Pizza, Mushroom Delight, Deluxe Margherita, Corn Feast, Classic Veg, Supreme Veg, Smokies Five, Paneer Chilly Spicy, Schezwan Veg spicy, Paneer Hariyali Mildly Spicy, Vegitable Chunksmildly Spicy new, Soya Basilico New Pizza, Pepper Dumplings Basilico Mildly Spicy New are available at Smokin Joes Mumbai Outlets.

Smokin Joe’s Non-Veg Pizza – Roast Chicken, Hot Chicken Spicy, Chicken Tikka Mildly Spicy, Butter Chicken Mildly Spicy, Chicken Malabari Mildly Spicy, Tuna Feast, Meat Feast, Chilly Chicken Spicy, Schezwan Chicken Spicy, Chicken Hariyali Mildly Spicy, Spicy Chicken Sausage Spicy, Malai Tikka New, Barbecued Chicken, Chicken Bonanzaspicy, Napolitana, Maxicanaspicy, Smokin’s Joe’s Special, Chicken Hawain Mildly Spicy, Achari Chicken Mildly Spicynew, Spicy Meatballs Mildly Spicynew, Pepperoni Pizza’s are range available in Smokin Joes Pizza Outlets.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Veg Menu – Pepperoni Lover’s, Cheese Lover’s, Super Supreme, Veggie and Supreme Pizza’s are range available at Pizza Hut Outlets.

Pizza Hut Non Veg Menu – NA

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