Essel World Rides 2020 – Borivali Mumbai

“Rides inside Borivali Essel world are categorized as Kids Rides, Adult and Family. The new Virtual reality ride and 7 other Special paid rides also available for those who wants to give out extra for some extra fun.

Thrill, Excitement, Entertainment and Adventure is what Mumbai Essel world rides of 2020 are all about, Let’s check them out in details one by one..”

Updates 2020 : Nothing as of this year, But in April 2018 has some good new for those in love with Essel world, They started up with First Virtual reality ride. It’s a combination of Physical Roller Coaster & Digital VR gear ride. Read more details below.

In 2017 Essel world got the new bird park open to public recently in 2017. Have fun and experience some of the exotic species in the world.

Virtual Reality Tunnel Twister Ride

5th April marks first date in Mumbai to get a Virtual reality ride combined with a physical one, That too in one of the giant amusement park of city, ‘Essel World’. Designed by a German firm specialized in VR software, this ride is a combination of physical coaster ride and virtual digital world using the gears blended perfectly to get peak of excitement.

When one wears those VR Gears needed for virtual visuals, the real roller coaster ride which is known for tunnel fun, groups the digital virtual software to create visuals which also have of famous kids cartoon characters like Andy, Mimi, Mithu, Riki and Mayur along the VR tunnel way. The combination of physical movement and the virtual reality ride doubles up the fun and excitement inside essel world. The seating of the ride is designed for family and at a time 12 adults (Or 24 Kids) can enjoy the high technology simulator ride fun. This is another great addition after the birds park inside.

Essel World Thrilling Adult Rides

Essel Group owns Water Kingdom and we are talking about the adjacent Essel World Amusement Park which has 10 Thrilling Rides for Adults that will increase your heart beats with all the fun filling your mind and soul. 2 of those rides Top Spin and Shot-N-Drop (Free Fall) are new and many might not have enjoyed if you been to this park few years back. Here are list and details of all those adult only rides. It is highly recommended to enjoy listed rides and adventures with little food or empty stomach. Few of them are must not post lunch as they slip flop at 360 degrees rotations.

Shot-N-Drop Free Fall

The only in Mumbai and claimed to be the tallest ride in India, Shot-N-Drop which is also called ‘Free Fall’, picks the group of people up at height of 190 Feet and gives a sudden drop till about 80 to 90 Feet and then again lifts till top and repeats the movement which might give you tickles in stomach and fear too. You can get an idea of how a bungee jumper feels in the thrilling ride with group.

Hoola Loop 360 Degree Roller Coaster Ride

Riding a roller coaster is so fun, Yet at speed of 100 Kilometres per hour for about 350 metres all ups and down and a 360 degree circle needs so much fun and thrill. The video below which i captured when riding this roller coaster will give you exact idea. I would recommend not to do what i did, As chances of dropping camera or phone is much higher and the loss kills all fun.

Top Spin Ride

Top Spin Ride at Essel World
Top Spin

Seems like a giant swing only initially, But as soon the music starts and the water fountain shows up, the movement of Top spin ride starts and the fun begins. Couple of huge swings then multiple rotations and unexpected movements with people screaming and having the fun. Such thrill and adventure will give chills but the wave of fun and excitement continues. This is comparatively a new ride which was not available if you visited almost couple of years back.

Enterprise Ride

Enterprise Ride at Essel World

Enterprise ride is a big surprise for first timers and is always a preferred ride for all those who frequently visits. The name Enterprise itself say something about this ride. Huge, Thrill and fun of seating in a covered car seating. When the ride starts, all cars seems all simple, straight and feels the moves will be flat and simple. But within seconds the sleeping giant wheel gets up roaring to the sky and all the car movies to the direction upside down, straight vertical for next few minutes and few may feel scary and breathless for few seconds. Its not always that simple as it looks and Enterprise proves it all.


Go easy with rainbow, Not as much thrill compare to other adult rides as detailed, But Rainbow is a must to enjoy Essel world park uninterrupted beauty all in single ride. Complete park can be seen from above and not just that, Mangroves and other distance area can also be captured. Another fun is the weightless feel and those tickles in stomach when suddenly the rides moves towards gravity.

Slam Bob

Slam Bob Adult Ride Essel World
Slam Bob

Slam bob is a wavy ride. Just sit in the car and feel the ride waves ups and downs at a speed which you might have not able to calculate just by looking at this simple looking ride. A rotation in this colourful ride also excites children in the park, But sadly as its a adult only ride they have to take all fun just by looking at it.

Super Dodgem Car Ride

Car Ride
Car Ride

Thrilling Rides

Car Ride
Car Ride

Don’t know how to drive a car ? No problems. Super Dodgem makes you feel riding a car in safest possible way with lots of fun. Sit inside this electronic car and ride whichever directions you feel. Push and Punch other cars around and avoid few is what creates the excitement around. All those colourful cars looks awesome when in these adult rides.

Super Telecombat

Super Telecombat Ride at Essel World
Super Telecombat

This Super Telecom Adult ride goes 180 Degree vertical with an Air plane like adventure feel that has some moving controls with you and gives a feel like combating with other riders. About 10 seating in a ride, Essel world do have a Mini telecombat ride for kids too.

Thunder Ride

One of the oldest and the unexpected thriller adult ride inside Essel world, Thunder may bring your shout out when it stands still once you reach the top, The exciting part is it stays steady for few seconds upside down which makes you feel scary and shout. But the fun and excitement is what Essel world gives you in all this safe rides. So do enjoy one of the oldest adventure of this world only at Borivali and not anywhere else around Mumbai. Checkout this video.


Let me explain you in a different way what Zyclone is all about. I risked this adult ride by capturing it while on the ride to just to give you feel of seating on the front Car Sea, For Zyclone and experiencing yourself in below video. The speed, the turns and that sound of iron tracks used, sometimes shatters you from inside and makes feel scary as if you going to fall down at one of those turns or slopes.

Kids / Children Rides

13 variations of super rides for Kids. Listed are all old and new Children rides which are fun and looks to cute at a glance.

Kids Rides at Essel World Part 1
Kids Rides Part 1
Kids Rides at Essel World Part 2
Kids Rides 2
  • Kangaroo Hop
  • Big Apple
  • Children Boat Ride
  • Caterpillar
  • Junior Dodgem
  • Happy Sky
  • Junior Carousel
  • Go Karting for Kids
  • Kids Waltzer
  • Mini Telecombat, Like their a Super Telecombat
  • Play port
  • Rio Grande Train
  • Tard Train

Family & Group Rides

3rd category for group of people or your family members want to enjoy together. 12 family rides available and every individual one is a different fun of its kind. In last couple of years, Many rides have been increased and so is the thrill, fun, adventure and excitement. Below are all the rides for family and group.

Family Rides Essel World Part 1
Family Rides Part 1
Family Rides Essel World Part 2
Family Rides 2
  • Alibaba Mirror Maze
  • Copper Chopper
  • Aero Swinger
  • Aqua Drive
  • Crazy cups
  • Highway Cars
  • Monster
  • Prabal The Killer
  • Kangaroo Hop
  • Rocking Alley
  • Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Zipper Dipper

Other Paid Rides and Attractions Inside

Paid Rides at Essel World
Paid Rides

Apart from all the 3 free rides categories as detailed above, There are 7 other rides inside Essel World which needs to be paid extra if you want to enjoy those. Below are the list of all those rides.

  • Ice Skating
  • 6 Lanes Bowling
  • Bull Tosser
  • Cricket Zone
  • Derby Racer
  • Rock Climbing
  • Karaoke Singing

Some Old Ride Pictures

Adult Rides
Adult Rides
Children Rides
Children Rides
Family Rides
Family Rides

Contact Details and Address

Head Office : Continental Building, 135, Dr. Annie Besant road, Worli – 18, Telephone : +91-22-24997474.
Gorai Island Office : Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Essel World Amusement Park, Gorai, Borivali (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091.
Telephone Contact : +91-22-28452222, 2530, 2474, 2473 Fax: +91-22-28452711
Park Timings : From Morning 10:30 am till Evening 6:30 PM.
Reaching Essel World Park

  • Bus Number 294 is Bus to Essel world from Borivali West or alternately one can take Auto to reach First Gorai Creek
    and take a ferry ride.
  • Bus number 272 goes from Malad Station West with alternate option of Auto to marve beach.
  • Reaching Gorai Greek is possible via Borivali in half hour and Also Buses from bhayander which takes about an Hour to reach, Bus number 4 from Bhayander Station West Goes to Gorai creek too.
  • If one is coming from car, then needs to come from Bhayander via Kashi-Mira road (Mira-Bhayander) towards west from flyover bridge of Bhayander and follow the Essel World Boards of directions.

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