Flash Mob Dance Social Message – Mumbai CST and Airport Mob

“The new trend of getting attention for spreading some social message and awareness or just a citizen initiative is the Flash Mob Dance in Mumbai done by the youth at crowded locations like Mumbai CST railway station and Airport. Two of such mob dance videos below shown below, were one is a citizen initiative and other one my GVK (Media & Press Release) celebrating 5 years of success..”

Flash Mob
Flash Mob

What is Flash Mob ?

Flash mob is a public group dance activity where a normal walk-by person sees a youth starting a dance on a sudden rocky kind music and other young girls and boys joining then to create a MOB, they dance on the beats which was per-planned and organized with practice done by members of the dancing group.

Group take authorized personal permissions to perform between public and the cause and reason for such performance is not advertisement, But some kind of social message or a kind of awareness to be reached between public in a surprise way of gaining their attention.

This immediately grabs the attention of people around and create an interesting wow factor with lots of energy, claps and entertainment in public area. All youth dancing in that mob are dressed casual (in Jeans, T-shirts etc) and are basically a good dancers. It is basically a pure dance for joy major on busy Sunday evening.

The famous Hindi songs used in flash mob are ‘Jai Ho‘ from slumdog millionaire and Title song of movie ‘Rang De Basanti‘.

Mob Dance on CST Railway Station

On 27th November 2011, one such flash mob dance was initiated by a citizen and as detailed in video, special thanks given to Mr. Atul Rane, Mr V A Malegaonkar, Mr Sunil Udasi & CST station Team, Also to Mr. B A Desai & Priyadarshini Park Team ( The Kothari Family ) with Choreography by  Bhaumik Shah & Vinod, Music Editing by Vinit Gala, Organiser being Shonan Kothari and Others dancers  and crew members in team providing video and cinematography art etc.

CST Mob Video

Flash Mob on Mumbai International Airport

Here is another such mob dance by youth on 3rd May 2011, this time banners were seen by GVK Media with thanks giving and celebrating the glorious 5 successful years of ‘PASSENGER’S DAY’ by Mumbai international Airport Ltd. Their were lots of Indians and Foreigner on airport when the dance break out on two different song of Hindi movie slumdog millionaire (1 Musical and another the famous ‘Jai Ho’).

Another beautiful and innovative way of thanking passengers via this youth public dance performance. Hope such dances entertains our city in every corner with UTMOST security care taken to control such huge gathering Mob crowd.

Airport Mob Video

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