MTNL’s Xpress Broadband High Speed Plans – Mumbai

“MTNL triband is the main broadband service in Mumbai, With latest addition of new Xpress broadband which has total 5 unlimited plans which has 2 mbps speed for all this latest plans. Lets understand details of plan, pricing (fixed monthly charges) and speed details..”

Kindly Note : This plan may have been updated with new and below details might not be up to date.

Mtnl Triband Xpress Broadband
Mtnl Triband Xpress Broadband

MTNL Mumbai
MTNL Mumbai

5 Latest Triband Xpress Broadband Plans

  • Plan 1 : Xpress Combo Unlimited 600 with fixed monthly charges of Rs 600, After 8 GB speed drops to 512 kbps.
  • Plan 2 : Xpress Combo Unlimited 750 with fixed monthly charges of Rs 750, After 15 GB speed drops to 512 kbps.
  • Plan 3 : Xpress Combo Unlimited 1000 with fixed monthly charges of Rs 1000, After 22 GB speed drops to 512 kbps.
  • Plan 4 : Xpress Combo Unlimited 1500 with fixed monthly charges of Rs 1500, After 60 GB speed drops to 1 mbps.
  • Plan 5 : Xpress Combo Unlimited 2000 with fixed monthly charges of Rs 2000, After 150 GB speed drops to 1 mbps.

Note: In all the above plans 2 mbps is the starting download speed. Upon reaching the listed speed, drops as detailed above.

Triband Xpress Charges and More Details

  • Mtnl charges activation fees of Rs.200 per connection.
  • 10.3% service charges also applicable.
  • Wireless modem charges Rs.600 and Wireline Rs.300.
  • Extra service charges @Rs.50 every month.
  • If you subscribing for any of this latest broadband plans you get a land line connection absolutely free of rent charges.
  • For the same land line, call charges are 1 Rs. per pulse.
  • Upload speed limit for all plans is 512 kbps.

How to get started with Xpress Broadband

Option 1: Just Fill up the online form listed at mtnl xpress website
Option 2 : Call up MTNL toll free number 1800221500 for MTNL Mumbai and get assistance.

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