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“Mumbai’s special Marathi food menu at restaurants are known for its Maharastrian delicacy and food special from far villages like Konkan and Malvan. Below list is a typical Marathi food menu found only at limited Marathi restaurants that too only at Mumbai’s limited old locations like Dadar etc. Few food items are available at particular time only, This list is a sample list of Famous ‘Tambe Aarogya Griha’ at Dadar West, Near station..”

Rates / Price : The rates detailed below might have increased at few / many places. Many factors affects food cost like recently applied GST tax, Transportation, Oil & Gas prices etc. So i cannot update the cost section, at least frequently.

Typical Marathi Food Plate
Typical Marathi Food Plate

Marathi Food Menu

Speciality Marathi Food Price / Cost (Indian Rupees)
Hotel Special
Misal With Pav30
Dahi Misal34
Usal Pav28
Thalipeeth + Loni36
Samosa Plate24
Batata vada24
Wada Usal32
Dahi Plate8
Kanda Pohe20
Puri Bhaji38
Kothambir vadi28
Poha Chivda20
Fasting Food Menu
Batata Puri28
Sabudana vada28
Farari Misal34
Sindana Usal20
Sabudana Chiwda24
Dink Laadu (Single)20
Batata Chiwda24
Marathi Sweet Dishes
Shrikhand Puri40
Doodhi Halva (1 Plate)24
Gulab Jamb (4 piece)24
Puran Podi (1 piece)16
Besan Ladu18
Badami Halwa10
Basundi (1 Plate)40
Marathi Bhaji Special
Kanda Bhaji24
Batata Bhaji20
Wangi Bhaji20
Palak Bhaji20
Bread Patice20
Mix Bhaji22
Marathi Hot Beverages
Tea (Chaha)10
Special Tea Sugar Free15
Special Tea (With Sugar)15
Nescafe (Coffee)18
Sade Doodh (Half Milk)10
Sade Dooth (Full Milk)16
Masala milk (half)12
Masala Milk (full)20
Lunch and Dinner Cuisine
Zunkha Bhakhar40
Dal Rice36
Podi Bhaji40
Khichdi Kadi36
Cauliflower Bhaji24
Bhendi Masala24
Aaloo Mutur (Green Peas)24
Simla Mirch (Capscium)24
Aaloo Chi Bhaji (potato vegetable)25
Dadhimbi usal24
Vangi Masala24
Kobi Bhaji (Cabbage)24
Mug Matki Usal24
Batata Dry Bhaji18
Zunkha Chatni24
Bhat (Rice)18
Bhakri (1 Piece)8
Puri (1 piece)4
Special Marathi Cold Drinks and Juice
Piyush (Full)20
Piyush (Half)12
Amla Sharbar (Juice)10
Kokum Sharbat (juice)10
Sikandar Sharbat15
Nimbu Sharbat (Lemon Juice)10
Tak (Butter Milk)10
Ginger Kokum15
Ginger Lemon15

Other Food Menu

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