9 Colours Of Navratri 2017 – Mumbai 9 Days Navratri Colours

“This year 9 Colours of Navratri 2018 for Mumbai are different then previous year 2017. Every year just few days before Celebrating Navratri (The Nav-Durga Festival) that last for 9 days, People in Mumbai and around India are excited to know those 9 colours to follow to prepare for 9 different types of dress, saree and accessories to wear for those days. Local trains, Offices glitters with same colors following with varieties of color dress for night while dancing on dandiya and garba tunes at famous venues in Mumbai. Below listed are those 9 colours for 2018 Navratri festive season according to Hindu Tithi’s (rituals and belief) to be followed in Mumbai. Also are some details like Sanskrit names and importance of those 9 days of Navratri..”

Group Wearing Red Colour Day Dress
Group Wearing Red Colour Day Dress

The Craze of 9 colours of Navratri Days

Although the listed 9 Colours are according to Hindu Tithi, The excitement is all about the dress and saree colours that will be followed accordingly. The healthy opportunity to dress up each day excites females of Mumbai for a healthy competition of who wears the best outfit with the best suiting accessories and shoes. The vibrant looks of those colours also attracts equal compliments which they love too, and now the craze of group selfie all following the same colour pattern for 9 days of Navratri 2018.

In Mumbai most leading newspapers list those 9 colours and have an article of interest. Maharashtra Times, one of the leading Marathi news paper has a separate list of colors prepared for these 9 days which are followed by major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and Jalgaon. I will try to list Maharashtra times colors too as declared. Which to follow is all up to your personal wish.

Importance of 9 days Navratri 2018

According to Tithi names in Sanskrit language, Below are Sanskrit names of those 9 days of Navratri.

  • 1st Day is called Pratipada
  • 2nd Day is called Dwitiya
  • 3rd Day is called Tritiya
  • 4th Day is called Chaturthi
  • 5th Day is called Panchami
  • 6th Day is called Sashti
  • 7th Day is called Saptami
  • 8th Day is called Ashtami
  • 9th Day is called Navami

Navratri 9 colors For 2018, Mumbai

9 Colours of Navratri
9 Colours of Navratri

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Each colour has some significance as per psychology and listed are Navratri festival dates and days with colours this year 2018.

  • Pratipada : Thursday, September 21st 2018
    Navratri Day 1 color is Yellow

    Yellow is the 1st day’s color of Navratri. Yellow color represents energy, happiness and so is also known to be good on stimulating mental energy. Avoid dark yellow as as it gives a disturbing effect to eyes. Let Yellow be the best starting day Navratri color for year 2017. And those of you who looking for some attention wearing a beautiful dress or saree should wear a bright (Not Dark) yellow color during the day.

  • Dwitiya : Friday, September 22nd 2018
    Navratri Day 2 color is Green

    Day 2 of Navratri will give a feeling of Eco-Friendliness with light and dark shades of Green color this year. Green in all its shades resembles soothing, harmony and fertility and so it is called the color of nature. Women have lots of choice wearing green color traditional dresses or just a beautiful top with denim jeans on Navratri day 2.

  • Tritiya : Saturday, September 23rd 2018
    Navratri Day 3 color is Grey

    It is a cool and balanced color and goes best with other color shades in dresses. With major portion of dress be Grey and less of other combination that looks best, balance your accessories, shoes etc with this moody color. You can also try shout out with some dark accessories or silver wear on Day 3 of Navratri.

  • Chaturthi : Sunday, September 24th 2018
    Navratri Day 4 color is Orange

    A tip, Orange goes great with black and a double color top with a denim will look awesome without any accessories on day 4th of Navratri. Yet every color radiates some energy and is associated with some kind of emotions. Orange color represents creativity and enthusiasm and is one best color for attraction in crowd.

  • Panchami : Monday, September 25th 2018
    Navratri Day 5 color is White

    Signifies a color of perfection, purity and peace. Wearing a white color dress or saree on day 5 as on list of Navratri color will sure give a feel of peace and harmony with a joyful day seeing white outfit varieties all around in groups, be it inside local trains or office. Energy level on this day will be soothing and high all around.

  • Sashti : Tuesday, September 26th 2018
    Navratri Day 6 color is Red

    A beautiful long red color dress on a graceful persona catches many eyes. Red is color of 6th day of Navratri and it also signifies power, danger, brightness. It is also said that it affects human respiratory rate and blood pressure. So girls do take care of those curious eyes whose blood pressure goes high in no time looking at you.

  • Saptami : Wednesday, September 27th 2018
    Navratri Day 7 color is Royal Blue

    Starting your 7th day of Navratri with a Royal blue color outfit can make you feel superior as it is said significantly about that color. This color of Navratri 2017 in Mumbai will sure bring out best of denim outfits, casual wears among youths in colloge premise and some bright beautiful dresses be seen on railway platforms and offices by pround working womans of Mumbai city. Royal blue can be a bright or a dark shade for this 7th day.

  • Ashtami : Thursday, September 28th 2018
    Navratri Day 8 color is Pink

    Let this 8th day of Navratri be playful, sweet, romantic and looking cute. Its a color signifying universal love, So let love fill in Mumbai city heart all around. For all you mothers out there on 8th day with your cute and beautiful kids, Its a day to look the best with matching outfits with your babies.

  • Navami : Friday, September 29th 2018
    Navratri Day 9 color is Purple

    Let the last day of Navratri, i.e 9th day to play around in listed dress colors be the best as Purple symbolizes luxury and power. This color is associated with royalty too.

Past Downloads of 9 Dress Colours

Mumbai Corporate Girls On Navratri Green Color Day
Mumbai Corporate Girls On Navratri Green Color Day
9 Colors For Navratri
9 Colors For Navratri

Mumbai People in 9 Colours During Navratri

To give you a Glimpse of how people around Mumbai looks in varieties of dress and sarees during these 9 days wearing different colours as listed yearly.

Day 1 Red Color DressDay 2 Blue Color DressDay 3 Yellow Color DressDay 4 Green Color DressDay 5 Grey Color DressDay 6 Orange Color DressDay 7 White Color DressDay 8 Pink Color DressDay 9 Sky Blue Color Dress

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