Dahanu Virar Slow Local Trains – Mumbai Local Trains Timetable

“Dahanu to Virar timetable which are Slow local trains, running on western railway route..”

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Dahanu to Virar Slow Trains

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Dahanu to Virar Timetable ( Slow trains)

Below listed at timings of Dahanu Road to Virar slow (special MEMU, Shuttle train and 12 car local trains). MEMU trains means Mainline Electric Multiple Unit
6:22 # Fast Passenger train, Slow train till Virar, DO NOT halt at Umroli
7:05 # Regular Local train.
8:48 # Shuttle, Slow train. No halt at Umroli station.
9:35 # Regular Local train.
10:05 # Regular Local train.
11:10 # Regular Local train.
12:20 # Regular Local train.
13:20 # Local Train
14:52 # Shuttle, This Slow train DO NOT halt at Umroli
16:05 # Local Train
17:20 # Local Train
20:02 # Shuttle, This Slow train DO NOT halt at Umroli
20:45 # Local train
21:10 # MEMU
21:39 # MEMU, This Slow train DO NOT halt at Umroli
22:35 # Local Train

Stations Name Between Dahanu and Virar

(Time Difference in Hour:Minutes)
Starting Station
11 Minutes
19 Minutes
26 Minutes
33 Minutes
41 Minutes
49 Minutes
57 Minutes
1 Hour : 16 Minutes

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