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“Monginis, One of the leading brand has varieties of cakes, pastries and savouries in Mumbai city, both Pure Veg & Non Veg on its menu list. Below are the sorted menu items with rates in Indian Rupees (INR, Rs.). Kindly note that along with the details below are details of the cakes that are also prepared in special shapes & size to select and celebrate your occasion. Another note about Monginis Gourmet chocolates (Pure Veg) is that it is also available for gifting in a special designer and elegant packs which has Almonds, Raisins, Walnuts with Dark Chocolates, Milk moulded for that lovely taste. Below is a typical menu for Mumbai city and may or may not be applicable for other cities outside Mumbai locations..”

Important !! : Rates are subjected to change from time to time, This menu is for reference purpose only.

Monginis Shop Cakes
Monginis Shop Cakes

Celebration Cakes Menu

Cake Name Standard Size Rates (Rs.) Large Size Rates (Rs.)
Black Forest 220 440
Pineapple 220 440
Fruit Glazed 220
Butter Scotch 220 440
Hazelnut 220 440
Dutch Chocolate 240 480
Alpine Chocolate 240 480
Dutch Brownie 220
Black Forest Heart 275 550
Pineapple Heart 275 550
Mized Fruit Heart 275 550
Butter Scotch Caramel Heart 275 550
Dutch Chocolate Heart 275 550
Alpine Chocolate Heart 275 550


Monginis Butter Cream Cakes

Cake Name Standard Size Large Size
Truffle 200 400

Premium Cakes

Cake Name Standard Size Large Size
Shimmer 275 550
Dutch Almond (Pure Vegetarian Cake Only) 275 550
Midnight Delite 275 550
Sapphire 275 550
Amethyst 275 550
Creamy Cookies 275 550
Kesar Khus 275 550
Irish Coffee 275 550
Ying Yang 275 550
Ice Maiden 275 550
Raspberry and Strawberry 275 550

Monginis Fresh Cream Pastries

Pastries Name Regular Price Rs. (Non Veg Included) Pure Veg Price Rs.
Sacher 27
Brownie Square 27
Devil’s Delite 25
Pineapple 25 25
Black Forest 30 30
Fruit Glazed Pastry 35
Dutch Pastry 35
Dutch Almond 35
Zebra Torte 35 35
Creamy Cookies Premium 50 50
Rocker Premium 50 50
Fruity Premium 50 50
Mango Premium 50 50
Alpine Choco Premium 50 50

Their Savouries

Non Veg Savouries Name Rates (Rs.)
Chicken Puff 17
Chicken Cutlet 15
BBQ Chicken Puff 18
Chicken Cornetto 23
Chicken Burger 28
Chicken Pan Pizza 35
Smoked Chicken Roll 28
Chicken Jungli Sandwich 28
Pure Veg Savouries Name Rates (Rs.)
Veg Golden Finger 15
Paneer Patties 17
Veg Calzone 20
Veg Patties 16
Conizza 20
Paneer Finger Roll 25
Veg Burger 25
Veg Pan Pizza 32
Cheese Chutney Sandwich 24
Corn Spinach Sandwich 25
Mushroom Spicy Puff 16

Kindly Note : Menu items like cakes, pastries etc and their may rate according to location or with time. Above are typical rates of items listed for Mumbai city only.

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