Nalasopara Churchgate Fast Trains – Mumbai Local Trains Timetable

“Nalasopara to Churchgate timetable which are Fast local trains, running on western railway route. Only one train currently runs between Nalasopara to Churchgate. Fast between major stations, Also do not halt at Ram Mandir.”

Disclaimer : Although we update train timings regularly, We do not guarantee as timings change often.

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Nalasopara to Churchgate Timetable ( Fast trains)

04:43 # No halt at Ram Mandir, Fast between Andheri, Bandra, Dadar and Mumbai Central
06:33 # (Previously Churchgate), Now Slow train till Bandra, Stops at All Stations.

Stations Name Between Nalasopara and Churchgate

(Time Difference in Hour:Minutes)
Starting Station
Vasai Road
5 Minutes
9 Minutes
15 Minutes
Mira Road
19 Minutes
23 Minutes
27 Minutes
42 Minutes
51 Minutes
57 Minutes
Mumbai Central
1 Hour : 4 Minutes
Grant Road
1 Hour : 6 Minutes
Charni Road
1 Hour : 8 Minutes
Marine Lines
1 Hour : 11 Minutes
1 Hour : 14 Minutes

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