Central Railway Train Status Check with NTES – Mumbai

“Great tool for Central railway train status check. NTES, or National Train Enquiry System is an online website ready reckoner which is almost ready to public (by October 2013), a tool that will help all Indian Railway (Central Railway, Harbour and Trans-Harbour Route Network) train commuters to and from Mumbai and all over India to check perfect updated status of any individual central railway long distance train (and possibly in future for Western Railway too). An initiative and alternative to current phone enquiry number 139 which was till date the only solution to know status of any passenger or express inter-state, inter-city trains. Developed by CRIS, a Railway technology department, this will be a great handy tool which can be seen not just from Desktop computers, But also from tablets, iPads and other Android and iPhone’s etc too. Lets see step by step guide of how to check the status and what all are the options available in this train updated checking tool..”

Central Railway Trains Status
Central Railway Trains Status

Note : Not sure if this system still exist.
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Get Train Details

The very first menu of this system is called ‘Spot Your Train’, which gives an option to check train details by inputting train name or Number. As soon you type, the ajax (java technology) helps with display of related train names. Details displayed will be Train No. (Example : 12953) if you typed August Kranti Express in train name input box. Along with it, it shows Train type (Like Rajdhani express) and Run From Source (Daily / Weekly etc). It also details exact time and status of Arrival and Departure with another box coming with an input option to select your ‘Boarding Station’, Type in a few keywords like Andheri, Dadar, Borivali or Mumbai Central and immediately it will show the Arrival and Departure time of that train for that boarding station. With another option to select your journey date it shows the calendar to select date and shows the final status like ( STATUS : Yet to Arrive, and Scheduled on Right Time or Delayed etc). This is cool and very helpful for daily and occasional commuters.

Check Status by Station Name

If you want to know the exact current status of any central railway train you have planned to board from any station like Andheri, Mumbai Central, Dadar or Borivali Etc, You can save your precious time before leaving your home, Updated every 2 minutes you can check the details of any scheduled trains. Its a very good feature added to save commuters time and keep them updated and plan. This is how it works : Enter ‘Station name’ from where you planning to board, For example Andheri (ADH) short code and also select in how much time gap you planning to reach and catch it (Exa : Next 2 hours) and it will display the exact update of next upcoming trains in following format for that period of time. Detailed below is the format with sample output : Train No., Train Name, Source, Destination, Arrival Schedule, Departure Schedule, ETA, Delay Period if any, ETD, and if its on Right Time or alternately delay details. Sample output below (Updated every 2 minutes). 1 12926 PASCHIM EXPRESS ASR BDTS 14:13 09 Sep 14:16 09 Sep 14:14 09 Sep 00:01 14:16 09 Sep RIGHT TIME 2 22926 KLK – UMB LINK EXP KLK BDTS 14:13 09 Sep 14:16 09 Sep 14:14 09 Sep 00:01 14:16 09 Sep RIGHT TIME.

Check Train Status Running Between 2 Stations

Select FROM and TO station and with in seconds it will display list of all long distance trains which is available, with details like Train Number and Name, Weekly Running Status, From and To Arrival and Departure time, and total journey travel time. Click on any train number and you get further details of same. Above image was the sample output of same.

Check Cancelled Train Status

This is another Good feature by Central railway reckoner that also helps with updates on which all trains have be fully or partially cancelled. It will detail the train number, name, start date, source and destination station names of all those cancelled trains. To search for a particular train and of particular date, one have an option to insert details and check. Along with it is the refresh button to check for current updates.

Rescheduled Trains List

Just like above cancelled trains option, This menu will help you with detailed list of trains which are rescheduled. Output will detail Train No and Name, Start date, Source and Destination, Rescheduled by time and Rescheduled time. Below is just a ‘SAMPLE OUTPUT TABLE’ of all such trains just for your reference.

Train No.Train NameStart DateSource StationDestination StationRescheduled By (Mins / Hrs)Rescheduled Time
11447SHAKTIPUNJ EXP5 Sep 00:30JBPHWH2 hrs02:30:00 AM
12197BPL-GWL-INTERCITY5 Sep 15:30BPLGWL1 hr04:30:00 PM
12311HWH DLIKLK MAIL5 Sep 19:40HWHKLK2:55hrs10:35:00 PM
12346SARAIGHAT EXP5 Sep 12:45GHYHWH4 hrs04:45:00 PM
12388JAN SADHARAN EXP5 Sep 15:20ANVTRJPB9:10hrs6 Sep 00:30
12397MAHABODHI EXP5 Sep 14:30GAYANDLS1 hr03:30:00 PM
12401MAGADH EXPRESS5 Sep 16:10IPRNDLS50 min05:00:00 PM
13247KYQ-DNR CAPITAL EXP.5 Sep 05:00KYQDNR1:30hrs06:30:00 AM
14163SANGAM EXPRES5 Sep 17:45ALDMTC2:45hrs08:30:00 PM
14209LKO – ALD INTERCITYEXP5 Sep 13:45BDLLKO1:10hrs02:55:00 PM
14674SHAHEED EXP5 Sep 11:55ASRJYG1 hr12:55:00 PM
14701JSM-BKN EXPRESS5 Sep 22:25JSMBKN2:30hrs6 Sep 00:55
14809JSM-JU EXP.5 Sep 23:30JSMJU1 hr6 Sep 00:30
15657KANCHAN JUNGHA EXPRESS5 Sep 06:35SDAHGHY1:50hrs08:25:00 AM
16612MEJ-TN LINK EXP5 Sep 05:20MEJTN11 min05:31:00 AM
18005HWH-JDB EXPRESS5 Sep 21:35HWHJDB3:10hrs6 Sep 00:45
18240NGP-BSP ITWARI EXPRESS5 Sep 23:35NGPBSP20 min11:55:00 PM
22405BGP-ANVT GARIB RATH5 Sep 13:30BGPANVT10 hrs11:30:00 PM
51198WR-BSL PASSENGER5 Sep 23:00WRBSL20 min11:20:00 PM
51259WR-NGP PASSENGER5 Sep 18:18WRNGP1 hr07:18:00 PM
51816AF-JHS PASS5 Sep 14:55AGCJHS35 min03:30:00 PM
52451KLK-SML SHIVALIK DELUXE5 Sep 05:30KLKSML1:50hrs07:20:00 AM
52453KLK-SML MAIL5 Sep 06:00KLKSML1:40hrs07:40:00 AM
53139KOLKATA-DGHR PGR.5 Sep 22:25KOAAJSME1:30hrs11:55:00 PM
54159JHS-BNDA PASS5 Sep 12:30JHSBNDA1:30hrs02:00:00 PM
54466TDL-FKD PASS5 Sep 05:45TDLFBD2:30hrs08:15:00 AM
54469TDL-ETH PASS5 Sep 10:45TDLETAH1:15hrs12:00:00 PM
56270MYS-SMET PASS5 Sep 10:05MYSSMET20 min10:25:00 AM
59390BPL INDB PASS5 Sep 22:50BPLINDB20 min11:10:00 PM
59508SMNH -RJT PASS5 Sep 11:00SMNHRJT15 min11:15:00 AM
64158TDL-ETW MEMU5 Sep 14:15TDLETW25 min02:40:00 PM
64952AGC-BXN5 Sep 10:00AGCBXN43 min10:43:00 AM
72451KLK-SML RMC5 Sep 05:10KLKSML1:50hrs07:00:00 AM
74991UMB-CHDL PASS5 Sep 14:20UMBAADR1:10hrs03:30:00 PM
1034MAO-CSTM GANPATI SPL6 Sep 14:40MAOCSTM1:08hrs03:48:00 PM
1038RN-LTT GANPATI SPECIAL6 Sep 11:30RNLTT9 min11:39:00 AM
9010GANPATHI SPL6 Sep 20:00MAOBDTS23 min08:23:00 PM
10112KONKAN KANYA EXPRESS6 Sep 16:45MAOCSTM4 min04:49:00 PM
11004SWV-DR RAJYA RANI EXP6 Sep 17:30SWVDR27 min05:57:00 PM
12197BPL-GWL-INTERCITY6 Sep 15:30BPLGWL20 min03:50:00 PM
12311HWH DLIKLK MAIL6 Sep 19:40HWHKLK1:30hrs09:10:00 PM
12322CALCUTTA MAIL6 Sep 21:25CSTMHWH3:05hrs7 Sep 00:30
12345SARAIGHAT EXP6 Sep 15:50HWHGHY1:20hrs05:10:00 PM
12397MAHABODHI EXP6 Sep 14:30GAYANDLS2:45hrs05:15:00 PM
12401MAGADH EXPRESS6 Sep 16:10IPRNDLS4:20hrs08:30:00 PM
12568PNBE-SHC RAJYA RANI EXP6 Sep 12:45PNBESHC1 hr01:45:00 PM
12605MS-KKDI PALLAVAN EXP6 Sep 15:45MSKKDI1:30hrs05:15:00 PM
12874ANVT HTE EXPRESS6 Sep 19:50ANVTHTE1:40hrs09:30:00 PM
13111LAL QUILA EXP6 Sep 20:15KOAADLI2:15hrs10:30:00 PM
14209LKO – ALD INTERCITYEXP6 Sep 13:45BDLLKO1:15hrs03:00:00 PM
15483SIKKIM MAHANANDA EXPRESS6 Sep 07:15APDJDLI2:15hrs09:30:00 AM
15622ANVT – KYQ EXPRESS6 Sep 23:45ANVTKYQ3:15hrs7 Sep 03:00
22406ANVT-BGP GARIB RATH6 Sep 17:00ANVTBGP19:30hrs7 Sep 12:30
50106SINDHUDURG PASSENGER6 Sep 08:35SWVDIVA8 min08:43:00 AM
50108MAO-SWV PASSENGER6 Sep 06:15MAOSWV14 min06:29:00 AM
51441STR KOP PASS6 Sep 05:20STRKOP1:30hrs06:50:00 AM
51816AF-JHS PASS6 Sep 14:55AGCJHS30 min03:25:00 PM
53139KOLKATA-DGHR PGR.6 Sep 22:25KOAAJSME1:05hrs11:30:00 PM
54469TDL-ETH PASS6 Sep 10:45TDLETAH30 min11:15:00 AM
56641VEN-MAQ PASSENGER6 Sep 14:00MAOMAQ29 min02:29:00 PM
64952AGC-BXN6 Sep 10:00AGCBXN30 min10:30:00 AM
64953AGC-NZM EMU6 Sep 16:15AGCNZM1 hr05:15:00 PM
64957AGC-PWL MEMU6 Sep 18:15AGCPWL2 hrs08:15:00 PM
1004SWV-DR SUMMER SPL7 Sep 04:50SWVDR14 min05:04:00 AM
1034MAO-CSTM GANPATI SPL7 Sep 14:40MAOCSTM38 min03:18:00 PM
1038RN-LTT GANPATI SPECIAL7 Sep 11:30RNLTT30 min12:00:00 PM
1044PERN LTT GANPATI SPL7 Sep 10:40PERNLTT19 min10:59:00 AM
11004SWV-DR RAJYA RANI EXP7 Sep 17:30SWVDR36 min06:06:00 PM
11014LOKMANYA TT EXP7 Sep 08:45CBELTT45 min09:30:00 AM
12052MAO-DR JAN SHB EXP7 Sep 12:10MAODR18 min12:28:00 PM
12197BPL-GWL-INTERCITY7 Sep 15:30BPLGWL1:30hrs05:00:00 PM
12314SDAH RAJDHANI EXPRESS7 Sep 16:30NDLSSDAH1:20hrs05:50:00 PM
12345SARAIGHAT EXP7 Sep 15:50HWHGHY1:20hrs05:10:00 PM
12346SARAIGHAT EXP7 Sep 12:45GHYHWH2 hrs02:45:00 PM
12401MAGADH EXPRESS7 Sep 16:10IPRNDLS50 min05:00:00 PM
12605MS-KKDI PALLAVAN EXP7 Sep 15:45MSKKDI1:30hrs05:15:00 PM
13040DLI- HWH JANTA EXP7 Sep 15:30DLIHWH2:25hrs05:55:00 PM
15483SIKKIM MAHANANDA EXPRESS7 Sep 07:15APDJDLI1:15hrs08:30:00 AM
16524KAWR-MAQ-YPR EXPRESS7 Sep 14:55KAWRYPR5 min03:00:00 PM
16612MEJ-TN LINK EXP7 Sep 05:20MEJTN13 min05:33:00 AM
19222SOMNATH EXPRESS7 Sep 19:35VRLADI1:10hrs08:45:00 PM
22405BGP-ANVT GARIB RATH7 Sep 13:30BGPANVT24 hrs8 Sep 13:30
50106SINDHUDURG PASSENGER7 Sep 08:35SWVDIVA56 min09:31:00 AM
50108MAO-SWV PASSENGER7 Sep 06:15MAOSWV43 min06:58:00 AM
51816AF-JHS PASS7 Sep 14:55AGCJHS25 min03:20:00 PM
51901AGC-DLI PASSENGER7 Sep 08:00AGCDLI35 min08:35:00 AM
53141KOAA-JSME WKLY PGRS7 Sep 22:25KOAAJSME2:05hrs8 Sep 00:30
54157JHS-CNB-PASS7 Sep 07:55JHSCNB2:20hrs10:15:00 AM
56641VEN-MAQ PASSENGER7 Sep 14:00MAOMAQ19 min02:19:00 PM
59390BPL INDB PASS7 Sep 22:50BPLINDB1 hr11:50:00 PM
64160AGC-ETW MEMU7 Sep 16:35AGCETW25 min05:00:00 PM
64952AGC-BXN7 Sep 10:00AGCBXN1 hr11:00:00 AM
70101MAO-KAWR DMU7 Sep 19:10MAOKAWR10 min07:20:00 PM
1034MAO-CSTM GANPATI SPL8 Sep 14:40MAOCSTM3:17hrs05:57:00 PM
1038RN-LTT GANPATI SPECIAL8 Sep 11:30RNLTT1:36hrs01:06:00 PM
9417GANPATHI SPL8 Sep 07:15MAOADI1 min07:16:00 AM
10112KONKAN KANYA EXPRESS8 Sep 16:45MAOCSTM27 min05:12:00 PM
10215MAO-ERS8 Sep 21:00MAOERS1:58hrs10:58:00 PM
11004SWV-DR RAJYA RANI EXP8 Sep 17:30SWVDR16 min05:46:00 PM
12321HWH MUMBAI MAIL8 Sep 22:00HWHCSTM4 hrs9 Sep 02:00
12346SARAIGHAT EXP8 Sep 12:45GHYHWH2:15hrs03:00:00 PM
12397MAHABODHI EXP8 Sep 14:30GAYANDLS30 min03:00:00 PM
12401MAGADH EXPRESS8 Sep 16:10IPRNDLS1:20hrs05:30:00 PM
12524NDLS-NJP BI-WEEKLY EXP.8 Sep 15:10NDLSNJP2:25hrs05:35:00 PM
12605MS-KKDI PALLAVAN EXP8 Sep 15:45MSKKDI1:30hrs05:15:00 PM
13016BHP-HWH KAVIGURU EXPRESS8 Sep 14:10BHPHWH1:20hrs03:30:00 PM
13040DLI- HWH JANTA EXP8 Sep 15:30DLIHWH2:25hrs05:55:00 PM
13483FARAKKA EXPRESS8 Sep 19:10MLDTDLI4:05hrs11:15:00 PM
14001DLI-ATT LINK EXPRESS8 Sep 23:05DLIATT20 min11:25:00 PM
15483SIKKIM MAHANANDA EXPRESS8 Sep 07:15APDJDLI2:15hrs09:30:00 AM
15657KANCHAN JUNGHA EXPRESS8 Sep 06:35SDAHGHY5:25hrs12:00:00 PM
16612MEJ-TN LINK EXP8 Sep 05:20MEJTN17 min05:37:00 AM
50104RN-DR PASSENGER8 Sep 05:30RNDR49 min06:19:00 AM
50108MAO-SWV PASSENGER8 Sep 06:15MAOSWV18 min06:33:00 AM
51198WR-BSL PASSENGER8 Sep 23:00WRBSL15 min11:15:00 PM
51286NGP BSL PASS8 Sep 04:50NGPBSL10 min05:00:00 AM
51816AF-JHS PASS8 Sep 14:55AGCJHS1 hr03:55:00 PM
53139KOLKATA-DGHR PGR.8 Sep 22:25KOAAJSME1:30hrs11:55:00 PM
54466TDL-FKD PASS8 Sep 05:45TDLFBD1:15hrs07:00:00 AM
56641VEN-MAQ PASSENGER8 Sep 14:00MAOMAQ46 min02:46:00 PM
57135NGP-KZJ PASS8 Sep 20:10AJNIKZJ5 min08:15:00 PM
64952AGC-BXN8 Sep 10:00AGCBXN1:25hrs11:25:00 AM
1004SWV-DR SUMMER SPL9 Sep 04:50SWVDR23 min05:13:00 AM
1034MAO-CSTM GANPATI SPL9 Sep 14:40MAOCSTM1 min02:41:00 PM
1038RN-LTT GANPATI SPECIAL9 Sep 11:30RNLTT19 min11:49:00 AM
1040PERN-CSTM SPL9 Sep 10:40PERNLTT12 min10:52:00 AM
25089 Sep 14:00KYQMAS2 hrs04:00:00 PM
9010GANPATHI SPL9 Sep 20:00MAOBDTS5 min08:05:00 PM
11004SWV-DR RAJYA RANI EXP9 Sep 17:30SWVDR1 min05:31:00 PM
12401MAGADH EXPRESS9 Sep 16:10IPRNDLS1:20hrs05:30:00 PM
13040DLI- HWH JANTA EXP9 Sep 15:30DLIHWH2:25hrs05:55:00 PM
16524KAWR-MAQ-YPR EXPRESS9 Sep 14:55KAWRYPR8 min03:03:00 PM
22406ANVT-BGP GARIB RATH9 Sep 17:00ANVTBGP1:45hrs06:45:00 PM
1034MAO-CSTM GANPATI SPL10 Sep 14:40MAOCSTM1 min02:41:00 PM
1038RN-LTT GANPATI SPECIAL10 Sep 11:30RNLTT1 min11:31:00 AM

Show Diverted Train Status

Similar to Above, this option will show list of any/all trains which are currently being diverted. This will help travellers to schedule and cancel their plans accordingly. All the options like check by train number and date are available for this too.

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