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“Kwality Walls is one of the oldest and famous ice cream brand of Mumbai. Below is the printable menu for its ice creams and other flavours like Cornetto, Feast, Swrils, Chill Grill, Carte, Cassatta, Kulfeez, Paddle Pop and the famous Fruttare..”

Kwality Walls Ice-Creams
Kwality Walls Ice-Creams


Description Rates (Rs.)
Snacker Chocolate snacks with choco chips 15
Disc Black Forest Chocolate disc with raspberry sauce and creamy chocolate tip 40
Disc Pistachio Pistachio with chocolate sauce 40
Black and White Dark chocolate and creamy white chocolate 35
Chocofudge Chocolate fudge with vanilla topped with chocolate sauce 25
Double Chocolate double chocolate with chips 30
Butterscotch Butterscotch with chocolate 30

Kwality Walls Feast Flavours

Description Rates (Rs.)
Chocolate Richness of chocolate 25
Fruit n Nut Fruit n nut with cruchy chocolate 25
Chocobar Senior Combination of Chocolate and Vanilla 20


Description Rates (Rs.)
Grapes Real fruit juice and red grape 20
Mango Mango Candy 20
Mixed Berries Blend of 6 exotic berries 20
Apple Real apple pulp and juice 20


Description Rates (Rs.)
Berry Blast Combination of Raspberry with pineapple jelly inside 10
Twister Ninja Flavoures of grapes and strawberry 20
Green Apple Jiggly Jelly Jelly with green apple flavour 20
Strawberry Jiggly Jelly Jelly ice candy with strawberry flavours 20
Apple Grape Jelly Delicious apple grape candy with grape jelly inside 10
Orange Mahabar Orange Ice candy 10
Junior Chocobar vanilla with chocolate layer outside 10

KULFEEZ (Ice Creams)

Description Rates (Rs.)
Pista Pictachio Falvoured Kulfi 20
Badam Taste of almond with every bite 20

Kwality Walls Cassatta

Combination of Strawberry, Pista and trutti Frutti with cake and nuts toppings 40

CARTE D’OR (Ice Creams Family Packs)

Weight Rates (Rs.)
Rajbhog 800 ml 245
Gajar Halwa 800 ml 245
Fruit n Nut 750 ml 199
Divine Chocolates 750 ml 199
Strawberry Cheese Cake 750 ml 199
Creme Brulee 750 ml 199
Strawberry Ice cream 700 ml 149
Vanilla 700 ml 145
Kesar Pista 700 ml 210
Butterscotch 700 ml 199
Tutti Frutti 700 ml 179
Litchi 750 ml 189
Pineapple 750 ml 189


Cornetto Thunderstrom
Cornetto Disc Chocolate
Selection Fresh Fruit
Selection Dry Fruit
Bru Cappuccino


Selection Strawberry Currant
Selection Dry Fruit
Selection Chocolate Express
Fruttare Mango
Fruttare Grape
Fruttare Litchi

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