AC Local Trains Fares and Timings Updated 2022 – Mumbai

“Updated as of June 2022, All you want to know about Fares and Timings of Mumbai’s Air Conditioned (AC) local trains running 3 major routes of the city, i.e Western, Central, and Harbour.

AC Local Train Chase
AC Local Train Chase

Benefiting the western railway route first and soon the central railways too, AC Local trains will be first in the history of Mumbai railway network to get started on Christmas day of the year 2017. The year 2017 was dedicated to trial and testing and here comes time for excitement and really run.

AC Local Trains Ticket Cost & Fares

Updates May 2022: 50% discount on travel fares of AC local trains in Mumbai, Below are the updated cost for each station fare chart.

For regular commuters and foreign nationals, Below are ticket fares (in INR and USD) for AC local trains which include Single journey cost, Return journey cost, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly pass rates. For these AC trains special weekly and 2 weeks pass options are also available, Fares for which are detailed below.

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AC Train Timetable and Schedules

New AC Trains at Western Route (May 2022)

Updates, 16th May 2022: 12 New AC trains scheduled on Up & Down route of Western Railway. 14 New AC Trains on Central Railway Routes (Operational on Sundays & Holidays). Timings are updated below :

12 New AC Local Trains Timings (Western Railway Route)

  • Churchgate to Virar: 08:53Am, 9:27 Am, 11:50 Am, 12:34 Pm, 2:55 Pm, 6:11 Pm, 7:49 Pm and 11:23 Pm.
  • Churchgate to Bhayandar: 3:44 Pm.
  • Andheri to Virar: 8:50 Pm.
  • Virar to Churchgate: 7:57 Am, 10:58 Am, 02:09 Pm, 9:48 Pm.
  • Virar to Andheri: 7:48 Pm.
  • Bhayandar to Churchgate: 05:02 Pm.

14 New AC Local Trains Timings (Central Railway)

NOTE: Below trains operates only on Sundays & Nominated Holidays.

  • CSMT to Kalyan: 05:20 Am, 07:43 Am, 10:04 Am, and 06:36 Pm.
  • CSMT to Dombivli: 03:24 Pm.
  • CSMT to Kurla Junction: 09:56 Pm.
  • Dadar to Badlapur: 12:30 Pm.
  • Kurla Junction to CSMT: 04:46 Am.
  • Kalyan to CSMT: 06:32 Am, 08:54 Am, 11:22 Am, 07:56 Pm.
  • Badlapur to CSMT: 01:48 Pm.
  • Dombivli to CSMT: 04:55 Pm.

SEE: Complete AC train timetable.

AC Local Trains Fast Facts

Proposed in 2007 with funds allocation and planning in 2011, Mumbai expected the new AC rakes in 2013 initially which was a miss and the Miss repeated in 2014 and 2015, With finally on March 2016 process got the push and in April rakes arrived and test run dates set with hurdles in Central railway route due to height of rakes unfitting to old British era bridges and 2017 was all for test and trials.

 Started : 1st January 2018
 Maximum Speed Limit : 110 Kilometre / Hour.
 No Weekend Operations : These trains will run only on weekdays.
 Seating Capacity : 1028 total passengers. 3 Compartments dedicated as ladies and No Luggage compartment.
 AC Rakes / Coaches : Total of 12 Coaches with 6 rakes interconnected. The first and Last Coach will be ladies’ compartments only, with 10 Seats reserved for the Physically challenged (4th & 7th Coach), and 7 Seats for Senior Citizens in other coaches. Each coach has 15 tonnes (Total 2) air conditioners in each with fans and a forced ventilation system. These are the usual local trains retrofitted with an Auto system of open & closed doors and AC fitted inside. Simply, not a specially designed AC local train.
 Passengers Safety & Security : Talkback system in each coach to talk to motorman in case emergency. Emergency ladders, LED display in motorman cabin to know chain pulling of which coach, 2 fire extinguishers in every coach, 6 of the 12 coaches are connected via vestibule system so in case emergency escape possible. More security system inside motorman cabin for better communication and other related to train safety. Every train will have an AC technician for any emergency and repair. Many RPF officers and TC keep checking for public security.
 AC local Train Exterior Looks : Since it is a local train of Mumbai, Complete exterior of this trains will be painted to give the feel of Mumbai.
 Standing Capacity : 4936
 Total Passenger Capacity : 5964
 Running Between Churchgate & Virar : Yet not finalized, But whenever it will have 10 halts which are (Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Goregaon, Borivali, Bhayandar, Vasai and Virar) which will run on fast tracks. Currently as planned, it should run between Churchgate and Borivali, Andheri & Bandra.
 Door Control (Open & Close) : With Motorman, But for emergency purpose their is a Knob (both inside & outside door) which can be used to open that door. LED display for each door inside motorman cabin.
Crowd Management on Doors: There is no Queue system in current NON AC trains, Not even commuters are disciplined enough due to the huge crowd and crunch in the number of trains which is an ongoing issue. In such a scenario, railway authorities are still not sure how will people do door discipline. MY PERSONAL SUGGESTION: Exactly in front of the door area on the platform, Draw an EXIT & ENTRY row with queue COMPULSORY. Initially, like in Japan trains allocate staff to check on door disciplines. This will become a habit soon and commuters will follow the same and will not allow others to break rules.

 Some Questions & Doubts : Will ATVM Smart cards work as ticketing options for these AC locals ? (Hopefully YES), Will doors ever close seeing current crowd? Will Cooling be enough for such crowded trains, and more..

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AC Trains
Air Conditioned Local Trains

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Please give suggestions and ideas for better commuting and use of these AC local trains in the below comments and hope railway authorities go through the same.

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4 thoughts on “AC Local Trains Fares and Timings Updated 2022 – Mumbai

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  • August 13, 2022 at 4:14 am

    The Ac local runs more empty than with passengers. Railways need to adopt below policy to increase more people travelling into AC locals
    1. Increase frequency to 20 mts
    2. Id frequency cant be increased than to have a Ticket vending machine in every compartment or 4-5 Ticket checkers in the train who can keep moving in the train and issue tickets to passengers. Many times passengers who are on platform dont board Ac trains as they dont have season pass and their isnt enough time to go to ticket counter and buy a ticket , as a result they just watch as mute spectators and let the Train pass. had there been a option to buy ticket in train many wud board the train. Due to odd time table and huge gap in frequency passengers avoid buying season pass for AC trains.

  • September 13, 2022 at 5:47 am

    Respected Sir / Madam,

    I am requesting you all kindly withdraw AC train at 6.35 from Churchgate to Bhayander. Due to my financial condition and health issue problem, not able to travel in AC train. My humble request to keep this train NON AC at 6.35 pm from Churchgate to Bhayander.

  • October 1, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    There is no transperancy with the fares to local commuters. To increase usage of the A/c train it needs to have frequent trains. Reduce destination of trains to short trip and return. Display train timings.


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