Monsoons First Rainy Day – Mumbai

First day of Monsoon always brings in relief from heat, The sweet smell of Hay. That first rain is so fun and romantic in Mumbai and all around, Specially at monsoon destinations in and around city. Let us see, what all things happens when first rain arrives in Mumbai city..”

Mumbai’s first monsoon is full of excitement and sometimes the same day brings discomfort for few. Kids always have fun and lovers don’t miss any chance of being together at their favourite lovers points in Mumbai and many reaches destinations like Malshej Ghat and Lonavala (Pictures). People at job go crazy, feel like getting wet in first rain, But can’t as limitations is the same working day. The delivery man, the one like Dominoz’s, who once went to deliver products at doors step sweating in summer has the same routine, Just that the Sweat has been replaced by Water. Mumbai never stops, until and unless the water actually crosses the kneee’s. For few that too is not a challenge, may it be the first day or any other, they have to reach their destination. Street dogs on day one of rain are seen actually enjoying the rain, as the pain and suffering of last few months of summer without proper water like we humans get is still not understood by all. Their is lots to say about these initial monsoon days, Yet, below are just few pictures that speaks about Mumbai’s real life during Monsoon, More will be added soon..

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