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“Mumbai citizens now experiencing free high speed internet via the free WIFI services offered by various like Railway Stations, Google, Politicians at various locations. Department of Information Technology (DIT) has bigger plans to get started with 500 Hotspots by end of 2016 and about 1200 to 1700 in 2017 which will be charges after first 30 minutes.The Speed of getting new and new locations with free Internet services seems like the 4G internet speed on WIFI at railway stations and looks like within next few years every railway stations and major public locations will have this services. Not all WIFI will last long, Still few reliable like on Mumbai Railway Stations should be and is Good for Mumbai people right..”

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UPDATES (February 2017) : List of 510 Hotspot Locations by ‘Aaple Sarkar Free Mumbai WI-FI’ here.

Shivaji Park Free Wifi
Shivaji Park Free Wifi

Free Wifi Hotspots in Mumbai

Updates 08 November 2016 : News are floating about initial 500 Public WIFI hotspots to be started soon. Twist again comes about the usage charges. As per latest updates, Only initial 30 minutes will be free that too up to 100 MB Data with speed of 20 mbps as checked possible at various locations.

New charges after free 30 minutes / 100 MB max usage will be Rs.26 or Rs.28 for next 100 MB data. This charges are different compared to previously declared rates which were comparatively cheaper.

Updates 26 August 2016 : A boost to getting Free WIFI internet at various public hotspots in Mumbai. City authorities (DIT) is planning about 500 hotspot locations by end of this year 2016 at South Mumbai public locations like Girgaum Chowpatty, Vishan Bhavan, Gateway of India, CST and many more. By next year around 1200 to 1700 total Semi-Free WIFI service can be enjoyed by Citizens and any all tourists inside city. But their is a small twist as the service may not be 100% free after March 2017, Read On..

According to Department of Information and Technology, Till March 2017 whatever number of hotspots services are installed and active will be free of cost to all. After first quarter of 2017 these hotspots services will be free only for first half hour (30 minutes upon connection) and then the data will be charged at Rs. 65 Per 1 GB. If one compared the current internet data package charges by various Telecom providers in Mumbai which goes around 250 to 300 per GB of 3G data, this charges of Rs.65 is Cheaper, But for sure many companies may launch competitive and cheap internet data plans by the time those services are active, In any case citizens are in benefit. Scratch coupons will be used for paid services that will be available ta various stores.

Talking about locations, More than 2000 poles are identified which are already used as CCTV surveillance around Mumbai, currently installed and managed by L & T for installation of WIFI hotspot services. Company is planning 3 to 4 access points per WIFI hotspot that will be installed and will ready with internet services at major educational institutes, tourist spots, hospitals, attractions and other public places.

Old Story and Born of Free WIFI in Mumbai

Started January 2016, Latest 1 GBPS high speed internet Wi-Fi by Google at major railway stations of Mumbai is the biggest gift to City web surfers while travel people. Before this MNS, Shiv Sena, and lately BJP also joint the free service provision for Wi-Fi internet at various locations in Mumbai. MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) by Raj Thackeray and Shiv Sena youth leader Aaditya Thackeray Both political parties of Mumbai Bro-Bro as family have installed and provided free WI-FI internet services which are secured and comes as boon to those staying around the Dadar vicinity. First of its kind of internet services in Mumbai, About 3 WIFI set-up each covering range of 200 meters (300 meters when paired), that goes to total of 6 routers at shivaji park premises at Dadar. Exact locations for service networks are as listed below. More 3 routers each by both parties seems to be getting ready next. While Shiv Sena has opt for MTNL, Government Services to setup these free internet setup, MNS has tied knot with a private form called ‘Convergent Telecom Pvt Ltd’ for same. Below are the exact locations to search for those WIFI’s get your internet rolling. Below are the free locations details by all political parties

Free High Speed WiFi at Railway Stations

Updates 22nd August 2016 : 7 More Railway Station in Western and Central Route of Mumbai got free Internet WIFI connections. Already Mumbai Railway Joined Hands with Google for its successful start in January this year which gives Super fast Internet. So below are the Railway stations that have free WIFI now ?

  • Mumbai Central (Already Started in January 2016)
  • Churchgate Station (Western Railway)
  • Dadar Station (Western and Central Side)
  • Bandra Station and Terminus (Western and Central Railway Route)
  • Khar Station (Western)
  • Kurla Terminus (Also called Lokmanya Tilak Terminus LTT) in Central Railway
  • Kalyan Station (Central Railway)

Internet giant Google Inc. has initiated a much required move of getting free internet to Mumbai citizens via its High Speed Wi-Fi routers around city major railway stations. The plans of getting Free Wi-Fi connections at major railway stations of Mumbai were heard in last few month and is executed at Wi-Fi speed i must say. This Project by Google has further plans to set up about 100 such services around India. On 22nd January 2016, Mumbai central railway station opened up its first free high speed Wi-Fi internet service to public in association with ‘Railtel’, a company who installs and takes care of same. Indian being one of the top countries penetrating internet for various reasons is still struggling with 3G and 4G services on mobile phones provided by various telecom companies. Various internal locations, villages and suburbs don’t even get proper 3G speed or network range to surf around the web via their Smart Phones and other devices. Hi radiation Mobile towers are not welcomed at many locations in city and at the same time this step by Google seems to be a real good and welcome move by all Mumbaikars.

Mumbai Stations With High Speed Free Wi-Fi By Google

With Mumbai Central being the first railway station, Free Wifi project by Google will speed up to other major stations soon in coming months, Few of the selected railway stations on western route of Mumbai are Dadar, Bandra Terminus, Borivali and at Central Railway route are CST, Dadar LTT (Lokmanya Tilak Terminus), Thane, Panvel and Kalyan. Few of these are Junctions / Terminus with huge crowd arriving and departing from many inter-state trains in India. With free internet, convienence of booking tickets, checking PNR status, Contacting relatives via Free calling apps, Chatting, Checking out Mumbai maps and surfing around for time pass will be faster.

1 GBPS (Giga Byte Per Second) for the first hour of connection and then reduced automatically to 512 MBPS (Mega Byte Per Second) till 24 hour (1 day registered number) is what the speed is as detailed and claimed at various news media. Looks like college crowd will jam up the railway stations for hours to free mingle the web. If you are one of the citizens reading this and agree with me, i must say no other network or telecom provider gives such high speed (512 Mbps to 1 Gbps) for mobile phones data plans ‘Practically’. Requirements of accessing free Wi-Fi at any / all this stations is simple, A one time password which registers your phone number for 24 hours and you are part of other 50000 possible concurrent connections who can simultaneously surf and enjoy this facility with in the Wi-Fi service range inside all these railway stations. Such a powerful capacity of 50000 people connecting at a time to get a high speed of 1 GBPS is amazing and is said to be the first ever in the world. Google nailed it when it comes to comparing services of other free wifi set-ups are already installed by political parties at other locations of Mumbai (See this page).

Please feel free to share your experience below (Comment box) if you experienced this free Wi-Fi.
Shiv Sena Free Wi-Fi Locations

  • Shivaji Park Ganesh Mandir at Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Marg (Temple).
  • Shri Samarth Vyayam Mandir (Gym).
  • 3rd One Between the above 2 listed locations.
  • One of the Router is located at Nehru Planetarium area which was not working as of February 2015.

Wi-Fi Locations by MNS

  • First one being above Krishnakunj, Residence of Mr. Raj Thackeray.
  • Second at CCD (Cafe-Coffee Day) location towards Prabhadevi area. (CCD Address : Ground Floor, Dwarka Sadan, Keluskar Road, Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai).
  • Third one at Sugee building near Shivaji Park. ( Address : Sugee Developers, Trimurti Blog, Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028).
  • Another working condition wifi router is located at Vile-Parle East near ICICI Bank and college students from Sathaye and Dahanukar are enjoying free internet at its best.

BJP Free Wi-Fi Services

As of February 2015, BJP router locations are at Borivali, Western Suburb of Mumbai. Quite near to each other this locations are :

  • Borivali Link Road (Off S V Road) : Take a right from S V Road Kora Kendra side junction and one can see McDonalds and the Navratri Ground which is the range covered by a wifi router there.
  • Shimpoli Road Router : This WIFI location is again Off S V Road and as checked by local residents the signals are poor and it gets disconnected every now and then. The initial days when these free internet service by BJP started, It was running perfectly.
  • Borivali Gorai Bus Depot to Maxus Mall Range : Don’t know why but this running router major works between morning office hours which is 7 AM, 8 AM and 9 AM. Then in afternoon no connection is found and locals never gets one until its 8:30 to 9:00 PM, after which free Internet can be enjoyed. This route is the best of all 3 by BJP.
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