Packet Milk Price Overcharged – LMO Customer Care Complaint Helplines

“Some of the top brands like Amul, Gokul, Mahanand and Aarey known for packed milk suppliers of Mumbai are getting complaints about retailers charging more (Overpriced) then an MRP (Maximum Retail Price) for that plastic packed milks. Customers are complaining to (LMO) ‘Legal Metrology Organisation’ and milk brands customer care numbers for the happenings particularly in Mumbai city. LMO in Mumbai has allocated a dedicated whatsapp messenger number for customer grievance along with the already issued control room number both as listed below along with individual milk company customer helpline numbers..”

Packed Milk in Mumbai
Packed Milk in Mumbai

Milk Overcharging Problem

The simple base issue of retailer charging higher price to customers compare to MRP written on plastic packed milk is due to the addition of sub-distributors in supplier chain. The actual running supplier chain via which the milk reaches consumer is BRAND/MANUFACTURER from where milk reaches to DISTRIBUTORS, Who gives services and make it available to regular RETAIL STORES near our home. An addition of SUB-DISTRIBUTOR in the existing 3 tier chain gets its cut and hence this overcharging problems. What and Why of this new entity entering the chain is unknown but is surely affecting the pockets of customers as milk is a basic need and cannot be skipped. Top milk brands of Mumbai like Amul, Gokul, Mahanand and Aarey who provides milk and milk products like Cheese, Butter, Skimmed milk, Cow Milk, Curd and Lassi got more then 150 complaints in a week itself and have ensured strict action against the chain brokers and retailers who are over charging to customers.

Whatsapp No. and Customer Care Helplines

As said LMO now has a dedicated number serviced on whatsapp (Like the recent one started for local train women whatsapp group), a famous messaging service via which customers can connect and directly complain about overcharging in their areas providing details of retailer shop who sells the milk and any other information related along with pictures. Also are Customer care numbers of Amul, Gokul, Aarey and Gokul to help customer reach the brand officials faster. Below listed are same to be noted and used as and when required.

List Of All Contact Numbers and Helplines

  • Whatsapp Number by Legal Metrology Organization : 9869691666.
  • LMO control room no. : +91-22-22622022 (Old : +91-22-22886666).
  • Amul Milk Customer Care : 18002583333.
  • Mahanand Dairy Customer Care : +91-22-26856572.
  • Gokul Milk Helpline : +91-22-40285650.
  • Aarey Milk Number : +91-22-24934064 (Extensions 133 and 125).

One can also use this helpline numbers in case of adulteration or any other contaminants related problems found in milk or any related products by the above listed brands.

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4 Replies to “Packet Milk Price Overcharged – LMO Customer Care Complaint Helplines

  1. Hi, I have purchase 500gm Aarye Milk(₹31), 500gm Gokul Milk (₹29) and one bread packet (₹14) all product having overcharged by the seller. The shop near New York Gym ,Naigaon .
    As the seller having Aarey shop must be promote Aarey Milk instead of others brand and must be sold on Printed price. She suggested to purchase gokul instead of Aarey and make the online payment to her by phone pay app I.e. ₹74/-
    I have made the payment through online with the approval of seller after the payment she refused to handover the purchased things except to repay in cash.
    In this regard, it’s humble request to look in to the matter and give me justice.

  2. guru nanak nagar panchayati guru dwara
    ghatkopar west me ek diary hai jo guru nanak guru dwara ke ander hai wo gokul milk morning me Rs 30 /8 baje tak 500ml ka
    8 baje ke bad Rs32 leta hai puchane par bolta hai tanda karne ka aur bolta hai company nahi deti hai
    govind 500 ml ka Rs 25 leta hai pls iska khabar aap log lo

  3. Gupta’s Super Saver is over charging Amul Milk by 1 rupees per liter it’s located at Casa Rio Gate no 1
    Palava Dombivali East

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