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Spectacular panoramic view (vantage point) Of Queens Necklace and Girgaum Chowpatty from Aerial Viewing Gallery at Kamla Nehru Park (Malabar Hill) in Mumbai is open to public on 10th October 2018. Named as ‘Pramod Nawalkar Viewing Gallery’, It is a brand new 2 storey structure developed as view point location, built by BMC. This location adjacent to park is always an attraction for its scenic view, Be it now or when it was a cafe.

This tourist attraction was once a Irani cafe called ‘Cafe Naaz’, famous for Bollywood movie shoots and celebrity visits. This Aerial view point at Malabar hill is breath taking location one must visit to get the bird eye view of South Mumbai via those powerful binoculars installed.

Pramod Navalkar Viewing Gallery
Pramod Navalkar Viewing Gallery

*Picture Courtesy : Girgaon App.

A Video : Before going ahead, Let us see Queens Necklace from very near

The Aerial Viewing Gallery

Under construction since last 2 years (i.e 2016) this is a special treat to Mumbai as it is the only location in city to give such a beautiful view of ‘Queens Necklace’ (Beautiful Series of Street Lights, Starting from Nariman Point till Chowpatty) and many others like skylines.

2 viewing deck beautifully designed with malad stones used in developing the structure gave a real good facelift after very long. In year 2000, the long lease given to a Iranian family to operate ‘Cafe Naaz’ got over and BMC took over the place leaving just memories of Bollywood and people visited the cafe. That was 80’s and 90’s when the same vantage point was a famous lovers point too with this open cafe operating serving beverages.

Also a famous lovers point till year 2000, The remains of structure was nothing but a kind of old non functional control room for water works stayed a shabby condition for years until BMC planned this viewing gallery.

Chowpatty to Nariman Point View
Chowpatty to Nariman Point View
Viewing Binocular
Viewing Binocular

As seen in one of the black and white era picture on this page, It was a great view then with lesser crowd and real estate developments. With no more cafe around and purely a vantage point Gallery, This structure adjacent to Kamla Nehru Park is sure going to attract foreign tourists and citizens as couple of powerful Binoculars for Distant Viewing are installed. These binoculars are about same category which are used to keep an eye on Sea Coastal locations.

With a huge space of about 50 people at a time, The view gallery is expected to have some long queues for those 2 binoculars installed. Not just Queens Necklace and Chowpatty, Vibrant view of High rise of South Mumbai is also seen with water all around the coast.

The gallery is friendly for physically challenged and senior citizens too. They can also come and get some thrash back memories of cafe with the Panoramic view of Mumbai. Below are things to gaze at once you are at this gallery with binoculars ready :

  • Queens Necklace, Nariman Point : Little dark in evening and Mumbai shows off the other beautiful sight of itself. This is the main attraction where the promenade is lighten up in authentic yellow colours bulbs on street, creating a necklace like view (See video).
  • Heritage Buildings : Along the coastal and adjacent to those necklace view are the very old, iconic heritage structures. All the buildings looks alike and are now secured as Heritage edifice.
  • Girgaum Chowpatty : The same famous ganpati visarjan beach of Mumbai is what will be right in the front as you as you go aerial at this gallery. With binoculars in place, one will surely enjoy things around the beach area like Food corners, Visitors, Massage wala, Balloon sellers, Bhel Puri and Kulfi ice cream sellers, fisher boats etc and the famous H2O water sports too.
  • Mumbai Skylines Aerial View : Iconic and Historic structure like Rajabai Clock Tower and the beautified Saifee Hospital building, The Ambassador hotel, Air India and Trident Hotel Building, Spotlights of Wankhede stadium and more are easily seen from the deck.
  • The Place Itself : Apart from the views as described, It is blissful to just be at this very gallery as the surrounding is lush green and breezy all the time due to wide open arabian sea around.

    Malabar hill is all built and developed on a huge hilly location of south Mumbai. It is one of the selective residential of elite class in city. If you are bit curious about more places to be seen near and around Viewing gallery, Read on..

Note : Car parking outside park (Road side). Details about entry fees (If any), Timings etc will be updated soon.

Cafe Naaz Before This View Point

Vintage Cafe Naaz
Vintage Cafe Naaz

Thought of detailing little bit about the past of this place. This park is and always use to be a happening place of Malabar hills residential. Prior to year 2000, this place use to operate as one of the famous Irani cafe called ‘Cafe Naaz’ started around 1944 (i.e Pre Independence). That was 1980’s and 1990’s the decades of love and romance in Bollywood, And so were hundreds of movie shoots happened here at Kamla Nehru and Hanging garden locations, Particularly at this cafe.

‘Cafe Naaz’ used to be a lovers paradise too. Catchup with that special friend for a plate of Samosa (Indian Delicacy) or other beverages was a perfect date spent then. Bollywood celebrities were frequently seen here for movie shoots and also to enjoy the beverages at this cafe. To make people from 80’s and 90’s a little nostalgic, below is something special.

Look at the vintage banner below by this cafe, Many citizens in their 80’s sure have seen it live. Printed is ..

Cafe Naaz
Cafe Naaz

“Where you can forget your worries..

Where you can enjoy delicious ices and variety of sand-wiches !

Where you can lunch and dine !

Where you can see the Queens Necklace after Sunset !

Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners and Parties – Arranged at Moderate rates.


Opposite Sir Phirozeshah Mehta Garden (Hanging Garden), Malabar Hill, Bombay 6.

Telephone No. 75069..”

More Places to See Near

Bonus to this attraction place is that it is inside Kamla Nehru Park and Adjacent to Hanging Garden one of the oldest and most famous attractions in Mumbai.

Nearest railway station being Charni Road in western railway route, Few more recommended places to see are Sacred Banganga Water Tank at Walkeshwar, Hardly 4.5 Km up on the same hills of Malabar.

On the way on the sloppy hills is the age old and famous Jain temple. Near Chowpatty beach, 2 main places to visit are Babulnath temple (Holy place of Hindu god Shiva) and Taraporewala Aquarium exactly opposite the beach.

Pictures Courtesy : Girgaon App, IranichaiMumbai, Browngirlmagazine.

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