SSC HSC CBSE Helplines 2020 For Students and Parents – Mumbai

“It’s 2020 and hope same old Helplines works for Students and Parents of CBSE, SSC and HSC, These helplines by State board for Mumbai Division are ready for any type of help related to stress and other exam issues as student faces and wants solution and help.

Parents too can call this board numbers if found helpless about child stress level during exams..”

HSC SSC Exam Stress
HSC SSC Exam Stress

As parents say, it feels like its their exams and not students. SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) now a days creates high tensions and stress to students and parents both.

Strong students deals with it bravely, Weak and nervous students thinks extremes, get panicked and think for suicide as the solution which is worse and wrong. Looking upon such stressful situations and suicidal cases and attempts in mast few years, Helplines by Maharashtra State Board are set up with professional counsellors on other side of phones guiding and helping students and parents both with various queries to help feel relaxed with the examination related stress and tension situation.

Below listed are such helpline numbers for HSC declared publicly for February 2016 exams in Maharashtra. Mumbai students and their parents can take full advantage by calling and talking out all worries, problems and queries to them. I will try update all helplines for 2017 and further as and when available

Mumbai Division SSC HSC Helplines 2020

UPDATES : Below are contacts that worked previous years, Not updated for 2020.

Year 2016 experienced about 800 to 1000 calls coming on the dedicated helplines for HSC. Students worried on how to handle the exam stress and queries like ‘Will the papers be easy this time ?’, ‘How to Remember Answers’ and many such questions came up. Few bravo students expressed feeling embarrassed to talk as not required and panic about exams, But just that parents forced to talk to counsellors on helplines talking more of the tension compare to them. Parents too called up asking queries related to Hall tickets, Exam centres and also complaining about kids being not serious about examination preparations etc.

Below are the updated list of helpline numbers, Below that are previous years contacts.

  • 9879307657
  • 9969038020
  • 8888830139
  • 9819016270
  • 9867874623
  • 9967329370
  • 9869634765
  • 9423947266
  • 9322527076
  • 9967329370
  • 7506302353

CBSE students can call up toll free number 1800118004.

Previous Years Helplines

  • 9922453235
  • 9850246389
  • 9763667416
  • 9422053391
  • 9890144185
  • 9822713995
  • 9960760114
  • 9890054518
  • 9923688191
  • 9766666094

Dealing With Weak Hearted Students Suicide Thoughts

Before even thinking about suicide, As a student and beloved children of parent, answer 3 simple questions listed below and decide yourself.

1. Can you find one, Just one Parent and Friend who felt relaxed and are happy after a student died due to suicides taking stress about examinations and studies ?
2. Upon Suicide, Do victim and their parents actually PASSES or FAILS ?
3. Think of past suicides and few attempts, Was that correct ? Is that a solution ?

If one still feels like solutions to stress related to studies and examinations is killing oneself, Then you parents and millions would have already died earlier. People should die for silly reasons too like stress due to high onion prices and petrol. Sounds funny right ? exactly what i want to explain.

Actual failure is when you THINK of giving up so easily, and not when you fail in exams.
So lets kill that thought first.

Hello Students, Trust my words, i was a 57% happy guy who understood that these exams is not just end of everything. Excelled in job to take interview of a guy who studied much higher then me and i was just a commerce graduate with a diploma in computers. No one is going to kill you if you fail, In fact failing faster is reaching success earlier. Most failures are legends in real life. Those who merely thinks about suicide are one who sets bad example between fellow students and falls low in eyes of their family and friends. So, just do what you can the best and relax as you have many chances in life.

Hello Parents, Let your beloved bird (The Student) be fly happily and do its best, Every individual is different.He/She will fly high one day, But the way they love it and if you allow them now. I know percentage are important now a days for admissions related to further studies, But not worth compromising students life and health.

Dealing With Exams Stress and Tensions

Be it a SSC or an HSC exam, Stress of how the papers will be will always rotate around in mind. This rotation gives enough of stress that a student now a days cannot deal and takes extreme steps. One major reason being the bad eating habits (Junk Food leading Obesity), lifestyle, no play grounds to relieve those stress in playful manner. In such situations parents do play a very important role on dealing with their child in a perfect way. Below are some key point that will help not just Mumbai citizen parents and students but all around Maharashtra who are connected with state board examinations.

Last Hour is Crucial : Have you seen few who reads, reads and just reads till last moment in class room ? While walking, in Auto, Train and where not. That will not help. Last half hour should be for just relaxing and settling down whatever you studied, let all anxiety settle down. Talk less with others and talk to yourself few positive words inside you mind like “Thank god, i have completed reading everything and i remember all i have studied till now”. Mind is an excellent creation of god, But it needs exact instructions.

Ignore Only Last Exam Day Studies : Oh, i was so busy in other activities that i have totally ignored this subject and in a day i have to prepare for the exam. No, its not done. We are humans and not computer. Like we have enough meal and other natural activities daily and time to time, we have to give our brain few sentences, chapters and related lessons at right time and not just during exams. Not doing so may give you more stress and tensions.

Sleep Enough : I know few of you parents and students will immediately react saying, How is that possible, Its English paper tomorrow, Syllabus is so hard and what not. But if you can trust me and talk to few who already experimented with enough sleep will say, Yes that works. Sleep helps mind and body relax and grasp more in less time. Without enough sleep its very hard, Specially for few who travels via crowded Mumbai local trains, Buses and other similar vehicles which takes up energy, Not just in Mumbai city but also in other cities of Maharashtra state. We get so tired that mind literally gives up on understanding and storing anything inside. So its better to take enough sleep and create magic in few hours. Approximate 7 to 8 hours sleep works wonders.

Physical Activities : Some kind of physical activity is must for body. Be it exercise, yoga, cycling, jogging or mere aggressive walking. Both parents and students should help your body sweat a little, it will help feel relaxed and good. That half hour which is spent on any physical activity will increase you grasping power as brain gets enough blood circulation and will not feel drowsy and sleepy, increasing your tensions.

Talk Less, Ignore Negative’s Around : Irrespective of what positive activities you do from above listed important points that will reduce tension and stress during your SSC, HSC or any similar exams on the planet, If you don’t distance yourself from others who makes you feel negative with thoughts during exams talking negative about exam papers, syllabus, strict checking etc. it is not going to help you. Also its the perfect time to save energy by talking less and letting brain focus more on grasping in.

Hope Year 2020 & 2021 comes up with more guidance, helplines and counselling that helps all those students in need.

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