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“High time, Mumbai now has E-Waste Centres at various locations to collect the electronic garbage which is of no use anymore, But BMC via E-Waste project can do lots more with it..”

Electronic Waste

Why E-Waste Centres Required in Mumbai

Gone are days when only riches had television sets and mobile phones at home and offices. Now every hand has its individual gadgets and every room has a TV set. No one ask groom family before giving the bride, Do you have Refrigerators, Washing machine, Computer etc. ?. Its the electronic age which has produced and given us back the electronic waste (E-Waste) in the same quantity. About 12 to 13 tonnes of such E-waste was given up by citizens in the year 2014 as per ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India), only from our own Mumbai city. Yes, that E-Waste if not managed by us and our government, will create disasters and have many ill-effects on human, plants and animals life, So Proper recycling of such electronic waste is must. Dumping the old radio set and television in garbage has hazardous effects and so is Mumbai getting the required E-waste centres at multiple locations in vicinity. Lets find out how we can benefit and go the eco-friendly way supporting the E-waste collection project that will collect this Electronic waste at these waste bin / centres and also give back little earning back options. Please note that its just the start and gradually this page will be updated with collection centres contact details and address near you

Any / Every electronic device or item contains harmful chemicals and other materials which are not eco-friendly and unsafe for Humans, Plants and Animals if exposed in the way it should not be. So Disposing such things in a proper way is highly recommended, But not all of us know and have time to do the same. Giving it to local Bhangarwala is the only option we have irrespective to the price we paid and the pennies we get back from them. We never know what happens next as we are free of that waste. All such E-waste contains harmful chemicals and substance which reacts in particular condition, Some of the hazardous content in all such electronic items that we have at home are Zinc Sulphide, Nickel, Lead, Chromium, Dangerous metals, Barium and more such which can affect to our skin, lungs if inhaled or in any way reaches inside our / children body.

An identity dedicated to recycle all such electronic was required can process all such E-waste and remove dispose the hazardous material and use the recyclable materials like plastic etc back in industry. This helps Sewage management department to process raw garbage related to food and other waste by humans in faster and proper way. They cannot just bun such electronic along with other waste as it emits dangerous gas in the air that can affect Mumbai citizens. I remembered the latest news of Deonar dumping ground, Locations around were badly affected and many respiratory problems been created in the surrounding localities.

How BMC E-waste Collection System Works

Eco Recycling Ltd (EcoReCo) is the contracted company who will be taking care of all such E-waste, at their respective centres in Mumbai. A project by BMC’s Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) with its first centre already started at a location around Mithibai College (Vile Parle). ‘EcoReCo’ is planning around 96 such centres soon. One just need to call up the detailed contact numbers and they will pick up all your not used / not working old electronic items. Categorized into two, The Small and The Big electronic items like Computer peripherals like Pen drive, External Drives, USB, Chargers, Cables, Mini fans, CPU, Monitors, keyboards, Watches, Speakers, Radios, Remote and Mobile phones and bigger items like Television sets, Refrigerators, Washing machines, DVD, Plazmas, LED / LCD etc.

Once collected all the waste will be taken to special recycling centres / units (Currently started with 2 centres, 1 at Virar and Other at Bhiwandi) in a proper way and processed as be BMC listed policy. Dangerous chemical like Phosphorus from Mobile screens and other such materials will be removed and disposed accordingly and other helpful recyclable things like Metals (Aluminium and Copper from wire extracts etc) and Plastics can be kept aside for reuse. BMC has planned 4 E-Waste collection centres in every of 24 ward / Administrative zones in Mumbai. One can earn back like as we from our local Kabadiwala / Bhangarwala like for example about (Rs.1200) for bigger electronic items like refrigerators and such. Amount depends upon type of items and governments policy.

Contact Number and E-Waste Centres Address

Ecoreco is planning 96 centres around 24 Municipal wards with already few located at below :

  • Vile Parle Mithibai College (First waste bin installed during inauguration, January 2016)
  • Mulund College of Commerce.
  • Royal College, Mira Road (Western Suburb towards Thane, Vasai Virar).
  • Prabhadevi, Summer trinity tower.
  • Kali Mata Mandir (Temple), Navi Mumbai.

Toll Free Contact Number : 1800-102-1020

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