3 Ways For Reaching Mumbai City – Air Road Rail Trains

“Mumbai needs no introduction as is a very famous travel and commercial destination. So Reaching Mumbai city from any other part of India or from outside Country is easy now compared to before. Technology, Navigation and Maps have by far advanced and no one needs any further help. Still, if you have searched about ‘How to reach Mumbai’, and also to help with personal experience and some tips, here are the ways you can travel this commercial capital city via Road, Air and Railway (Train Ride)..”

By Air
By Air

Reaching Mumbai by Air

Before anything, i would recommend you to have a look at Travel options inside city which will be more helpful and should not be missed reading out.

Reaching Domestic Airport : For those who are planning to reach city by boarding a flight from other cities in India, You will land on Domestic Airport located at Santacruz (East) which is a station and location of Mumbai Suburb. See Railway Map and Station Names that will be handy and helpful for you to travel further from Airport within city.

Reaching International Airport Andheri : Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) is what the Terminal 2 (T2) International Airport located at Andheri East is called in Mumbai. Santacruz and Andheri distance is hardly few minutes and just 2 stations away from each other. Internally Both the Airports are Connected, But commuters need to follow the entry exit rules individually to reach and depart from Mumbai accordingly.

Both Airports have Lounges and Parking facilities, Money Exchange facilities etc.

Travel Options After Reaching Mumbai Airport

Once reached Mumbai Airport you can call upon Various taxi services that are available to take you to any other location inside city. Also available are few AC BEST AC Buses from T2 which travels to major corners of city, an an alternate cheaper cost to travel. If you are on Terminal 2 (International) airport and want to reach Versova, Ghatkopar in cheapest and convenient way, Head towards Mumbai Metro trains which is not far from Airport.

Reaching Mumbai by Road

Road Travel
Road Travel

Major National Highways like NH8, Mumbai Pune Express Way etc connects Mumbai city. The travel industry has grown multi fold in last 5 years with Major tour operators and private bus operators have AC and Luxury buses that reaches this city that never sleeps. Various Navigation Apps for Android and iOS are handy for self driving private cars if you are planning one. For you convenience we have a Road Distance calculator that will be handy after you reach inside city, it will calculate and show driving routes via Google map from any station to any other as per Mumbai railway route.

In the above reaching Mumbai by Air section, i have already detailed about travel options within city and station names. Although Navigation app is best and handy, We recommend you to go through station names as that will help you understand the Directions and Sign boards on National Highways that displays names. Reaching via road is a cheaper option compared to Air (Within India) yet the alternative cost is the time that it consumes. But if you are one of those who love road drives and enjoy the travel, This will be a great mood setter to be in.

Reaching Mumbai via Trains / Rail

AC Trains
Air Conditioned Local Trains

Indian railway is one of the top networks internationally known for its complexity and large rail routes. IRCTC has many regular and luxurious trains that connect Mumbai city with any other near by cities and states like Pune, Gujarat, Delhi, Calcutta and all major nationally. So instead of spending time on detailing about what train to board etc, which is now on your finger tips or very easy if you contact a travel agent, i will detail and try to help about where will you reach inside Mumbai after you board a train from your local place in India and what do to after you reach.

Major railway junction where people lands on city are CST, Mumbai Central, Kurla Terminus, Dadar and suburb stations like Thane, Borivali, Andheri and Bandra. Once you reach at any of these above railway stations, Reaching any other distance location within Mumbai is easy via the lifeline local train railway routes which are Western, Central and Harbour which are again interconnected. Just follow the timetable and get little help as and when required. It is highly recommended to take a taxi if you are in Rush Hours (Morning 6:00 to 11:30 AM) and (Evening 4:30 to Late Night) as the crowd will put your plans off to hold on any local trains. See this crowded train video.

Alternately, BEST buses, Auto (Not in South Mumbai) and Taxi options are ready available.

5 Things to Avoid Doing Once Reached Mumbai

  1. Do not leave your luggage and hang around for any work or reasons, You may loose it or may scare people around as it resembles unidentified object fearing bomb etc.
  2. Out of railway stations be relaxed and don’t show that you are in hurry as many Auto Taxi drivers many sense the need and may take you to through the long joy ride journey instead of the best short distance possible to reach your destination. Best, Start you navigation and check if the driver is not cheating on you.
  3. Competition reduces cost, and that’s what is happening between radio cabs and AC fleet private taxi operators, Download their Apps and check the lowest cost and ride luxuriously in their AC cars. OLA, UBER etc gives best rates in Mumbai.
  4. Always keep note on Metro trains as already detailed above. If you ever plan travelling between Andheri, Versova and Ghatkopar don’t miss the fun, convenience, time saving, safety and un-crowded ride.
  5. You reach Mumbai in any possible ways as listed above, Always do your homework before reaching, Blogs like this one and many others many save your money and valuable time by guiding you in best possible ways. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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