Arnala Beach Festival Event 2020 – Arnala Village Virar Near Mumbai

Before detailing about the festival 2020, Let me tell you that Arnala beach near Virar is already famous as a one day picnic spot, Adding to the charm is the Yearly Arnala beach festival (Also called ‘Arnala Paryatan Mahotsav’).

Whole new village world and lush green village experience brought together in 2 days event, not very far from Mumbai city. The very first of its kind of festival for 2 days started on 17th and ending on 18th of February 2018.

It showcases the very life of the Agri and Koli community people staying at Arnala Village. Let’s explore this festival event in detail and see what are the main attractions and also take a glimpse of their daily village life..

Festival Updates For Year 2020 : Dates for Arnala festival for current year will be updated as detailed received.

Arnala Beach Near Virar
Arnala Beach Near Virar

Event Promotional Video

Arnala Beach Festival Event Fast Facts

  • Event Dates 2020 : No Updates.
  • Location : Arnala Village Beach.
  • Nearest Railway Station : Virar.
  • Taluka / District : Vasai (Palghar District).
  • Distance : 8.7 Km, Taking about 27 to 30 minutes by road.
  • Exact Location of Event : Suruchi Baug & Nirmala Point (Opposite Martins Inn Hotel, Arnala)
  • Travel Options : Private & Share Autos from Virar Railway Station (West), MSRTC & VVMT Buses. Checkout our road distance calculator for more.
  • Organizers : Hosted by Arnala Social Work Group and Organized by Arnala Municipal Corporation (Gram Panchayat).
  • Contact : +91-8007668054.

Note : The beach is much cleaner than seen in the video as it was taken few years back.

Festival Attractions

Arnala Beach Trees
Arnala Beach Trees

Although this is the very first year event, It seems like the 2 days event is going to be lots of fun and a great village experience. Arnala and almost all 56 villages of Vasai Virar location is a blissful green heaven which is pollution free and very scenic during monsoon. I will introduce few videos of near by beaches like Navapur and a ride inside too (See on this page) which will give you an idea of how blessed these people staying here are.

Talking about Year 2020 beach festival, Its an extravaganza of village world that too at the famous beach always crowded during weekends. Best attractions of this festival is to bring you the experience of riding the age old Bullock Cart, Experiencing the traditional way of farming being inside the farms, Feel the moments with mother nature by entering those fields filled with flowers and seasonal vegetables, Taste those fresh caught fishes from this beach.

As its a beautiful sand beach, Sand art is specially organized and is part of this 2 days beach festival event. One can also experience the Koli folk dance in their traditional attire all by the beach side. To add to the fun are many other activities like fun play games options and competitions etc. If you are a selfie freak, Special selfie point is designed to capture all your beautiful moments you spent with your family and friends at this beach festival event.

Special Lantern festival is a evening attraction on beach with hundreds of lanterns seen flying above the beach. You can contact Ninad on 8551035101 and Prathmesh 8007000853 for more details above to participate in this delightful moments.

Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival

There are many resorts in the vicinity for those who are looking out for accommodation options to enjoy both the event days and to spend more time exploring vasai virar city. Feel those beaches of Vasai virar, Hang around lush green villages which has pollution free roads, Beautiful bungalows, Flora and Faunas, natural lakes to list just some of the reasons to promote vasai virar tourism.

Event Location Map

Virar to Arnala Beach Direction Map

Riding in Village

Navapur Beach Near Arnala

More Places to See Around Arnala

Vasai virar has lots of places to see. If you have more days and ample time, below are some of the main attractions near Arnala beach where festival event is taking place and around Virar to be not missed. Although below are all major listed attractions, Also checkout Virar palces to see.

You might also like to know about Versova fish festival and Worli Village koli festival.

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