Mumbai Lockdown 2022 – Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic

“It was March & April of 2020, In the history of Mumbai such Lockdown of 2022, Curfew, and Isolation pictures never floated. It is COVID-19, the famous Coronavirus pandemic that made it possible. No one wants one more day of curfew and lockdown in 2022, But the lesson of the coronavirus and its impact on mother nature is positive too, which cannot be ignored.

Below are some of the much-circulated pictures of Mumbai on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter during the hard days of the Lockdown, Roads were vacant, Curfew got Stricker, Yet some beautiful things happened in nature and in the life of co-existing Birds, Mammals, and sea life due to lowering of pollutions, Some funny memes & the real life of Mumbai people working from home.

Below are all those Photos taken by individuals, various media and news agencies, and others still at service for humanity. (Big Thanks to Mumbai Police, Hospitality Staff & All Credits & Courtesy for these pictures to them)..”

Update January 2023: No Updates will be done on this article.

Update January 2022: As of date, The talks about 3rd wave and the new variant ‘OMICRON’ is in news. With basic restrictions like 50% allowed in major public locations and malls etc, The boosters are making their way.

Many videos from around the world are making rounds talking about & creating awareness about the total fake Virus, Masks, Vaccination, and other things. Fake or Real, Time will disclose.

Local Trains Stopped at Churchgate Station
Local Trains Stopped at Churchgate Station

Beautiful Mumbai View During Covid-19 Lockdown 2022 Curfew

One of the very beautiful view photos of National Park in Mumbai Suburban Borivali were very much in circulation and are already in the above gallery.

Work From Home During Coronavirus

Some funny memes of the upcoming 5th April 2020, Some work from home Jugad, Some innovations, NGOs at work, Government Office circulation, and lots more to be seen in the below photos by individual users at Mumbai & Suburban Homes.

Sudden Work From Home Judag Laptop Table
Sudden Work From Home Judag Laptop Table

That is Mumbai during the pandemic attack of Coronavirus, Pollution Free, Ruled by Nature, Better Place for Animals & Birds around.

Hope for a better & virus-free year in 2022 ahead.

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