Relief Riders Cycling Group Delivery Services in Mumbai for COVID and Elderly

“A cycling community in many cities and not just Mumbai called ‘Relief Riders’, Helping with delivery services to elderly (Senior Citizens), COVID patients and those home quarantine / physical challenged who are stuck at home and needs basic Groceries and medicines.

An idea initiative by Bengaluru based cyclist ‘Sathya Sankaran’ with leadership quality that waves its effect in Mumbai city.

Below are contact / phone numbers of those warriors / helpers in city, who are ready to help you deliver and reach the basic necessities of daily life..”

Sathya Sankaran BYCS
Sathya Sankaran BYCS

Call Them Cyclists, Volunteers, Helping Hands or Relief Riders of Mumbai

So, Who are these people from Mumbai ? Are they super humans who do not fear COVID and are helping elderly and all those who cannot reach markets, pharmacists to get basic groceries and medicines for any reasons ?

The answer is NO, They are just one of those citizens like we are, Fearless frontliner warriors who takes extra precautions of themselves and reach out to help people around Mumbai by giving a free service of purchasing & delivering groceries, medicines and such basics at your door steps / building gates.

Year 2020 Relief Riders in News
Year 2020 Relief Riders in News
BYCS Relief Riders Cyclists
BYCS Relief Riders Cyclists

A great helping hand cyclists group of Mumbai who already helped in similar way thousands of citizens last Year (2020) in Mumbai and other cities of India.

As we all know, The second wave of COVID-19 aka CORONAVirus in 2021 is hitting hard in Mumbai city and Suburban locations, The need of time was some sort of support that fills the gap of reaching lockdown rules and basic needs and purchases like Groceries, Medicines, Food for those who are helpless (Covid patients, Elderly, Low Immune etc).

Below listed contact numbers of these cyclists in Mumbai are those who will help you joint those 2 dots. They can be called a free courier, delivery guys etc who not professional but someone like you and me who are ready to provide such services risking oneself. A true social service in bad phase of hard hitted Amchi Mumbai city.

You can call upon the given helpline numbers and they will do the needful at no extra cost. Just give them the actual cash of products and medicines you requested once delivered.

In the background, A system is working for this cyclists group via WhatsApp and Google forms that keeps track of all services requested and fulfilled.

This strict lockdowns and restrictions went tough initially as these cyclists were not part of the listed essential services. But considering the situation and need of time, and also level of service & precautions taken by these ‘Relief Riders’, Government authorities verfies and is now allowing them for all the help and services they are providing.

Contact Numbers of Cyclist Riders

IMPORTANT NOTE : Since it is a voluntary service, Contact number of ‘Relief Riders’ in Mumbai may change with time. Kindly check this Google site for updates of all updated contacts for Mumbai city and Suburban locations. All requests served between 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm. Services for COVID Patients, Elders (Senior Citizens) and with Physical challenges only.

Mumbai City Relief Riders Updated Contacts
Mumbai City Relief Riders Updated Contacts

Updated lists of cyclists operates in city & suburbans stations (East & West locations) like Andheri , Airoli, Bandra, Bhandup, Borivali, Chembur, Colaba (South Mumbai), Dadar, Dahisar, Goregaon, Ghatkopar, Juhu, Kandivali, Kanjurmarg, Khar, Andheri Lokhandwala, Malad, Mira Road, Mulund, Nahur, Prabhadevi, Santacruz, Sion, Thane, Vile Parle, Versova & Yari Road, Worli and Other locations in South Mumbai and Suburbans.

  1. AIROLI: 8976790804
  2. ANDHERI (West): 9820063141
  3. ANDHERI LOKHANDWALA: 9820007802
  4. VERSOVA and YARI ROAD: 9821164550
  5. ANDHERI(East): 9324218505 and 9820119326
  6. ANDHERI(East): 9867335830
  7. JUHU: 9324278505 and 9820063141
  8. JUHU: 9136407220 and 9920054844
  9. BANDRA: 8591441671 and 7021726134
  10. BANDRA: 9619316254 and 9009535556
  11. BHANDUP: 8976790804
  12. BORIVALI: 702172613419820994495
  13. BORIVALI: 9820807187
  14. CHEMBUR: 9892221232
  15. COLABA: 9070080116
  16. DADAR: 9867433336 and 9820126519
  17. DADAR: 9867335830
  18. DAHISAR: 9820994495
  19. GOREGAON: 9820055389
  20. GHATKOPAR: 9930406731
  21. KHAR: 9819752892
  22. KANDIVALI: 8850316442 and 9930971657
  23. KANJURMARG: 8976790804
  24. MALAD : 7021726134
  25. MIRA ROAD: 9820313325
  26. MULUND: 7506121104 and 7045123111
  27. MULUND: 8169806664 and 9967024040
  28. MULUND: 9820835666 and 9223351954
  29. NAHUR: 8976790804
  30. PRABHADEVI: 9867433336 and 9820126519
  31. SANTACRUZ: 9821351785 and 9892349092
  32. SANTACRUZ: 9324218505 and 9920130651
  33. SOUTH MUMBAI: 9819991798
  34. SION: 9820481194
  35. THANE: 9819828328 and 9867171222
  36. THANE: 7208553495 and 8454904036
  37. VILE PARLE: 9769620506 and 9833547325
  38. VILE PARLE: 9324278505 and 9820023634
  39. WORLI: 9820063141 and 8291119790
  40. WORLI: 9867433336 and 9869871916
Contact Number Mumbai
Contact Number Mumbai
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