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“We started with DJI Phantom 2 and now much higher versions series available. Our Drones are available on rental basis for personal and professional Aerial shoots in Mumbai and around India. We can capture your valuable moments as per your requirements and make it a beautiful lifetime memories with varieties of drones in our rental services list. High Definition Aerial Photographs and videos for all outdoor occasions are now possible through our Drone services in Mumbai and around India. Below listed are just some of the services we provide, If you have any other innovative idea and want to rent our drone services for a day or few hours, We are open to explore and capture all moments right from the top..”

DJi Phantom Drone Flying in Sky
DJi Phantom Drone Flying in Sky

Drone Rental and Services

IMPORTANT !! As per legal rules, Mumbai city security requirements and police restrictions, Flying a Drone in city area is restricted and is only possible with prior permissions from local police station of the area Drone needs to fly and related drone rental services required. As a marketing partner’s of a Drone Owner, We will only be able to give services if client takes prior permission for Mumbai drone flying. We & technical partner strictly follows ‘DGCA Guidelines’ and follow all the legal rules and support Mumbai police decision and are ready for any other help.

We provide all types of Drone on rent in Mumbai and all around India. Major focused on HD Video shoots and Aerial Coverage for below listed services and sectors. Both Entry level drone like Dji Phantom and higher once like Inspire and Aerigon Octocopter are available on rent with technical person doing the needful flying operations.

Drone P4 Pro
Drone P4 Pro
  • Real Estate Firms : Drones are now integral part of property business. Every real estate firm want to showcase their projects in best possible ways to their prospective clients. Our Drones can be used at projects and real estate shoots like Skylines, Farm Houses, Row Houses, Open Plots, Bungalows. Drone can capture 180 ° and 90 ° top view with motion covering each and every area of the property.

    Further the video clip captured via those HD Drone cameras can be edited, creating animation and required effects and can be used On your website, Print Media like Newspaper Advertising, Online Advertorials, Cable TV ads and any other place one wants.

  • Corporate Events, Picnics and Other Activities : If you are an Organization, Corporate Company or any such identity, We are ready with our Drones to capture your event at any locations in Mumbai or any city / state in India. If you are taking your team for a day picnic and want to capture the spirit, fun and entertainment from sky in a Aerial HD Video or Photo form, Or Make an addition to your existing corporate videos of Office premise and building area, It is possible with our drone rental services.
  • Destination Weddings : Most in style and trend today, Destination wedding and special photo shoots like Pre-Wedding shoots are possible now due to technology available. Going a level higher, How about taking some shots and video from Aerial ? Making the memories more lively, Aerial shoot from various angles at the breath taking destination you selected is possible via our Drones. Awesome sky shots have already been captured by many couples preferring destination wedding.

    Those open plots and decorated stages, Colourful event and the centre of attraction Bride and Groom can have a lifetime digital memories of Aerial photo shoot for their special day at the costly destination wedding arranged. And as said, Pre-Wedding shoots via Drone cams are best to the results compared to any static pictures.

  • Factory and Industries Shoots : Static photography as a business need to capture few photographs of factory and industry location is a non-trendy past now. Our rental drones can move inside your property and capture every corner now.
    Not just that, a full length video is possible where your factory / industry premise can be seen from Sky covering the surrounding and also the inside view in one single video.
  • Tourism, Hotels and Resorts Industry : How about shooting your beautiful resort and water park with surrounding locations, Swimming pool etc from top. Aerial shots have always given best results to water parks and resorts due to the colourful water rides and greenery around.
    Website with aerial footage gains more confidence in customers compared to static pictures now. It is one of the must things on the list of Big hotels, Resorts and Water Parks to get an Aerial photo shoot images and videos on their websites to boost the tourism around.
  • Film Shoots and Broadcast Media : Renting a helicopter just for 10 minutes or so of actual footage may be expensive. The burden of lengthy legal procedures and all that are talks of past now.
    With latest and High Density Cameras on drones like Inspire and Aerigon Octocopter life of a movie maker is quite easy now. Many bigger production houses opt for rental drones for great experience and results. This saves both time, money and lengthy procedures to get few Aerial shots.

    Beach side modelling shoots and other aerial shots are favourite of some reputed fashion designers in industry now. Call us for any type of Drone on rent and we can make it possible in best options available with us.

  • Aerial Shoot For Seminars and Live Concerts : Today, remotely controlled drones can reach the stages without disturbing audience views and can hang around freely for as long a 30 minutes to get best Aerial videos and some exciting pictures of performers and excited audiences. Our Drones can be operational during nights too, Night vision cameras are now available for all such seminars, live concerts and events of all other types.
  • Outdoor Sports, Adventures, Events etc : Drones can move with the cyclists and any other vehicle at the required speed, Capturing aerial images and clips of that events like Mumbai Marathon, Cycling Groups and Others with feasible environment and climatic conditions. Just list it and everything is possible now.
  • Search and Rescue Operations : We humans have some limitations and cannot reach few places. Such hurdles can now be taken care of in search and rescue operations which are critical and can saves lives. One can see live happenings on Operators screen live from the place Drone has reached during search and rescue operation and team can take prompt decisions to save life or reduce damages.

Service Terms and Charges Renting Our Drone

Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 5D
  • LEGAL : Since Legal rules on flying Aerial Objects like Drones, Helicams, Octocopters, Quadcopter and Hexacopters kind devices are under process, Currently no bills and rules are available in India. One needs to adhere to city rules and restriction laid by Police. A simple application has to be provided (On Letterhead of available) with location and reason / requirements to fly a Drone in Mumbai city. Police will stamp sign and allow to fly drone in Mumbai city.

    This clearly means, Our Government is positive about technology and changing trends, Just that safety and security has to be considered and should be on top priority. Our Government is also positively learning existing rules and policies at countries where already drones fly by professionals and individual hobby flyers. Said that, We fly drones all over India including Mumbai following proper rules and guidelines by police and other government departments.

  • Best services at competitive rates guaranteed. We go an extra mile to get that exact capture and memories you want to preserve for life. We charge on per day basis and also according to the project requirements for more than a day shoot and drone rental service requirements. For small occasions like Birthdays and Wedding in open ground one can opt our services with as low as Rs. 10,000 (Just an approximate amount for idea). Do not hesitate to contact us, We are flexible enough to fulfil your dream shoot at best of our possibilities.
  • Maximum fly time for a day is 60 to 90 minutes and Maximum shoot time is 20 to 40 minutes. This may vary for few services listed above.
  • Taking our aerial shoot services outside Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai is possible (Limiting to India as of now). Taxes, Food, Accommodation and Travel expenses will be charged extra.
  • We Do Not Fly our aircraft on photo and video restricted and sensitive zones. Client is solely responsible of getting permissions from respected authorities for any such shoots and locations.
  • Services technically depends on weather conditions, location feasibility, GPS signals etc which are out of our or anyone else control.
  • Cancellation Of Services : Although we take care and inform for any type of cancellation in much advance, But for any technical fault in aircraft or unsuitable weather conditions such decisions can be taken on the spot. More on this will depend when order is confirmed.
  • Mumbai77 is affiliated with SkyShotsPro for Drone service and all technical. We are just marketing and advertising partners. All Promotional videos and pictures are owned by SkyshotsPro and are used on Mumbai77.com for promotional purpose only.
  • Other things and terms applied as per final meeting and discussions.

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