Drone FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Rental Services

“Although all type of queries will be resolved on phone by our technical partner and similarly, few queries will be asked, Below are few of the Drone FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for your reference..

Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 5D

    1. What all Occasions do we give drones on rental services ?Our Drones fly at major outdoor locations, events, and feasible Indoor shoots too. These Drones can be used to capture High Definition pictures and videos of any occasion, special task, event or festivals and show you live on the remotely controlled equipment by operator. Just that it has some limitations (See Below drone flying limitations), Otherwise drones are rented in Mumbai and around India by Individual and Big brands for Festivals like Dahi Handi, Navratri etc, Car Launches, Destination & Open Ground Weddings, Real Estate, Infrastructure projects, Live Concerts, Award Shows, Sports Events, Cricket matches and more..
    2. Which Drones are available on rent ?We have DJi Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1 & 2 (X3/X5R/X7S cameras) and Aerigon Octacopter are some of the best Drones which can fulfil your requirements. Just for an example, Phantom 4 Pro has flight time of 28 to 30 minutes which covers 7 Km range at maximum speed of 72 Km/H with 4k video resolutions (60 fps). Inspire series and Aerigon are higher end drones compared to Pro 4 with many advance features and are used for film making and other big events.In a day maximum flying time of our service will be 1 to 1 and Half Hours in interval of 20 Minutes each. With in this time range 30 to 40 minutes recording is possible. We carry 3 extra batteries to fulfil this and each battery required 1 Hour 30 minutes of charging time.
    3. What are some of the limitations of our services ?In Mumbai, Flying a Drone is strictly prohibited and requires prior permission from local police station where the service is required. Apart from Mumbai, Client still needs to take local concerned authorities permissions so that your event and our services are not interrupted with any further losses.Drones cannot fly on a rainy or windy day. We also cannot fly near human existence specially in a crowded area. A proper location feasible for aircraft & humans safety is needed where there are no obstructions like High tension wire or any kind of electric power units. GPS signals are must for any drone session too. Restricted locations like Airports and Surroundings, Defence, Army and Navy and any such location restricted under DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India) guidelines is where we will not give our services.
    4. How High Can We Fly Those Drones ?Drones has capacity of flying beyond our sight, So technically height is not a problem for any task, Be it a Skyline or anything. Most important point here is that we need to follow DGCA guidelines (Permitted height) and Aircraft should be at sight, i.e visible to the operator.
    5. How much in Advance we need to book for Drone Rentals in Mumbai, Or Outside Maharashtra ?4 to 5 days in advance is the ideal time for booking, This helps us to get ready and adjust with other schedules and appointments. Although, 1 day prior is also not problem with us, if Drones are not on task and operators are available.
    6. What are our Charges and Payments terms ?Charges depends on type of service, event and location etc. If one needs to do Aerial shooting outside Mumbai, Accommodation (If more than a day) and Transports needs to be paid extra by client. For services outside Maharashtra, Air travel and other transportations to be arranged. For More then 1 day of services, We do consider some discounts upon discussions.Payment terms being 50% in advance and 50% on same day of Shoot. Final drone data (Pictures & Videos) will be handed over only after balance 50% payment is done via Cash or Electronic transfer and confirmation received.

  1. Post Aerial Shoot What Data is Given To Client ?Raw footage (Both Videos & Pictures) captured will be given to you. If you want extra services like editing, animation and other effects etc, We can do that for you too which will attract extra charges. These charges solely depends on the creativity needs and work efforts.
  2. Do Mumbai77 Own these drones and finalize the service terms ?No, None of the drones are owned by us. We are just Advertising & Marketing partners and anything related to Drone rental and services needs to be finalized with our technical partners in Mumbai. All terms & conditions agreed upon our technical partner and you is what will be considered final. Mumbai77 will not be responsible for anything beyond this information, be it any service, cancellation, payments or anything related to the services.
  3. Have more to ask ?Please feel free to contact us with some basic inputs and contact number and our technical person will contact you for everything else. Please use the contact option in menu to reach us.

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