Drone Series – DJi Phantom 4 Pro | Inspire | Aerigon Octacopter Models

Varieties of Drone and its Series / Models on rent are now easy available on rent in Mumbai, India. 3 of the best drones and its series which can fulfil all major requirements of Aerial shoot in HD which are available with us are DJi Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1 & 2 series and Aerigon Octacopter, handy and light weight major preferred for aerial photography and complex tasks like film making. Apart from these models, If you have some special requirements, Feel free to contact us and we try arranging the same. Below are some details of those 3 types of Drones and its series available on rent with us.

Dji Drone Series P4 Pro
Drone P4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro, Dji Drone Series

Dji Phantom 4 Pro Drone
Dji Phantom 4 Pro Drone

Phantom 4 pro by Dji is very compact, light weight and power packed with much advanced features, and is a most popular drone in the current Indian market of aerial photography and video shooting. Making it most popular among others are some of its features like a powerful 1 inch sized 20 Mega pixel camera giving fascinating results of 14 fps in burst mode (still pictures) and 4K (60 fps) HD video results. Camera lens are engineered in custom way using mechanical shutter for greater image quality. Flight time of 28 minutes is what a DJi Phantom 4 pro gives.

5 Special sensors to detect any obstacles and 4 different directions to avoid the same is one of the lovely features of Dji P4 drone series, Much required for aircraft safety ranging up to 4.3 miles. More technicalities of this series can be found at Dji’s Phantom 4 website page. This white coloured, beautiful & sleek looking aircraft is loaded with many other features and is handy to carry along in any transportation around India.

Dji Inspire 1 & 2 Drone Series

Dji Inspire 1
Dji Inspire 1

World of Drones has more to it, Dji Inspire 1 was out and so was Inspire 2 series which is an enhanced version of 1. The ease and flexibility Inspire Drones have already given to film making industry has not been possible ever before. In fact, Drones are now an integral part of Film making for various action sequences and other tasks. Aerial shots at speed of train or a bike, Aerial chase of a vehicle or an animal is all now possible in any angle. Cameras loaded with Inspire drone are very steady during shoots. Any movement and rotation to take a particular aerial shots is matter of ease that too through remote equipment and app. Cameras with Inspire Drones 1 and 2 are Zenmuse X3, X5, X5R, X7, XT, Z3 and more.

The enhanced series, i.e Inspire 2 has one more speciality, The 360 Degree rotating gimbals which is what is mostly demanded by any film maker / director. Aerial scenes gives a wow effect to movie scenes and since last few years drones has been a boon to the film industries world wide. Inspire 2 takes just 5 seconds to reach the speed of 80 KMPH with a maximum speed of 94 Kilometre per hour. Refer Inspiring page for more technical details like image processing system, flight time, video recording details and more about Aerial shooting world.

The Aerigon Octocopter Model

Aerigon Octocopter MK2 Drone
Aerigon Octocopter MK2 Drone

Another most preferred drone in movie making industry, If you want a drone to fly with a heavy camera like Red Epic/ Dragon/ Helium etc, Aerigon is the perfect choice for you. Intuitive Aerial, a company from Sweden has again broken limitation of film making aerial shoots by introducing Aerigon MK 2 series as per industry needs. Aerigon Octocopter drones are said to be complete professional series with cinema camera having full FIZ controls.

It is still one of the light weight drones with structure made up of rugged fiber material that carries heavy cameras. It has capacity of carrying 9 KG (19 LBS) of camera weight, and is flexible enough to handle cameras of your choice too. Arigon MK 2 is another best and a choice of professional cinematographers around the world. Know more about Aerigon technicalities and contact us back for required aerial services.

To keep it shorter, These aircraft (Phantom 4 pro, Inspire & Aerigon) series are all available with us on rentals in Mumbai. They are made with state of the art technologies & are highly advanced. Do let us know your requirements and we can suggest you with the best options in drone industry for all your Aerial shooting requirements.

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