Theatres Running Student Of The Year 2 and Show Times

 Hindi Movie Student Of The Year 2 in Mumbai | Theatres Running | Show Times


 Hindi Movie Student Of The Year 2 Details


Show Timings

  24 Karat Cinema

 Hindi (2D):11:55 AM  Hindi (2D): 3:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:00 PM

  Balaji Movieplex Cinema

 Hindi (2D):11:00 PM

  Bharat Cineplex

 Hindi (2D):2:30 PM

  Carnival Cinemas Annex Mall

 Hindi (2D):11:50 AM  Hindi (2D): 5:10 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Carnival Cinemas Dreams Mall

 Hindi (2D):2:05 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  Carnival Cinemas Huma

 Hindi (2D):9:05 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:50 PM

  Carnival Cinemas Kharghar

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:35 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 8:10 PM

  Carnival Cinemas Moviestar

 Hindi (2D):10:35 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:25 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:20 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:15 PM

  Carnival Cinemas Non Imax

 Hindi (2D):9:15 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:20 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:10 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Carnival Cinemas RMall

 Hindi (2D):11:40 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:50 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:15 PM

  Carnival Cinemas Sangam

 Hindi (2D):9:05 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:05 PM

  Carnival KT Vision Cinema

 Hindi (2D):10:25 AM  Hindi (2D): 3:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 6:30 PM

  Carnival Oshiwara

 Hindi (2D):11:35 AM

  Carnival SM5 Cinema

 Hindi (2D):8:50 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 6:25 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:35 PM

  Cinema Star

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  Cinemax Cinemas Eternity Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:15 PM

  Cinemax Cinemas Manpada Wonder Mall

 Hindi (2D):7:00 PM

  Cinemax Cinemas R Odeon Mall

 Hindi (2D):1:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:30 PM

  Cinemax Infinity 2

 Hindi (2D):3:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:00 PM

  Cinepolis Cinema Bhandup

 Hindi (2D):9:15 AM  Hindi (2D): 7:55 PM

  Cinepolis Cinema RealD 3D Dolby

 Hindi (2D):4:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:25 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  Cinepolis Fun Cinema K Star Mall

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:05 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:40 PM

  Cinepolis Fun Republic

 Hindi (2D):11:50 AM  Hindi (2D): 6:15 PM

  Cinepolis VIP

 Hindi (2D):1:50 PM

  Gemini Cinema

 Hindi (2D):12:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 3:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 6:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 9:15 PM

  Gold Cinema Malad West

 Hindi (2D):3:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 9:30 PM

  Haseen Cinema

 Hindi (2D):9:45 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:15 PM

  Inox Cinema Nariman Point

 Hindi (2D):9:20 AM  Hindi (2D): 5:10 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:50 PM

  Inox Cinemas Glomax

 Hindi (2D):9:05 AM  Hindi (2D): 3:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  Inox Cinemas Inorbit Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 12:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:05 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:50 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:00 PM

  INOX Cinemas Korum Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:35 AM  Hindi (2D): 3:20 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:50 PM

  Inox Cinemas Metro

 Hindi (2D):9:10 AM  Hindi (2D): 11:35 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:50 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 8:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Inox Cinemas Metro Mall

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:35 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:46 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:50 PM

  Inox Cinemas Navi Mumbai

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:40 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:00 PM

  Inox Cinemas Neelyog Plaza

 Hindi (2D):12:55 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  INOX Cinemas Palm Beach Galleria

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:40 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:40 PM

  Inox Cinemas Raghuleela Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:05 AM  Hindi (2D): 5:05 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:10 PM

  Inox Cinemas Thakur Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  INOX Insignia Atria

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:25 PM  Hindi (2D): 3:25 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:55 PM

  Inox Rcity Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:25 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:50 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:05 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:55 PM

  K K Cinemas

 Hindi (2D):4:00 PM

  K Moviestar Cinema

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  Maxus Cinema Nerul

 Hindi (2D):3:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 9:15 PM

  Maxus Cinemas Gorai

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 10:15 AM  Hindi (2D): 6:15 PM

  Maxus Cinemas Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 11:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 12:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 2:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:15 PM

  Maxus Cinemas Saki Naka

 Hindi (2D):1:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  Mehul Cinema

 Hindi (2D):1:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:15 PM

  Miraj Cinema Ambernath

 Hindi (2D):10:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Miraj Cinemas Ashok Anil Multiplex

 Hindi (2D):10:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:15 PM

  Miraj Cinemas Fun City Mall

 Hindi (2D):10:15 AM  Hindi (2D): 1:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 4:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Miraj Dattani Cinema

 Hindi (2D):10:15 AM  Hindi (2D): 2:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Miraj Fun Fiesta Cinema

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 5:20 PM  Hindi (2D): 11:00 PM

  Movietime Cinemas Hub Mall

 Hindi (2D):10:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:00 PM

  Movietime Cinemas Link Road

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 9:45 PM

  Movietime Cubic Mall

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Mukta A2 KMall

 Hindi (2D):12:45 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:45 PM

  Mukta A2 Suncity

 Hindi (2D):11:30 AM

  Mukta A2 Topiwala

 Hindi (2D):3:45 PM

  Mukta Jaihind Cinema Lalbaug

 Hindi (2D):4:15 PM

  Oracle Fun Square Cinema

 Hindi (2D):12:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 3:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 9:00 PM

  PVR Beverly Park Mira Road

 Hindi (2D):1:30 PM

  PVR Cinemas Citi Mall

 Hindi (2D):1:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:15 PM

  PVR Cinemas Growels 101 Mall

 Hindi (2D):9:15 AM  Hindi (2D): 5:00 PM

  PVR Cinemas High Street Phoenix

 Hindi (2D):11:55 AM  Hindi (2D): 5:00 PM

  PVR Cinemas Juhu

 Hindi (2D):9:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 6:45 PM

  PVR Cinemas Market City Mall

 Hindi (2D):12:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 9:00 PM

  PVR Cinemas Nirmal Lifestyle

 Hindi (2D):4:20 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:35 PM

  PVR Cinemas Sion Circle

 Hindi (2D):9:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 12:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 7:15 PM

  PVR ICON Cinemas Oberoi Mall

 Hindi (2D):4:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 9:30 PM

  PVR Icon Gold

 Hindi (2D):11:05 PM

  PVR Lodha Xperia Mall

 Hindi (2D):10:00 AM  Hindi (2D): 4:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  PVR Orion Mall

 Hindi (2D):12:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 6:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:30 PM

  Rassaz Cinema

 Hindi (2D):9:45 AM  Hindi (2D): 5:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 8:15 PM

  Rockstar Cinema

 Hindi (2D):12:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 10:45 PM

  Sangeeta Cineplex

 Hindi (2D):11:30 AM  Hindi (2D): 10:15 PM

  Sterling Cinema

 Hindi (2D):12:30 PM  Hindi (2D): 3:15 PM  Hindi (2D): 8:00 PM

  Tilak Cinema

 Hindi (2D):12:00 PM  Hindi (2D): 5:15 PM

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