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A Comprehensive city guide for every individual, Be a Mumbai local citizen or a tourist. Know, Understand and Feel how the capital city Mumbai is via Our Picture Gallery and Video's and Other Sections of this website. Remember, mobile compatible travel guide is also available for Android Phone's that help's you makes your travel smooth and easy even if you are visiting first time to the city. PDF Printable city information and travel related like Local Train Timetable, Auto Taxi Fares, Road Travel Distance Calculator, Pin Codes locator, Brands and Branches, City Attractions, Helplines, Entertainment Options like Dating, Movies, Travel Places and Complete Tourism Details are ready available.

Mumbai is a city of diverse cultures where people from all over the world co-exits. It's the dissimilar flavors of the people that live, the places that exist, together make the city colorful, fun and a place you easily fall in love with. In every issue of Mumbai Dairy, we will take a trip down the memory lanes, gullies, raastas of Mumbai and bring back the flavors of the city that have enriched it over the years and continue to be the very essence of the Mumbai even today. We will feature all those shops, libraries, restaurants, streets or any other place that takes you back to the good old days of Mumbai and represents the old world charm of Mumbai city.

As a travel guide, tourist ask us when is the best time to visit Mumbai ? Our answer is in Mumbai anytime is right time. After all the fun never sets here. But if there can be the months between November to January. It is not just because the normally humid climate of Mumbai takes a break and cools its heels. Temperatures range between a pleasant 20 Degree and a nippy 18 Degree Celsius. This is also the time when Mumbai is at its festive best. A very important reason for this is that three of India's most festivals Diwali, Ramzan and Christmas follow each other. It almost feels like Mumbai has come out dressed out in its most colorful attire and is ready to party non stop. Prithvi Theater Festival to the spectacle of the great Indian Wedding season. From fairs to art exhibitions. The weather too contributes to the general feeling of happiness by so step in and as they say in Mumbai, 'Aish Kar!!'

Travel Note : Before giving further details on tourism, We highly recommend you to download our Free Android App that has eveything you see on this website.

Things to Know
We know travelling in new city is not very easy unless you get a proper guide or easy information online before you start. We know it and so our Mumbai city guide comes to your help, Here are few things you must know that makes your travel easy. Understand the basic language, Know the Slangs. If you are a migrant, Refer important document to take care. Check some details about currency Also refer our New to Mumbai and things to know guide for easy reference. Also keep a note of other tourism offices, Visa Consulates Offices, Location wise travel agents and leading companies into travel business in city that may help if you from that state of India.

Travel Options
Mumbai has 4 major travel options within city limits that a commuter uses daily and they are Local Trains (Called Life Line Travel Option of Mumbai) Autos (In Suburban Area), Taxi Services (Which includes private cab services like Tab Cab, Meru, Cool cab and Other) that runs beyond Bandra suburb and BEST Buses (BRTS AC Buses and Non AC buses). Checkout below Map to get an idea or 3 Major area (locations) which are City District, Greater Mumbai (Called 'Bombay' Previously) and Suburban Locations (Western and Eastern Suburbs). For travel convienence refer railway network map, Railway station names list for 3 major railway routes of city which are Western, Central and Harbour.

Road Travel Tips
You must also know the road safety guidelines, traffic rules, drink drive fines, traffic penalties, driving rules, RTO, License Process, when it comes to driving in Mumbai city.

Local Train Travel Tips
First know some basics about our Local Trains, Next if you lost your baggage then Western Railway lost + found and similarly central railway lost + found. Next comes travelling inside local trains and biggest hurdle to face after the crowd is to get daily journey tickets. If you are a tourist, we highly recommend to go for ATVM Smart cards, See the demo to understand it better.

Airport and Airlines
Mumbai has Domestic terminus at Santacruz (A Station at Western Railway Route in Mumbai Subrub) and International Airport at Andheri (Main Suburb location just 2 stations from Santacruz), Both the airport are connected to each other internally. Both the airports has major required faiclities required by any tourist in city. Facilities like Parking, Lounges, ATM, Forex, Wheelchair for physically challanged etc are readily available.

Tourist Attractions
Below are list of places to see when in Mumbai


Current Running Movies

Mumbai has almost every famous brands having its retail outlets at famous malls and various individual outlets across city. With that thousands of local business operates here. BKC at Bandra, Lower Parel, Andheri, Malad Goregaon Link Road and Nariman Point being the most in demand commercial locations with highest corporate offices operating having head offices at these prime business locations of Mumbai. For more on these locations and their rentals, See here. Below is the business brands and their branches search tool which will help you reach faster. Note that the listing is still getting updated and more of such business outlets will be added.

Search Business

Search Brand   (Type Minimum 3 Starting characters of brandname and wait for results)

Business Brands Branch Locator

City is a hotspot desination for shopping lovers, You name the brand and outlets are available. Yet when it comes to Shopping, Mumbai has its own specialty as their are various detinations to buy your stuff. We Mumbaikars are specialized in best bargains when it comes to street side shopping at Fashion street, Linking Road (See more pictures here) and locations like Bhuleshwar market too. Their are Fashion stores, and a huge list of malls around to keep you busy whole day.
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