Local Train Schedules

How This Timetable Works

The railway network of Mumbai is Divided into 3 routes which are Western, Central, and Harbour Railway. For each of this routes we have created a separate page which one can bookmark, PIN etc for easy reference. Once of the page we have a quick drop down listing schedules of all routes in UP and DOWN directions with deeper selection option of SLOW or FAST trains. Once selected automatically it opens the exact SOURCE and DESTINATION which details the Start Time, Reaching time and difference of time taken between individual stations. It also details its remark about individual trains (Example: This train will not stop at X station, OR will not run on Sundays etc).

Local Train Timetable

At the end of the main timetable, we have listed all the other the routes whose SOURCE or DESTINATION station name matches the one you are looking at. This helps guide you with perfect timings and alternate trains for the route. One can easily easy understand the travel time required between 2 stations.

Western Railway Local Trains Schedules

Total 38 timetable scheduled for UP route : From Dahanu / Virar towards Churchgate Station

Total 47 timetable scheduled for DOWN route : From Churchgate towards Dahanu / Virar Stations

Central Railway Local Trains Schedules

Total 45 timetable scheduled for UP route of Central Railway in Mumbai region. : Trains going towards CST.

Total 43 timetable scheduled on DOWN route of Central Railway Mumbai Region. : Trains From Dadar / CST towards Karjat, Thane direction.

Harbour Railway Local Trains Schedules

Total 21 timetable scheduled for Harbour Rail UP route Local Trains in Mumbai. : Trains going towards CST.

Total 22 timetable scheduled on Harbour rail DOWN route local trains in Mumbai. : Trains From CST towards Wadala, Kurla direction till station Panvel.

Search Train Schedule

Searching a particular local train schedule made easy with this easy input form. Simply enter your commuting options and reach the timetable in just one step.

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Important Reference For Local Train Commuters

Some of the important things apart from timetable one should know while travelling via this local trains are as :

  • First and foremost we recommend you to understand rail network via this map. Next, Understand the station names according to your stay location.
  • NEW !!! This year after long wait the Dahanu Mumbai Route was given green signal and Locals started running extended Mumbai borders touching Gujarat border (Dahanu Road Station) in western railway route. See all the Dahanu Mumbai Train Schedules if planning to travel beyond.
  • Always be a smart commuter of local trains, Use rechargeable smart ATVM cards and save lots of time. Checkout DEMO.
  • Things to know before and while you travel via Mumbai Local Trains. Also if interested know the AC DC currents on which this train runs.
  • Are you a female tourist and worried about things like women security etc. Keep these special Helplines handy.
  • For Lost + Found articles in trains Refer for Western and Central/Harbour.