Pictures of Mumbai Local Trains and Railway Premise

Mumbai’s lifeline Local train and life around in Photos below, Just a word and thousands of things around railway premise and local trains flashes back lots of memories. People travel since decades and have seen drastic changes and improvements. Below are best selected pictures i clicked a decade back which shows you the NOW and THEN of Mumbai local trains and Railways surrounding overall. Will sure add few recent pictures soon..

Local Trains & Surroundings

There are lots of positive changes in last 2 decades. This pictures are memories for all those who spent decades travelling in Mumbai local trains. If you are travelling today, you know how has railways and things inside local trains have improved and well maintained compared to past 20 years. The platforms are clean, toilets are not filthy, dustbins are seen on place, spitting of tobacco and pan etc is rarely seen, people are getting better with civic sense, lots of new trains added, ticketing technology improved, Railway line crossing has been reduced, travelling on rooftop and windows is 100% out now.

Security has been increased drastically and women travelling in local trains is much more secure compare to those days. Due to the quantity of crowd and unrestricted entry in Mumbai, It is practically impossible to get 5 out of 5 in the score, Still thumbs up to Mumbai local trains and Indian Railways for the kind of job done.

Old Local Trains and Railway Surroundings Photos

Churchgate Railway Station

Luggage Section Has Lots of Bags

That Bandra Station

It Was Over Crowded Always

Risky Boarding and Local Train Travelling

Railway Crossing Was Very Common

Old Train Chain Pulling During Emergency

EMU Car Shed

Even First Class Compartments Were Dirty

Rooptop & Footboard Looked Like Circus

Two Adjacent Local Trains

Gents Commuters Travelling on Footboard

That is Goods Carrier Train

Railway Repair Workers in Happy Mood

Homeless Stayed on Railway Platform

Inside View of Crowded Local Train

Ladies Commuters on Footboard Travel

Another Train View

That way the crowd level, People Climbed From Other side

Local Train Sibling Pose

Close up View Of Local Train

Train Entering On Crowded Platform

People Literally Were Hanging on Windows

Ladies Compartment View

Old Compartments / Coaches of Local Train

Old Looks Of Local Train

Footwear Lost in Crowded Train

Railway Tracks View in Monsoon

Slum Life View From Window

Street Smart Guys

Peak Hour Train Wait

Old Bandra Station Used to Look Like This

Local Train Old Style Coaches

Outside Churchgate Station in 1990’s

Public Railway Crossing View

Platform Jumping Railway Crossing

Railway Helpline Numbers Displayed

Narrow Old Crowded Bridges

Filthy Pathetic Public Toilets

View Once You Crossed Dahisar towards Virar

Low Lying Platform Water Logged

Slums Near Local Train Railway Tracks

Bhayander Creek

Food Stall On Railway Platform

Old Train Front View

You See Right, Dangerous Train Rooftop Travel

When 2 Local Trains are Very Near

Not So Crowded Platform View

Very Old Local Train at Dadar
First Timetable of Western Railway
ATVM Smart Card Machine

Latest Pictures of Local Trains

I will try getting some latest pictures of Local trains and surrounding that will show the difference which is actually huge. Crowd and Crowded trains remains the same, yet there are many other things like clean and hygiene, number of trains, new bridges and renovated stations like Andheri, Goregaon, Borivali which definitely gets a thumbs up.

Local Train Premise is New and Clean

Renovated Railway Station Elevated Premise is Spacious

This is How New Andheri Railway Station Building Looks

New Train Coaches

Station Building Structure After Renovation

New Ticket Booking Windows

AC Local Train

More : AC Local trains, ATVM Smart Cards, Timetable, Fares.

Few Old Pictures Courtesy : DInodia & Age Foto Stock with their respective Photographer (As seen in watermarks).
New Pictures Courtesy : Keshav Kukyan, Christina Jacob, Aneesh babu, Vivek Sarma R, Kaushik Patil, Vinayak Kshirsagar, C Venkataramana Reddy.


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