BMC Helpline (MCGM) Direct Contacts – Mumbai

Various Departments of BMC Helpline numbers also called MCGM (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) for Mumbai city, Eastern and Western Suburbs for various services like Emergency Operations, Environment, encroachment, Animal Welfare organisations for Stray Animals (Dogs, Cats, Birds, snakes, and cattles etc), EMS, Health, Water Control, Reservoir, Solid Waste Management (SWM), Drainage, Storm Water Drainage (SWD), Fire brigade, and other departments.

BMC HeadOffice
BMC HeadOffice

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BMC Department Name Department Location Direct Helplines Office Contact
Emergency Operation Centre (Disaster Management Department), MHO 1916, +91-22-22694725, +91-22-22694727, +91-22-22704403 +91-22-22620251, Ext 4232
Fire Department Fire Brigade Station 101, +91-22-23001393, +91-22-23001394, +91-22-23001395 +91-22-23083239
BMC Chief Engineer for SWD Storm Water Drainage (O&M), Worli +91-22-24309817, +91-22-24309472 Control Room +91-22-24327674, +91-22-24224556
Drainage Department Main Sewer City +91-22-23717261, +91-22-23718363, +91-22-23745477 +91-22-23738951, +91-22-23738948, +91-22-23713495
Drainage Department Main Sewer Western Suburban +91-22-26368651, +91-22-26368652 +91-22-26368653, +91-22-26368650
Drainage Department Main Sewer Eastern Suburban +91-22-25251347 +91-22-25220390
Solid Waste Management Garages SWM Transport Control – Mumbai City Worli Garage +91-22-24935689, +91-22-24922160 +91-22-24922138, +91-22-24935693, +91-22-24935688
Solid Waste Management Garages Ghatkopar (Pantnagar) +91-22-25007509 +91-22-25003513, +91-22-25006542
Solid Waste Management Garages Santa Cruz +91-22-26182251, +91-22-26182252, +91-22-26182253, +91-22-26182254, +91-22-26182255, and 26182256, +91-22-26176886 +91-22-26182252, +91-22-26182253, +91-22-26182254
Reservoir Department Bhandarwada Mazgaon +91-22-23756008  
Water Control Mumbai City, Malabar Hill +91-22-23678109, +91-22-23695835 +91-7045932152
Water Control Ghatkopar (Eastern Suburb) +91-22-25153258 +91-9930260515
Water Control Vile Parle (Western Suburb) +91-22-26146852 +91-9930260514
Health Epidemic Cell (F/S Ward) +91-22-24134560 +91-22-24134565
Enterprise Service Management Zonal Manager Mumbai 108 Helpline (Aundh, Pune) +91-7767005686, +91-7506009364
Stray Dog Bandra   +91-9076202208
Stray Dog Malad   +91-9076202207
Stray Dog Mulund +91-22-25618001  
Cattle Pound For Mumbai City Area Only (7 am to 11 pm) +91-22-28820296  
Animal Related, Mariya NGO Aasha Trust (10 am to 6 pm) Bandra to Andheri   +91-9833684434, +91-9820001506
Birds and Snakes (Sarp-Mitra) Birds / Snakes / Reptiles   +91-7666680202, +91-9869780202
Dogs and Cats In Defence of Animals Eastern Suburb ((NGO Govandi, Mankhurd, Shivaji Nagar)   +91-9320056581, +91-9320056583
Dogs and Cats Utkarsh Group, Eastern Suburb +91-22-25676000 +91-8976925958
Animal Welfare Organization for Stray Animals (With Ambulance) Karuna Parivar for Dogs / Cats / Cattle / Birds at Western Suburbs (Goregaon to Dahisar)   +91-9833625427
Animal Welfare Organization for Stray Animals Save our strays for Dogs and Cats at Western Suburbs   +91-9820141310
Animal Welfare Organization for Stray Animals Vardaman Foundation at Western Suburb (Jogeshwari) for Dogs / Cats with Animal Ambulance Van (24X7)   +91-9967935100
Animal Welfare Organization for Stray Animals Aawaz Foundation, Western Suburb (Dogs and Cats) Location Andheri to Goregaon   +91-7900094345
Encroachment Department Assistant Commissioner (Mumbai City) +91-22-24134560, +91-22-23740221 +91-8879558851
Encroachment (Additional Charge) Western Suburb +91-22-26840103 +91-8879558851
Encroachment (Additional Charge) Eastern Suburb +91-22-25225000 +91-8879558851
Environment Department Senior officer (Khar) for Air quality Research Laboratory, Santa Cruz +91-22-26497483, +91-22-26498308 +91-9967835274

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