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“Of the long list of Job responsibilities of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), a government organization who takes care of many small and big work and things related to Mumbai city. Below are just few of the major HIGHLIGHTED key focus jobs which are done by their recruited employees on daily basis. Their are more job responsibilities then below listed, yet this gives a brief idea of work at BMC Mumbai. They generate revenue via property taxes and other direct / indirect taxes and octroi duty to serve citizens..”

BMC HeadOffice
BMC HeadOffice

BMC Job Responsibilities

  • Development Of Mumbai City : Any kind of development that is good or bad for city has to be approved by BMC first. It may be development or redevelopment of old homes. open space, new building or gardens or any other things within city limits, their job is to make sure things are properly planned and related permissions and approvals has been taken before implementation.
  • Water Supply : One of the most important key job responsibilities being in BMC is to make sure proper water supply system is available and enough water is supplied daily to Mumbai people. The water should be clean and chlorinated, germs free so it can be used as well as drunk by everyone.
  • Drainage System : Since 2006 flood havoc, BMC takes extra efforts to stop water logging in Mumbai. BMC Job recruitment board hires more staff to clean subways and most important the Mithi river. Rain water flooding still happens just few days of basic rain, Due to few decades old drainage systems traffic jams and other such problems are still faces by commuters.
  • Garbage Disposal : Checkout in early morning 7 to 8 Am or Late evening after 9 Pm. BMC workers starts their job fulfilling all responsibilities to collect and dispose all garbage from every corner (called ‘Naka’ in Hindi) of every street around Mumbai taking it to dumping ground. Keeping city clean, hygienic and disease free is what is one of the important job at BMC.
  • Roads, Footpath and Pavement Maintenance : Its another day to day job of BMC in Mumbai to keep those 2000 km street area fit for vehicles and pedestrians, specially during monsoon to check all roads around city. Target is to have clean, pothole free streets with enough useful sky-walks and vendor free footpaths for safe walking. Yet vendor free footpath is not which is 100% achieved and people are seen walking on road of Mumbai. Potholes are headlines on televisions and newspapers every monsoon.
  • Legal and illegal Constructions Check : Its a job of BMC to keep eye on each and every development, including which is the skylines, new buildings and apartments etc. Authority checks and many legal formalities related to real estate has to be done through BMC office in Mumbai. BMC is responsible of keeping an eye on unauthorized constructions, encroachments and other structures.
  • Business Licensing : Another Job at BMC is to issue licenses with certificated to each and every shop and business commercials running in Mumbai. To ensure safety by keeping track of legal and illegal commercial activities around in city, Our municipal corporation of Mumbai checks and verifies business/shops who applied for license and permits to run commercial activities.
  • Disaster Management : Be it nature disaster or sudden fire brake down at building, Or may be old residential building collapse down. BMC in Mumbai is responsible to check and notify individual structures and put up safety notices to ensure less accidents. They are the one who have rights to ask for the safety plans of huge residential and commercial complexes, malls etc in city. This are some key job roles apart from flood safe, land slides and fire broke down handling.
  • Open Space : Although already a huge space crunch in developing Mumbai city, its a job of BMC to ensure adequate open space for recreation activities for children and seniors citizens like gardens, parks ,lakes, trees, open grounds. Without enough open space city cannot be see a healthy physical Mumbai people.
  • Health Services : Our municipal Corporations is also responsible of taking care of fit Mumbai, time to time spray of insecticide and germicide near drainage, slums etc. Providing public health services and awareness through various campaigns, create awareness related to polio, aids, malaria and other contagious diseases that spreads faster is what is the job of BMC in Mumbai. Issuing birth and death certificate is done by Our municipal corporation individually on every stations in western suburb, central suburbs and south Mumbai.
  • Promoting Education and Related Activities : BMC supports schools and colleges by promotions, recognitions of kids, and teenagers. This way whatever relevant support is required by public and private schools, they support and fulfil their job.

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