A Beautifully Lightened Giant Wheel

Fun and Fair (Indian Mela) Pictures 2023 – Mumbai

This is how a typical Indian Fun and Fair (‘Indian Mela’ in Hindi) looks. This 2023 picture gallery from Mumbai is one of the best neat Mela setups on the open ground which has many kids’ rides and a few adult rides like Giant Wheels.

Old Churchgate Station

Old Churchgate Photos – South Mumbai

Churchgate is as Old as Mumbai, Formerly called Bombay. Below are age old Churchgate Photos are not vintage or centuries old, But just a decade and more now.

Crowded Shopping at Borivali SV Road

Old Borivali Photos – Mumbai Suburban Borivali Pictures

Talking about old Borivali, Below pictures i took around 2006 brings back memories of old times. 2 Major things happened in Borivali West near station SV Road area, The renovation of Railway station itself and the Pedestrian bridge.