Budget-Friendly Mocktail Party Venues Of Mumbai That Wont Break the Bank

“Are you searching for the perfect spot to host a Mocktail party in Mumbai and its suburbs? Your search ends here. Explore the finest venues in the area that serve delicious and budget-friendly mocktails. Whether it’s a Christmas celebration or a casual get-together with friends, these venues are ideal for any occasion.

Treat yourself to a variety of tasty and revitalizing mocktails that will surely please your taste buds. With a selection of fruity blends and unique concoctions, these places have perfected the art of making mocktails that are both delicious and cost-effective. Bring your loved ones along and make your way to these exceptional venues for an unforgettable Christmas celebration filled with mocktail delights..”

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Mocktails and Mumbai City

Looking for a serene and socializing spot in Mumbai? Your search ends here at a mocktail party venue. It’s the ultimate destination for individuals to gather, relish delectable non-alcoholic blends, and create unforgettable memories. These popular venues in Mumbai and Suburban areas offer an extensive selection of mocktails that mimic the taste and satisfaction of alcoholic beverages, minus the alcohol content. So, round up your pals and prepare for an evening filled with delightful flavors and incredible camaraderie.

The selection of non-alcoholic beverages available at these venues may vary depending on the area, yet they always present a delightful blend of juices, syrups, and sodas to create unique and flavorful concoctions. Some popular mocktails in town include the refreshing Virgin Grapefruit Mojito, the invigorating Virgin Garden Mary, the mysterious Dark Invader, the creamy Creamsicle Punch, and the indulgent Mexican Chocolate Mocktini.

Mocktail parties provide a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere without the downsides of alcohol. They are perfect for individuals who want to indulge in a delicious and refreshing drink without the effects of alcohol. During these gatherings, guests can mingle, enjoy delectable cuisine, and indulge in a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

These Mocktail Party Venues in Mumbai Has It All

  1. Mighty Small at Lower Parel, Mumbai, presents a delightful mocktails package starting at Rs.750.
  2. Booze on Moods at The Bistro Bar at Lower Parel, Mumbai, offers an enticing mocktails package starting at Rs.800.
  3. Baroke at Grant Road, Mumbai, invites you to indulge in their mocktails package starting at Rs.750.
  4. The Ghetto at Breach Candy, Mumbai, tempts you with their mocktails package starting at Rs.800.
  5. Cafe General at Chowpatty, Mumbai, presents a refreshing mocktails package starting at Rs.750.
  6. NY Bar N Grill @ Cafe New York at Chowpatty, Mumbai. They have a mocktails package available for Rs.800.
  7. Dublin The Irish Bar at ITC Grand Central at Parel, Mumbai. Their mocktails package starts at Rs.750.
  8. District Lounge at The Shalimar Hotel at Kemps Corner, Mumbai. Enjoy their mocktails package starting at Rs.800.
  9. Barrel and Co. at Veera Desai Area, Mumbai. Indulge in their mocktails package priced at Rs.800.
  10. Stallion in Tardeo, Mumbai provides a mocktails package that begins at Rs.750.
  11. Bombay Cocktail Bar in Andheri Lokhandwala, Mumbai for Rs.750.
  12. Opium Den at Trident Nariman Point in Nariman Point, Mumbai offers a mocktails package starting at Rs.700.
  13. Glocal Junction in Andheri West, Mumbai also offers a mocktails package starting at Rs.700.
  14. The Eau Bar, located at The Oberoi Mumbai in Nariman Point, Mumbai, provides a mocktails package starting at Rs.700.
  15. Kube, situated in Andheri Lokhandwala, Mumbai, offers a mocktails package starting at Rs.750.
  16. The Finch, located in Andheri East, Mumbai, provides a mocktails package starting at Rs.800.
  17. The Little Door, situated in Andheri West, Mumbai, offers a mocktails package starting at Rs.800.
  18. Discover The Bar Stock Exchange in Andheri West, Mumbai, where you can indulge in their enticing mocktails package starting at just Rs.800.
  19. Uncover the delightful mocktails package at The Irish House in Lower Parel, Mumbai, with prices starting at Rs.800.
  20. Experience the vibrant ambiance of The Bombay Bronx in Andheri West, Mumbai, while enjoying their mocktails package starting at Rs.800.

Best Mocktail Venues in Andheri, Mumbai Subruban

Explore the dynamic and energetic side of Mumbai in Andheri Suburban, a lively area famous for its vibrant nightlife, trendy bars, and chic lounges. Whether you want to dance all night, listen to live music, or simply relax with a delicious cocktail or mocktail, Andheri Suburban has a wide range of choices to cater to every preference and mood.

From stylish rooftop bars offering breathtaking city views to intimate underground clubs with pulsating music, this bustling neighborhood is a paradise for those who love to party and enjoy the nightlife scene. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance, socialize with the locals, and discover the finest of Mumbai’s nightlife in Andheri Suburban.

  1. Lord of the Drinks at Veera Desai, Andheri West, Mumbai for ₹800.
  2. Auriga Restobar at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai for ₹700.
  3. Sammy Sosa at Oshiwara, Mumbai for ₹750.
  4. Tamasha at Lower Parel, Mumbai for ₹750.
  5. TAP Resto Bar at Andheri Lokhandwala, Mumbai for ₹800.
  6. The Irish House at Fort, Mumbai for ₹800.
  7. AT MRP at Oshiwara, Mumbai for ₹700.
  8. The House of Mirabella at Veera Desai, Andheri West, Mumbai for ₹800.
  9. La Patio at Veera Desai, Andheri West, Mumbai for ₹700.
  10. Sheesha Sky Lounge at Veera Desai, Andheri West, Mumbai for ₹700.
  11. Brewbot Eatery and Pub Brewery at Veera Desai, Andheri West for ₹700.
  12. Independence Brewing Company at Veera Desai, Mumbai for ₹800.
  13. Genuine Broaster Chicken at Versova, Mumbai for ₹800.
  14. Bora Bora at Veera Desai, Mumbai for ₹800.
  15. The Irish House at Veera Desai, Andheri West, Mumbai for ₹700.
  16. British Brewing Company at for ₹800.
  17. Woodside Inn at Andheri West, Mumbai for ₹800.
  18. Sirocco at Versova, Mumbai for ₹700.
  19. Off The Grid at Oshiwara, Mumbai for ₹750.
  20. Backstage Cafe at 4 Bungalows for ₹750.
  21. Soda Water at Veera Desai, Andheri West, Mumbai for ₹700.
  22. Road House Bluez at Azad Nagar, Mumbai for ₹700.

Moctail Venues in Thane

  1. Rude Lounge at Thane West for ₹750.
  2. The Road House at Majiwada, Thane West for ₹800.
  3. Talli – The Unrefined Lounge at Manpada, Thane West for ₹700.
  4. The Beer Cafe at Majiwada, Thane West for ₹750.
  5. Indian Zing at Majiwada, Thane West for ₹750.
  6. Mumbai Local at Manpada, Thane West for ₹700.
  7. The English Department Bar and Diner at Khopat, Thane West for ₹750.

** Price may change from time to time, At festive events, Happy days or otherwise.

Some Best Makers of Mocktails in Mumbai

Smoke House Deli

You can find this delightful mocktail at any Smoke House Deli location in the city. The perfect mix of Kiwi, Melon, and Jasmine results in a flawless drink that promises satisfaction. With the refreshing touch of Jasmine, this fruity treat will take your taste buds on a remarkable journey. Don’t forget to have a spoon handy to enjoy the delicious fruit pieces garnishing the mocktail.

Where: Extension Of Entry Road To Phoenix Lower Parel Main Courtyard, High Street Phoenix, Phoenix Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Also at Colaba and BKC.

The Sassy Spoon

Prepare to be amazed by the enchanting elixir known as the Soul Cooler. With just one sip, this extraordinary libation will transport you to a realm of pure bliss. Crafted with the utmost care using a medley of exquisite ingredients such as Kokum, Cilantro, Lemon, Soda, and Green Chilis, this refreshing potion is a symphony of flavors.

The addition of the chilis adds a subtle fiery touch to the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess found within the other elements. A trip to the prestigious Sassy Spoon establishment would be incomplete without treating yourself to this divine creation, as their expertise in crafting this masterpiece is truly unmatched.

Where: Ground Floor, Express Towers, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Experience the sheer delight of relishing this tempting mocktail, designed especially for aficionados of kokum juice. Get ready to be enchanted as it makes a lasting impact on your refined taste buds. This exceptional blend is carefully curated with top-notch ingredients, featuring the essence of Kokum, the juicy charm of Guava, and the richness of Grapes.

Dive into a medley of flavors, where the zesty and sugary hints of Kokum and Grapes dance in perfect harmony, enhanced by the delightful sweetness of Guava. Whether savored alone or alongside exquisite dishes at the prestigious Moshe’s, this beverage guarantees an unmatched sensory journey.

Where: Ground Floor, Palladium Mall, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Gymkhana 91

Have you ever had the pleasure of trying the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail in Mumbai? Well, let me introduce you to the Nightingale Cosmopolitan – a delightful mocktail version loved by the locals. This exquisite creation looks just like the cocktail but without the vodka and triple sec. If you want to experience a burst of delicious flavors, make sure to try this tantalizing mocktail at Gymkhana 91.

Where: 1st Floor, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


D:OH!’s delectable dishes never fail to impress, but it’s their unique mocktail collection that truly stands out. With options like the zesty Orange Mojito and the refreshing Kokum Spritzer, the Strawberry Mocktail reigns supreme with its enchanting flavor of juicy strawberries, leaving guests completely captivated.

Where: Trade View Unit 2b Ground Floor Senapati Bapat Marg Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The Bombay Canteen

Dive into the world of mocktails at The Bombay Canteen and treat yourself to a unique blend of watermelon, pomegranate, and starfruit juices. This vibrant concoction strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tangy flavors, making it a standout choice among the mocktail selection. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the extraordinary essence of this exquisite drink.

Where: Plot C 68, Unit 2, Jet Airways Godrej, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Salt Water Cafe

Treat yourself to the exquisite pleasure of this tantalizing mocktail, exclusively created for Plum lovers. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the sheer sophistication of this drink, expertly served at the renowned Salt Water Cafe. From its flawless presentation to its velvety texture and harmonious flavors, this beverage is truly exceptional. Carefully concocted with succulent Plums, luscious Peaches, crisp Apples, and a hint of zesty Lime juice, this elixir achieves the perfect balance of sweet and tangy notes. Immerse yourself in the opulence of this masterpiece, elegantly housed in a martini glass that enhances its visual appeal.

Where: 87, Chapel Road, Near Mount Carmel Church, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
More: 82, Nagin Mahal, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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